Faculty of Medicine, University of Guanajuato celebra 77 aniversario

La Faculty of Medicine, University of Guanajuatoone of the most prestigious at the national level, celebra 77 years old. Because of this, excuses and friends of the faculty are directed to the organizing committee of May 28 en el Teatro del Bicentenario Roberto Plascencia Saldaña a day of fiesta in honor.

En el auditorio del Aranda de la Parra Hospital, Primo Quiroz, Alicia Franco, Pablo Campos, Mar Antona Antonieta Díaz y Luis Humberto López presents the activities that start at the 10th of the machine and terminate at the 2:30th of a month, that is, all of which are generated by extras and masters. The idea of ​​being built together reactivates the identity of the faculty.

Roberto Gómez, Primo Quiroz and Marco Antonio Tiscareño. | Photo: Gabriela Fuentes

Between activities support book presentation “Rosas Blancas: Chronicles of Medical Education at the University of Guanajuato” in which Pablo Campos Macías y Luis Humberto López Salazar reunieron la history and testimonials of the facultat.

¿Demasiados anuncios?

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Thanks to the sound of all the membranes of the generatives that carry documents and photographs, as well as the archive of the archive of the University of Guanajuato y el León Historical Archiveit records 700 pages with history sites and miles of photos.

The abarca book from the foundation of the Jesuit hospital in 1732 en Guanajuato llamado la Santísima Trinidad. Esta semilla se fue transformando hasta convertirse en State College and the main educational institution in the letter 19 en Guanajuato. Fue así que en [1945 nace en la University of Guanajuato la Faculty of Medicine.

Examples include searching for a written and photographic testament, which can be consulted for all or part of the book being held at the Faculty by the media. UG and its editorial.

Record if you want to go to bed, or thank you for your life, for your university, for your doctor Camposthe committee that hits the invitation to record, thanks “, party Alicia Franco which forms part of the patronage of the University of Guanajuato.

Fausto Venegas, Rigoberto López and Juan José Orozco. | Photo: Gabriela Fuentes

Up to 15 years have passed since the discovery that there is a history of miscarriage which, if discarded, can only be documented by the doctor Pablo Campos and the co-author Luis Humberto Lópes Salazar se dieron a la tarea de investigar y e conseguir material, ayuda de las interviewvistes que les hicieron a los maestros fundadores ya varios alumnos de todas las generations.

Además to record historical themes of the faculty, tapping on the chapters in the chapters that take place and aborting all the transformation that the academic program has since the beginning of the school and the current updates from medicine.

Register for interested parties

To assist assist event el May 28 tend to register or, by the number of exemplified, have limited access points. The serial registration mode through the ++ direction medium must be generated c Qdigo QR que será su boleto de entrada.

It is a review among computers, between friends and the increased ability to have a review with many professors who assist, among many other full-time professors such as the doctor Jaime Fuentesthe doctor José Báez. Creo that is a moment of great joy, much to share ”commented Pablo Campos Macías egresado de la faculty of medicine in the year 1971.

We shared the program of the event day:

  • Panel with advanced link with the topic “What is an enhanced version of the Faculty of Medicine?”
  • Presentation of audiovisual clinic by the doctor Pablo Campos to present part of the contents of the book “Rosas Blancas: Clinics of Medical Education at the University of Guanajuato.”
  • Integrate books into representative personalities of the faculty as is Compañía de Jesúsel Historical Archive y la UG.
  • Luis Humberto Lópes Salazar (co-author) hablará de la anatomía del libro “Rosas Blancas: Clinics of Medical Education at the University of Guanajuato.”
  • Book presentation “Rosas Blancas: Chronicles of Medical Education at the University of Guanajuato” by the doctor Roberto Arenas Guzmán medical dermatomicologist.
  • Musical event with the participation of the band Intestino grueso with themes of their age 70. Además, the residents participating with themes on piano.

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