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Because it approves of use of vaccines against COVID-19 has multiple variants that can be alerted to all sanitary institutions worldwide. Delta, icmicron, XE and alpha are algunas de ellas. What does it look like, the first one being salted in the windshield: do you protect the current vaccinated vaccines against this new mutation?

La variation of new variants is one of the factors that reduce the efficiency of vacancies with the passage of time. If you want to solve this problem, try a new candidate with a vacancy CoVPSA which treats protector against all existing variants and prevents other appearances that may appear in the future.

CoVPSA has obtained graces from a superorder and its excellent results published in the prestigious magazine “Scientific Reports”.

Ó Why is the vaccine removed?

This candidate is a vaccine against el COVID-19 has been designed with mathematical methods. The techniques used are related to combinatorics, discrete mathematics, and computational science.

Have the fruits of multidisciplinary collaboration between knowledgeable institutions. In the first place, la Universidad del País Vasco/ Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea hizo the theoretical study previo and the computational simulation of the 22 amino acid chain conforming to the peptide of the vaccine.

Posteriorly, el Marqués de Valdecilla Sanitary Investigation Institute (IDIVAL) y el Hospital University Marqués de Valdecilla de Cantabria it loads dichotomous peptide into the cells that initiate an adaptive immune system in our organism (dendritic lobes). They also occupy the back of the biological enclosures in vitro e in vivo. These laboratory tests provide positive results.

In this article the practical viability of the method is evidenced, following a basic character investigation and a translational investigation. This way, you can prepare the ground for possible clinical applications in short and medium range to obtain effective vaccines against various types of diseases.

A universal vaccine against all COVID-19 mutations

Vaccinated candida, CoVPSA flame, obtains graces and potency from superordenador Arina de los Servicios Geneirales de Investigación (SGIker) of the UPV / EHU. Its potential is equivalent to miles of personal aggregators.

It is used to execute ininterruptible mode varies depending on an inbound programming algorithm that results in the sequence of 22 amino acids.

This design method is based on the concept of lambda-supercadena introduced in an anterior study by the teams of these institutions. Treating a specially approved method to evaluate the various experimental mutations due to the pathogen and in order to obtain a unique vaccine for all of them.

It’s decided not to consider one of the variants as it is obtain a peptide that recuperates biennially the epitopes of all the variants that hayan ido apparatus.

Of this form, to obtain a universal vaccine effective against all mutations. This is the main difference respectively with the classic vaccine design methods, which do not configure protection simultaneously against the different variants of the pathogen.

The CoVPSA peptide is synthesized and synthesized and integrated into a vector vacuum formed by dendritic cells. Obtained results were obtained by vaccine immunogenicity, obtaining cytoquin profile and generated humoral response, as well as quantum safety profile.

A basic vacuum in mathematical models

You must adapt and modify the method for that the vaccine protects the front and variants that can be attached to the futuro. As a result, UPV / EHU investigation teams and the IDIVAL institute are working hard to increase their awareness. Tendron in quantum a mathematical model that reflects the probability of potential mutations in venice.

In this form, the vaccine does not solubilize the epitopes of the various variants of the virus that can be convincing at the moment: they contain mutations with the highest probability of ocurring and which are not present. This is the main innovation behind the use of lambda-supercaden. These computational mathematics studios are fully funded and funded by the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (BCAM), the “Severo Ochoa” excellence center.

The proximal pass is that both teams have additional probes to amplify the preliminary results. You are also working on the computational mathematical design of new candidatures and vacancies that are currently covered by the latest virus variants.

The lambda-supercaden computational design completes asymmetry with otra vaccine against Hepatitis C para la cual, a día de hoy, no existe ninguna vacuna efectiva.

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The article was written by Luis Martínez Fernández, Professor of Mathematics, specializing in Algebra, University of Pa Vass Vasco / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea and Carmen vlvarez, Researcher in the field of biology and biology

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