‘Fátima. La película ‘se estrena hoy, y por primera vez, en Amazon Prime

We offer exclusively an interview, in video format, realized by all three actors who live in South Lucia and their primates, the brothers San Francisco and Santa Jacinta, who respectively live and play Stephanie Gil, Jorge Lamelas and Alejandra Howard

You are about to start the commercial run on ‘Fátima’s. La película ‘, directed by the 56-year-old Italian filmmaker, Marco Pontecorvo.

Diamond Films cargo production correction, with the exception of Bosco Films promotion. In order to be aware of the pandemic, the outside of the pandemic is produced, even though it only includes faeces.

A fecha, on October 16, 2020, is significant because it represents the life of Pope John Paul II, even though it is a pontifical elegy.

Si cabe, la nueva fecha también tiene algo de especial; where, hoy, pero in 1981, the Turkish terrorist Mehmet Ali Ağca dispersed only four against the Polish pope in the Plaza de San Pedro. The first series of other assassination attempts. This is included in the Amazon Prime Video catalog in Spain.

As it turns out, Wojtyla reconciles that Fátima’s virgin had her life salvaged by the wind, that she, by her own hand, had left the trajectory of a mortal ball.

‘Fátima. The film ‘is inspired by the urchins in the city of Fátima (Portugal), starring Primera Guerra Mundial and starring Harvey Keitel (‘ The Irish ‘), Sônia Braga (‘ Wonder ‘), Goran Visnjic (‘ Doctor Who ‘) ), Joaquim de Almeida (‘Una vida a lo grande’) and the Spanish Stephanie Gil (‘El mejor verano de mi vida’).

The drama, taken from historical sites and memories of Hermana Lucía, originated in Portugal in 1917. Three afirman news about Virgen María in the land of Cova de Iran, in the city of Fátima.

Son Lucía, de 10 años (hoy sierva de Dios), y sus primos Francisco y Jacinta, de 9 y 7 (hoy santos). Their revelations enlighten the goberno or some of the members of the curia, who deliberately persuaded from this story about the apparitions.

An embargo, or means that extends the notification, miles of perennials to the small Portuguese port with the expectation of having a milestone. When all the experimenters change their screws for example.


Bravo por la valentía de Marco Pontecorvo (hijo del aclamado cineasta Gillo Pontecorvo, autor de la splendida ‘La battalla de Argel’, de 1966); for up to date – not only in technical and style perfection – but also one that leads to superiority with good results.

Pontecorvo demonstrates a great deal of narrative personality and a brilliant result – but encapsulation of genocidal cells; which abounds in the age of 50 but is centered on religious themes – giving more space for reflection without looking at adoctrinamient or in an enmascarada.

With a sense of awareness and sensibility the Virgen is inserted into the medium of nature with all the elements that conform. The bridle agitates with the tip in the triangle field and as a prelude to the presence, descaling, filming the legs, ataviada with a tonic and a white veil.

In this way, Pontecorvo conceived of a fragile Virgen, since it was only hermoso rostro, in the absence of artificiality, igual that Gibson played a Jesus fragile in ‘La pasón de Cristo’ (2004).

Harvey Keitel

The anti-clericalism constituted by the Portuguese Prime Minister is synthesized in the unprecedented presence of the ecclesiastical authority, but by a lad; y en los disengaños de la Gran Guerra, por otro; how to tell the story when the alcalde periodically recounts the list of failures against one rotating family.

In this sense, the socio-political context is a passionate result. But other than that we do not conform to the essence of the three pastors; which is summed up in the same way as in a world where the hair is cut, but it is also covered with vine or rhubarb. Those found with Virgen, acaecidos between May 13 and October 13.

Their spontaneity to add their characters is the biggest base of the film, specially remastered by the talent of the young Stephanie Gil, who lives in Lucia. Its purpose is to illuminate, disperse, disperse and change the cargo weight that each of them is about. Respecting the direction of the actors, Pontecorvo also tries to express himself in the best way, including those who do not have a dialogue.

Andrea Bocelli

From the point of view of the argument, the result is almost conclusive, the feet are juxtaposed, not only the initial reaction of the fathers of Lucia and Francisco and Jacinta in the interest of the news that hacked the pueblo, but also the inner life of each of progenitors from day to day, home and family home, one of those movie portions that are sought after in China and that, in this case, cover all the relationship and give an idea much more in the term as manejaron durante esos meses.

In the meantime, the subtrama episode, played in 1989, was played by Professor Nichols, who also saw a great Harvey Keitel, and Lucia, played by veteran Sonia Braga.

In Pontecorvo pone the agent in the dichotomy between raz fen and fe de modo honest; es hás, la Hermana Lucía pregunta a Nichols si se has advanced algo en eso de rezar para alcanzar la paz, sin ironías ni segundas lecturas.

By the way, Pontecorvo has no intention of informing about the secret terrace of Fátima, to sample the visions of the inferior with realism.


But when it comes down to it, it’s a real-life piece of music that sucks in the comfort of your own living room. It is not a film of great special effects, but it is emotionally moving and showing a resounding world. Eso sí, se toma su tiempo para desplegarlo todo.

Queda, pues, an emotional story that actualizes Fátima’s message, directs creators and non-creators, and that distills humanity. But as a result a joy of the Italian cinema that nadie should perderse.

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