Following the “tiraera” of Resident J Balvin, now the Argentine Paulo London is declining against the Colombian disco Big Ligas

The Argentinian singer has legal problems with the Big Liga disc, but he wants to play the music because of his age.  Photo: Pantallazo - YouTube
The Argentinian singer has legal problems with the Big Liga disc, but he wants to play the music because of his age. Photo: Pantallazo – YouTube

How many months have passed since BZRP Music Sessions # 49 was published? Resident, ex integral of Calle 13, by J Balvin and generating enormous controversy, the Argentine producer Bizarrap dio a conocer su new musical collaboration, one that the wind blows but many of his followers and who have been constantly commenting in the social media in the latest times, S # BZR Music the Argentine singer Paulo London.

The new song of the Argentine singer was released on the 25th of April and from the company Bizarrap present inconvenient algunos whether it is a collaboration launched for the first time on the Spotify platform, even though on YouTube you have a maximum of 15 hours; según the argentino producer, that is why they happen inconsistently at the moment of subtitling the video on the platform.

I agree that Resident’s song left number 49 and Paulo London’s 23’s because Bizarrap has been booked for compatibility, which is why it’s extremely important to remove carrera and debug legal issues. tuvo Londra con the Big Ligas disc and the Colombian producer Ovy on the Drums (Daniel Oviedo), that the impediment hacks music by more than a dozen years, although this is the reason why it is not published.

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Paulo London and Ovy on the Drums.  Photo: @paulolondra
Paulo London and Ovy on the Drums. Photo: @paulolondra

Paulo London dejó the music scene in 2019 I debated a legal conflict with the Big Liga disco, in which they established the Colombians Ovy on the Drums (Daniel Oviedo) and Cristian Salazar (Kristoman), or who agreed with the Argentine, who are always looking for all the musical streams the Argentine singer, including lyrics and up to now, until December 2020 (and is expected to extend until 2025 with the signing of Warner Music), agreeing with the interpretation of songs such as ‘Condensed for a Mile’, ‘Nena maldición’ . ‘Dímelo’ and ‘Adán y Eva’ were decided by the tribunals.

Contrary to what’s said in 2017, it is now obligatory for London to sign contracts without the full knowledge of this content. In a card published by argentino in 2020, affirmation that Ovy (Daniel Oviedo) knows what papers are “No valían nada, si yo estaba disconforme, if the paper can be removed or revised at any time, and in the form in which I know and in the context that I establish, I do not want to create anything ”.

In addition, “On the other hand, I am introduced by Stephanie Chopurian and Matt Greenberg (abogados) in the video and I explain about numbers that are being leaked and about a contract that is different even for an abbot. The explanation can only be short if it is only one hour long, no track and no quería aceptar que me habían hecho firmar algo sin ver, sin un letrado a mi lado, and without the ability to analyze with algebra around me ”.

Various songs like London hicie music, a libertarian independent tribunal in argentina singing under contract signed with Big Ligas. On March 23, 2022, the public song was released as the single ‘Plan A’, a song that has more than 100 million views on YouTube and is trending, and on April 6, it announced the song ‘Chance’. , if it is second only to the release of the disc.

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Paulo London – Bizarrap Sessions 23

One of the most sung songs was the junta of outgoing producer Bizarrap with Paulo London, which in la BZRP Music Sessions # 23 dejó varias líneas in reference to the one that succeeds in the passage. In the music video that you can watch with more than 13 million views on YouTube (in 24-hour menu), there are various emotional moments that include the fact that the song has some tears.

Always be happy, even if it hurts a lot and the periodical is inventing it, it’s not imported, or it’s sure, it’s just what it’s like, but it’s always there ” a reflection of what the artist feels like because of the music hacked by his friends. “Porque sento que yo yo alguna vez me perdí y hoy me levanté, puedo decir que volví”.

Session 23 is the third song that Paulo London released after regressing the music scene. “Lo hicimooo, gracias a todos loco, estoy muy feliz” publish the Argentine singer in one of his stories on Instagram.


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