FC Juárez has multiple members and cases in FIFA and the FMF Controversy Commission

One day after the opening of Apertura 2022, the Juravrez Bravos ran into various problems with footballers carrying their colors on the pass

MEXICO – With a case that is currently concentrated in FIFA, as well as others in the Conciliation Commission and the Resolution of Controversy, FC Juárez start el Aperture 2022 with multiple members for as many as 10 jugadores.

Miscellaneous points consulted by ESPN confirmaron que Marco Fabián ganó in april a demand has been met by contract completion a FC Juárezclub that despises the unjust form of the Mexican flywheel and does not pay the rest of its contract, the quality of the tours Apertura 2021 and Clausura 2022

Fabian de la Mora listen to the Conciliation Commission and the Resolution of the FMF Controversy, which fell in favor of April Fool’s Day, the directive of the club appealed to FIFA and to the body of the most powerful football organization in the world.

Without embargo, it’s not the only case where footballers advertise their paycheck Bravos.

The consulting points confirm a ESPN which other new jugadores that do not enter planes FC Juárez for el Aperture 2022 have been updated in the latest days by the Mexican Footballers’ Association (AMFpro) because they have a wide range of salads and have not been able to fit in a club with the club.

These players are the Uruguayan Diego Rolán, the Colombian Fabián Castillo, the Argentine Marcos Mauro López, as well as the Mexican Paul Aguilar, Hugo GonzálezJosé Joaquín Esquivel, Martín Galván, Carlos Rosel and Flavio Santos, dieron las fontes consultëna par est medium.

Of all these, the following passage represents a formal resource against the Council of the Conciliation Commission and the Resolution of the FMF Controversy all Hugo González as Martín Galván traverses the legal representative of the AMFpro, such as José Joaquín Esquivel, who lives near Necaxa, through the medium of a particular abbot.

The audience between the southerners and the legal representatives of the frontier club tends to be close to the 11th of July, with the president of the Commission of the Council and the Resolution of Controversies, Ernesto Meade, as part of the media.

The rest of the young players, Diego Rolán, Fabián Castillo, Marcos Mauro López, Paul Aguilar, Carlos Rosel and Flavio Santos, are looking for a solution with the directive of FC Juárez to study the possibility of acceding to FIFA for dirimir el asunto, since this resource is only available to the foreign players (NFM) Rolán, Castillo and López, or the Mexicans to accuse the FMF Controversies.

“If there is any controversy because it has not been paid yet,” he said, referring to a mediocre consultation, which shows the anonymous debit and that the legal process is in progress.

“Diego Rolán le deben quatro meses; a Marcos Mauro, three months; or Hugo González, dos meses. The mayor’s should take one of them for money ”, added the informant.

In addition to the well-advised points that the Liga MX interviewed one días for news with the president of FC JuárezMiguel Garngel Garza, a play by a variety of jugadores, claims to be made of millions of pesos.

“Those who do not enter the planes or the contestant (the sports director) Joaquín (of Olmo) and (the president of the club) Miguel Garngel Garza”, added the point.

“Why not interview the MX League for the answer you get Juárez it is established that it’s all possible but because the club’s the right way to pay for most of the descent and to make the additions to the plant that you want to be close to the tour ”.

Mientras una fuente del club dijo a ESPN which can be liquidated up to 100 per cent by occupying the most recent place in the table of contents, as well as in mid-June to the entire plant and current technical body, otherwise informing the club that the club is sure to add millions of pesos in a row to the jugadores que ya fueron dados de baja of the club like Galván, Esquivel, Aguilar and Santos.

Members added are elements that are not in the team as González, or in Rayados more than all Juárez I do not know what to do with it, as elements that are attached to the pericarp have no certification on their futures like the cases of Rolán, Castillo, Marcos Mauro, Santos and Rosel.

“The most important thing is that attenuation is contracted with millionaires and jugadores like Alfredo Talavera and Darwin Machís, who have joined many jugados who establish the anterior latrine”, commented an informant.

“Muchos say that they do not pay all their dues for the sake of efficiency, such as that halvaro (Navarro, ex-vice president of FC Juárez“, that the gags of the jugadores are not like iba mal, because now it is another directive”, dijo otra fuente.

ESPN pudo pudo confirm that the Conciliation Commission and the Resolution of Controversies mediated at a request of the Spanish Paul García, mism that any solution hace two or three months the game that the footballer and FC Juárez accord a candidature as indemnification to the south.

Fuentes de FC Juárez It should be noted that the search directive is in line with the 10 sellers and the other members, as all cases are subject to resolution by the sea against FIFA, the Competent Commission of the FMF or the direct form.

Where does the regulation go?

Article 96 of the MX League Competition Regulation states that teams must not present members to qualify for an official tournament.

“Before a Club can initiate the Qualification Phase, as well as its participation in the Final Phase of the quality of the Tournaments that integrate the Temporada, it is an inadmissible requirement that cluster with the following bonds:

1. Holding current in the payroll of the LIGA MX.

2. Do not add any candidate for any concept registered under your FMF.

3. Do not sign up and register against FMF in favor of another Club.

4. Do not add any registered candidate against the FMF, but the concept of Resolution broadcast by the Conciliation Commission and the Resolution of Controversy and clustered in the folded places by the mass or by the Presidency away from competence.

5. No tener adoudo registered with Jugadores and / or Clubs proving international organizations such as FIFA, CONCACAF and CONMEBOL.

6. No adherence to the registered candidature against the FMF, but the concept of broadcasting resolution by the FIFA jurisdictions, Confederations and / or TAS, as added to the stipulated plazas in the resolutions issued by it.


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