Finland’s point of interest in OTAN, a small note to Putin

(CNN) – The invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin has been counterproductive in a variety of ways. However, one of the most important consequences for the Russian president is the most probable prospect of Finland joining the OTAN.

It is hoped that the Nordic nation will announce its interest in registering with OTAN as soon as it is due, hoping that the External Audit Committee will edit the information provided by the governing body, which includes the option to join. Afterwards, the Finnish parliament held an extraordinary debate on the approval of the security information recommendations.

At this point it is very likely that OTAN will invite the country to its adhesion to the alliance.

In general, it is clear that this is happening rapidly, or that Finland completes most of the criteria and it is very probable that the algae membrane of OTAN is open.

Multiple recent opinion samples were sampled as more than 60% of Finns are now in favor of OTAN adhesion, with an enormous amount of salt coming from the anterior margin of 30% of the anterior septum.

If it is desolated as it is, it has less than 6 million habitats of habitually rediscovered map of European security in a form that is inconceivable and has a huge consequence for Russia.

Before Putin invaded Ukraine, he blamed the creation of OTAN on Russia’s democratization and its pursuit of its fronts in the 1990s, as opposed to Russia being part of the Soviet Union or the Soviet Union. .

Currently, Russia shares 1215 kilometers of ground fronts with five members of OTAN, following the alliance. Finland’s accession means that a nation like Russia shares a front of 1290 kilometers and is formally united militarily with the United States.

This is not the only case in point for the Kremlin, as Finland’s inclusion is a major threat to OTAN. Due to its relatively small population, Finland has a large military potential that is in an extremely official alignment with Occidental Decades. The aircraft was used by dozens of teams compared to the United States that are compatible with OTAN allies, meaning that they support each other’s missions of OTAN as determined.

“Supervision” ideology

Much has been done so that Unica agrees that Finland is not surprised by the alliance against the Ukraine crisis and the simple pragmatism.

“Finnish security is based on two concepts: first place, geography and history; second place, idealism and realism,” said Alexander Stubb, former Prime Minister of Finland, on CNN.

“In an ideal world we want to cooperate with Russia, because we can not avoid it because it is only a geographical graph. “I want to create a leader like this in our region if it is more clear, but if you enter OTAN you will be convinced of the pragmatic option”, said.

Historically, Finland has had these counterfeit realities satisfactorily satisfying Russia’s security concerns, but being irrational in that it is at a very high defensive height and permanently compatible with each other.

“Even though the idea that an occupying Western country is invading Russia, however, treats it to minimize the preoccupations of impulse trading and cooperating in other countries,” said Charly Salonius-Pasternak, a global investigator at the University of Finland. .

Without embargoing, adherents to policies such as compulsory military service — all Finnish men can be slaughtered and filthy — and rising high in defense, Finnish politicians have systematically decided to take the plunge idealista from Finland de mantenerse a toda costa.

“Finland’s flawed ideology is above all superficiality. The ultimate 100-year-olds are converted into a low-rise and low-rise country with a high level of life. . “But it is a vital importation that no matter how modest the screw is, either through pragmatic diplomacy or adopting a posture more durable against our main amenaza.”

No doubt that Finland’s entry into the OTAN series was a big blow to Putin. It does not matter what the 800-kilometer-long frontline of the alliance with the alliance is, except that Iran is allied to the anti-Putin coalition that has withdrawn from the invasion of Ukraine. Countries that are now neutral now are proportionate to the funding and arms of Ukraine and Putin is an international party with allied men who are also.

Increasing the influence of OTAN in the north of Europe has reached the mainland, an area that’s most important from the point of view of geopolitical voyage due to its natural resources, strategic location and numerous numbers, including the territory of Russia United States.

Sweden, apart from Finland on the other hand, is also considering joining the alliance, and Finland’s adhesion is most likely, as some countries have adopted a similar approach since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis.

The answer from Russia

However, there is a preoccupation with how Russia reacts when Finland expresses its interest in joining the OTAN.

Martti Kari, who has previously appeared as Finland’s defense intelligence chief, told CNN that Russia is launching a counter-intelligence campaign. “The main theme is that Finland is a Nazi country, but we are against it [la] “Soviet Union in the Second World War junta under Nazi Germany,” he said.

Although Russia violates Finland’s airspace and engages in maritime operations, including airlift, it is likely to launch intelligence operations against the country.

Review for Putin: Sweden and Finland hasten to join OTAN 5:52

Håkon Lunde Saxi, associate professor at the Escuela University of Defense in Norway, said that any move from Finland to OTAN “probably provoked an accumulation of Russian troops in and out of the new front in Russia.” “We do not have a series of benefits for Finnish and European insurance”.

The embargo, however, was that the benefits outweighed the “positive consequences of a Russian military ally leading to the departure of the Finnish front”.

And there are concerns about what happened in the interim period, when Finland did not have protection due to its competence with OTAN, although it was in negotiations, many functionalities were announced to CNN, but I hope that especially United Kingdom and United States, guaranteeing Finnish security is a process.

However, it is not certain that Finland will be the first to declare its intention. But with public applause, the political apostasy of Russia and Russia proportionally to all those who oppose each other’s one or more rivals, many doubt that Putin’s tactics to ensure that the OTAN’s influence in Europe is fragmented, .

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