family mandates affect you

These decisions about the future and their implications are that they are made by us and that we are not free, with an order or precept that the ladies go out of their way to explore.

We must accept the shadows of unconditional manner, without any condition of condition or chanting. Photo: Shutterstock.

All the buscan paddles, the major and the major benefits for their shadows, the visualization in places that do not alczarzaro or quisieran hacerlo, pero visualize and influences them very different, much opt for the air conditioner to guise the little ones, to say the least , -familiar family- as the post office Rafael Guerrero, licensed en psychology clinic, in the article published in the diary El País.

“When you are a mayor, you study a lot before you go to a great doctor like you and your father”, “My dear Carlos is a soccer player from Madrid because of his national identity”, “Maria, we are all vulnerable students los demás, no te traerá nada bueno ”. These and other phrases are pronounced by fathers and mothers and their sounds are often excited in different contexts.

A -familial mandate- is an order or precept that losers go out of their way to explore or fall into the act of implicit manner. Se refieren a sus hijos, a los demás o al mundo en general. For the sake of it, the mandates are decisions that can only be made if they are not enforced.

¿Por né mada m ns nacer tu hijo lo haces socio del Athleti?

¿Why do you claim to be a great doctor?

¿Solo por el hecho de que tú y tu padre lo fuisteis?

Á Quiz por todo lo contrario?

Ue Do you have a frustrated profession and who do you think you can not afford?

In all these cases, the opinion, the emotions, the sentiments and the inclinations of the shadows are given away.

The hack of the way is intentionally selfish with all but canceled in its entirety. Yo quiero lo mejor para ellos y por eso elijo en su lugar ”. Do not let the dude know that he is a father or a mother who is better than his own, because he is doing bad things. Muy mal.

¿Why not the children and the children who have their own decisions?

“Yo creo que lo que deberías stududiar es …”, “En tu lugar, yo haría …”.

Mandates are instructions or instructions that are passed from generation to generation. In what way, can you think of an alginate mandate with a variety of subsequent generations? Make sure you. Ó Why are you influential in your life? ¿Ha sido para bien o para mal? The mandates are transgenerational and the result is very different from each other.

The reason for this is that rationally the mandates that our transmissible nodes are not a sufficient condition for abandonment.

The motive is to have a high emotional load. For the sake of brevity, I must first be aware that this is a mandate and not something that is easy to do, even if it is unavoidable.

Some examples of mandates that do not transmit or transmit to our young men are “no more”, “better”, “do not behave like a man”, “perfect”, “do not fall”, “do not crack”, “No pertenezcas a ningún grupo”, etc. Pero los mandatos positivos, llamados permisos, también se dan: “puedes equivocarte”, “estás bien”, “te quiero y me gustas”, etc.

We must accept the shadows of unconditional manner, without any condition of condition or chanting.

In no case, try again in consultation with the agobiados with the situation or problem that is alive in the shadows.

As a result, your hair is more stressed than your hair. The schedule that you have when one of you is deliberately desorbed. Have an hour in the college with no desperate need; por la tarde tocan las extraescolares, los deberes, studiar para los exémenes, ducha, cena ya la cama.

It is curious that we are motivated by the fact that their children suffer from extracurricular determinations. There are many children who have 3-4 extracurricular classes, if not more. One of the reasons for the extracurricular motives of a mother and daughter is as follows:

“Juan va in English porque is the idiom of the future; studio techniques for not relating; a football because their hair has the illusion of being a footballer; ya Música porque dicen que amansa a la fieras ”. Y yo me pégunto, ¿el nñño que pinta en todo esto? Nada. It is safe to say that the opportunity has been determined. On the other hand, Juan goes from class to class without knowing whether or not he is motivated.

In another’s case, I was surprised when some of my friends noticed that I had a degree in Mathematics. I was surprised to find that he was a traitor and that he always tried everything, including Mathematics.

The motive for not having a degree of refinement is that your mother-in-law or colleague always loves Mathematics right and left. Fruit from the middle of the mother, decidieron apuntarla. All of which are best for our nostrils, but we must be aware of them, in action, we can make decisions because we think in our minds.

It’s clear that the well is empty, but it’s too bad. Applying the “more to prevent than cure” a rajatabla, all the deberíans and the French classes as if France decides invading through one of them.

By all means, always trying to absorb the shadows of unconditional manner, without any condition of conditioning or chanting. Es decir, no te quiero por lo que haces o no haces, sino por quién eres. Eres mi hijo y, hagas lo que hagas, te querré igual. There are no points for which you want more or less.

My apoyo and my unconditional love do not depend on nada, they are inconditional. Depende de que existas. It is often found with men or women who are excessively importing into academic academia.

If it is constantly being protected from the shadows, the mandate that these are implanted is “no wind cap”.

In the hope of having excellent doctors, empiricists, abbots or architects conditioning their love hacia masterpieces in their shadows:

Pero, qué ocurre si el niño not complete with the expectation of your father or mother? Pues que padre deja de samplerle su apoyo y esto se transforms into “no quiero hablar contigo, me siento defraudado”, “no me esperaba esto de ti” or “vete a tu habitación”.

Por lo tanto, es apoyo conditioned. ¿A qué? What if someone cums with my expectation. And if the child’s owl pedrle and his father or mother that the abrace because the needy, the father’s never “because it is infidel contigo”.

¿Por qué está pasando todo esto? Among other things, because we are only interested in cultivating the intellectual and cognitive impetus of our darkest senses, we are laying down the most emotional aspects. ¿What is the factor that best predicts the calorific value of black stars? La autoestima. As you can see, self-esteem is not something that is genetically coded in the arm short of chromosome 4.

It does not occur on chromosome 17 or 20. Autoesthesia is something that is measured and relieved in the body. If we do not know how to get rid of black hair, what good is it? For all intents and purposes, it is vital importation for darker shades that we accept and welcome unconditionally.

To conclude, want to warn about the terrifying consequences of having overprotection in our shadows. If you want to avoid all the frustrations and disgusts, jamás aprenderá a gestionarse por sí mismo.

We have received the item from family members. As it is constantly protected from the shadows and not the actions that are performed and experimented with in different situations, the mandate that these are implicitly shown is “no wind cap”. Yet, there are direct and negative consequences on the self-esteem of the black stars.

By all means, we are only aware of the mandates that arrange the previous generations in the nestras and that the tenants following the shadowy nostrils. Dejémosles hacer las cosas por sí mismos y acepad unconditionally a vuestros hijos. Ellos lo merecen.

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