Flights to Zelensky on an unannounced road to Kyiv

(CNN) – The President of the Chamber of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, made an unannounced visit to the Ukrainian capital, free of charge, in the position of incumbent mayor ranking in reunion with President Volodymr Zelensky since the rise of the guerrilla movement.

Pelosi’s office confirmed the trip in a press release, saying that the Habibian president had encamped an official delegation from the Ukrainian Congress, the first in a series of Russian invasions.

Zelensky shared a video of his reunion in Kyiv and the promotion to the United States by Ukraine or Ukraine against Russian aggression.

“We visit you to decipher graces for your freedom, that we are at the front of freedom and that you are a child for all”, said Pelosi and Zelensky in the video que termine la pelea “.

Your visit will produce when EE.UU. and allied to an adjoining pass for brindar apoyo or largo plazo in Ukraine mainland continent.

The following week, in response to Zelensky’s remarks, a group of 40 reunited members of the United States in Germany agreed to simplify and accelerate the arms embargo on Ukraine. “We owe it to the guerrillas to commit suicide,” said Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who met with Ukrainian President Kyiv and Secretary of State Antony Blinken last week.

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This image was published by the Office of the President of the Republic of Ukraine on May 1, 2022, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, at the door, holding the Order of Princess Olga, the third rank, and the President of the Chamber. of Representatives of the United States, Nancy Pelosi, in Kyiv, Ukraine, on April 30, 2022. (Office of the President of Ukraine v AP)

La Cámara approves a legislation that allowed Biden to use a ley from the era of the Second World War, known as Ley de Préstamo and Arrendamiento of 1941, to rapidly arm the armed forces of Ukraine in Préstamo. Esa ley se creó originally para ayudar a la fuerzas que luchan contra Hitler i refleka la urgentia del Congreso de apoyar a la fuzzas armadas ucranianas.

President Joe Biden also pledged to Congress a $ 33,000 million additional funding project for Ukraine to end the proximal and mediocre media that Russia’s brutal and implicit war is entering a new phase. Biden also described a proposal that put pressure on most of the Russian oligarchs by the Ukrainian government, including the way in which their activated assets were financed by the Ukrainian defense.

The package is significantly larger than the other packages presented, and is more than double the US $ 13,600 million infusion of military and humanitarian aid that Congress approves of the passage.

Zelensky supports the importation of financial assistance in its reunion with Pelosi. “The news that the United States and President Biden are here is very important. “These are the companies that are defending and financing in Ukraine, as well as decisions about Préstamo and Arrendamiento, we are aggravated by this,” said Zelensky.

Traveling from Kyiv to Pelosi, following the online route to the presidency, makes a significant compromise approach to allow Ukraine to reach the highest level of EE.UU leadership.

Biden’s most controversial controversy over Ukraine 5:52

“Our congressional delegation’s solemn opportunity and extraordinary honor to reunite with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, and other high-ranking Ukrainian officials in Kyiv,” said a statement from the Pelosi office.

“Our delegation now broadcasts with respect and gratitude to President Zelensky for his leadership and for his admiration for the Ukrainian people because of his valence in his mouth against the pressure from Russia.”

Zelensky’s visit to Pelosi’s “Order of Princess Olga” for its “significant personal contribution” to the strengthening of Ukrainian and international lazos. Olga fue la primera mujer en gobernar Kievan Rus, a medieval oriental Slavic state. The order that left its name is given to women who have a significant increase in politics and society, the personification in Ukraine of the feminine force.

The Pelosi flag is a Ukrainian flag that has been used by members of parliament, including those who have recently resurfaced in the Capitol of the United States, have been branded by Pelosi’s porter, Drew Hammill.

Pelosi has several other top-level members of Congress, including Gregory Meeks of New York, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and Adam Schiff of California, chairman of the Intelligence Committee.

The delegation was one of three people in Kyiv, led by Pelosi’s porter, Drew Hammill. Estadounidenses politicians are now based in Poland, where they meet with President Andrzej Duda and other high-ranking officials.

Towards the periodicals at a press conference in Rzeszow, Poland, is dominated, Pelosi knows that his conversations with Zelensky focus on security, humanitarian and economic assistance, and finally, on the reconstruction of Ukraine.

“Our conveyance transmits a message of unity from the EE.UU Congress. A message from the gradual growth of the city is due to its leadership and admiration in the city of Ukraine due to its valence “, affirms Pelosi.

“United States or Ukraine, we want Ukraine to be victorious, and we want OTAN.”

Sarita Harilela and Sophie Jeong from CNN in Hong Kong and Daniella Diaz and Mikayla Bouchard in DC contribute to this report.

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