FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Ticket Application Window Opens for Fans After Recent Lottery Expects High Demand

  • More than 800,000 tickets were sold in the first round

  • The new stage starts today, with random selection time up to 28

  • Supporter tickets are now available են may be required for two meetings on the same day

Today, April 5, 2022, at 11:00 AM CET, the second random selection round of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ™ sale opens at After the final draw on April 1, the fans already know who their opponents will be group stage selection և they can submit their requests for the first big shocks of the competition.

This round will run until 11:00 CET on 28 April 2022 և Applicants will for the first time have the opportunity to request up to two match tickets per day at the beginning of the group stage, the rules of which will be available. At This is an unprecedented advantage offered by this FIFA World Cup’s short journey through eight brand new compact stadiums.

For the first time, support tickets – conditional support tickets – will be offered to those who declare themselves a supporter of a certain participating nation, want to sit with other fans of their national team. Please note that some member associations require fans to be members of their fan clubs to apply for these tickets.

Fans will be able to re-apply for individual game tickets for four stadium tickets, while access tickets will be available for all products. According to FIFA ticket management policy, which is in force in the latest issues of the World Cup, a special price category – Category 4, is reserved for Qatari residents who will be able to request seats up to 40 QAR.

In this period of the sale, the date of sending the inquiries will be irrelevant, it does not matter whether it is done on the first or the last day, as all the tickets will be provided after the end of the inquiry phase. In case the demand exceeds the quota available for the national or international market, the tickets will be awarded by lottery.

All applicants will receive a notification no later than May 31, 2022, informing them whether their application has been partially or fully accepted or rejected, will be provided with “instructions to follow”, and will have a payment deadline.

  • Individual ticketsThese are game-specific seats available in four price categories.

  • Followers ticketsThese are group stage tickets for a specific team of fans, available in three price categories.

  • Conditional entries of followersFor fans who want to secure a place in one of the potential knockout stages for one of their team matches, there are three price categories available.

  • Tickets for four stadiums Places for fans who want to experience the unique atmosphere of four different stadiums for days in a row.

  • Availability tickets:They are part of one of the products of the previous entrances են provide accessibility facilities մարդկանց for people with disabilities և mobility disabilities և adapted areas with a wide range of requirements.

Visa cards are the only possible payment method for Qataris, while international fans will be able to pay for their tickets with Visa and other accepted payment cards. Visa cards are the preferred method of payment Qatar 2022:.

Accommodation և Armenian card (fan) Once they have paid for their tickets, fans will be able to find a place to apply for their Hayya card, which will serve as an entry permit for international fans traveling to Qatar.

All spectators, whether Qatari or foreign, will need a Hayya card along with a game ticket to enter the stadium. To view accommodation options համար To learn more about the Hayya Card, visit

COVID-19 related activities Health remains a top priority for FIFA և Qatar. The Qatari authorities will provide the necessary health and safety guidelines to protect participants in Qatar 2022. Complete information on COVID-19 safety measures will be provided prior to the start of the competition.

Visit: To buy tickets խորհրդ consult the FAQ section, where you will find more information on ticket types, packages և price categories.

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