F1 pilots choose the new Miami circuit

al Miami Grand Prix there are several exits from the Gran Circo with the expected ones for the nubes: the scenario is emblematic, the circuit is atypical and many teams work best in the North American pipeline. Descartan sorpresas en el Sureste de Estados Unidos.

Miami likes the pilots

Some pilots have tended to visit the installations in front of the Gran Premio celebration site. Uno de ellos es Pierre Gaslywhich was sent to Miami to promote the image of the circuit in the phased stage of expansion of the stage of independence in F1 graces and the intervention of Liberty Media.

The AlphaTauri pilot, who has been reconnected to the track and traversed by the simulator, rejoices in anticipation of the new racetrack as it appears in two steps: “I try and find out what is incremental, me gusta mucho el trazado. They have very high velocity high velocity zones, unusual curves, extremely long distances, straight kilometers…”, Has revealed the French in statements made by Autosport.

The Miami circuit consists of 19 curves with an intermediate sector as there are several variants that are more frequent in the calendar. At the same time, present the extensions of the extension of the length of the adelantamient possibilities. A total of 57 flights were reached along 5,412 meters.

The Miami GP has been beaten and Gasly is under illusion: “Creo que deberíamos tener a spectacular stadounidense bastante bueno. The location is unique. Será entretenido todo el fin de semana y estoy muy entusiasmado por ello”, Ha confesado.

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Most pilots shared their impressions of traveling to Miami. Sergio Pérezwho is trying out the international grace track at a Red Bull promotional event in the one that sells its helmet, has advertised: “I hope that the sea asphalt is good and we have ten carreras buenas. Solemos found with positive surprises when soldering new circuits”.

As we all know, Miami is not indifferent to nadie: greenhouse, new, a North American show, and the last Las Vegas quote that unites you as if you were coming. Además, the circuit built in Florida tends to prop artificial charcoal for yates track of the track. They are good, but they do not start sending water to the cement.

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