Food security, the AL option against the effects of the war

Luis Hernández Navarro / I

Periódico La Jornada
Domingo June 12, 2022, p. 19

From Mexico to Mexico Assistant to the Latin American Conference and the Caribbean of Social Sciences (Clacso), varlvaro García Linera, former Vice President of the Bolivian State for Reflection, reflects on the lively Cambodians in Latin America and Russia from the United States region, China’s surplus presence in Colombia, choices in Colombia and the 10-year-old Jeanne Áñez.

Alliance of governance accountability, by activating politically from the social camp, assuring that, with the government, the stadunidenses are the only ones because to place their gas and oil in Europe, a market that has no habitat. Composition, además, that the dismantling of sanitary systems in the region, based on principles of profitability and promoted by neoliberal goblins, is a historical crime.

In continuation, the first entry of a summary version of the interview which is considered to be diary.

–¿How did Latin America affect the war in Russia and Ukraine?

–In the mediated, in the economical green environment. Countries that produce fuels and foodstuffs are better than other departments. The war with Ukraine hastened the price of gas, oil and food. Hemos included in a cycle of precise alto of primary materials, of median alcance. Russia’s offer on the market is not easy to come by. Do you want to spend more than $ 100 a barrel on fuel oil? Own with your food.

“But for those who do not need to import these complicated products, because they have more than one meter to guarantee food security. In order to maintain the condition of the car park, it is necessary to increase the subsidies and the fuels, as well as other programs, for example, of social programs against the problem.

“In political and cultural life, there is a glimpse of the narrative and the logic of planetary free will, which induced us to be 40 years old in Latin America. The fact that a president and with a global decree of 20 per cent of the territory of the world, or a low percentage of the population, is a strong choice. It is assumed that the free-flowing layers are natural, that they are waved by masses, that do not depend on human will. Without an embargo, there is a president and he says: ‘these are the things that made globalization, like the financial cycle, like the mercantile vent’. Russian oil is much cheaper than crude and North American gas, but it is destined for Russians to buy free labor.

“Estadunidenses are good because they sell their gas and oil in Europe, because the wind blows in a way that does not enter the world. Pero la gente común dice: ‘Why is the free market a natural layer of humanity and the decency of an annulment? Qu Who are you jugando? Que Is not the free market the destiny of humanity? ‘.

“Even though they did not count the great governors of the world, it provoked a series of cognitive cataclysms in society. You generate some cognitive. ¿A dónde vamos? Ese caos produce an uncertidumbre diggarradora y desazón.

One day later, the director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, said, alarmed and applauded: ‘the horizon has failed’; el tramado de nuestro mundo se está deshaciendo. These and have practical effects on the activity of people defining their horizons.

Without embargo, in Latin America there is an opportunity to present the effects of the war, in economic and social terms, with progressive reforms of the second generation that do not live in the prime. One of them is to cultivate small and medium-sized agriculture, to store the food supply of your country and region, and to export the excesses to generate incomes and regalia..

–Latin America is one of the regions most affected by the pandemic, with more deaths. What is the balance of the effects of this plague in the region?

–First: the dismantling of the state systems of nightclubs, based on the principle of profitability and minimal, which implements neoliberal goblins, but also a historical crime. It is a provocation that, in order to find a terrible and planetary destination, we strive to protect the population. A large plaza surface is refined and potentiated by a system of plural, community, barricular health, large centers of medical attraction; free and universal, for all dwellers.


Ist Assistance in Mexico in the novel Latin American Conference and the Caribbean of Social Sciences.Photo by José Antonio López

“Second, there are terrifying injustices on the planet, and so on, when a tragedy strikes, the passages that say ‘free speech’ and ‘permanent state’ are found, that protectionist, decimonious voices, no medicine, no respite, his words. The first defenders of protectionism and of a sovereignism of great empire and potential power, which take place in abandoned and liquidated parts, are found. Algunas nations do not follow the diner to buy vacancies when they are sorted first, tuvieron to wait. Hasta el día de hoy hay otros que siguen esperando tenerlas.

“It is a world of injustice. The market is not a good distributor. We want the idea of ​​a solidarity world order, conditional free, automatic and natural regulation that balances the world. The riches are stretched and inserted and the imports are a combination that goes with the rest of the pobres. Do not expect great empires and great potentials to support you. Ellos se protegen a sí mismos. Essa is the logic, the case of the selva leaf, which has regained the pandemic. You can repeat it in your next year.

“Tercera. I Quién ha salvado los mercados? Not the market. I Quién ha salvado las bolsas de valores? No la bolsa de valores. I Quién ha salvado a lasen grandes undertresas del mundo? No han sido ellas. Whether it is the State, the denostado, the maldacido, the vapuled State, the one that holds the diner imprint to protect it partially and fundamentally, so that it does not collapse and collapse the conditions.

“The State is the aggressor of the social structures of our world, not its conditions. El Estado is the only political actor in the world who has solidarity with the front, when all is said and done. Cuando nadie sabía si se iba a morir o no el día de mañana; cuando nadie sabía si había que ir a trabajar o no; when it comes to what to do with humanity, its stages, its pitfalls, its equatorial manner or its degree, it stabilizes linearly, at least once, which the obedient genders: trabajar parcialmente, no trabajar, encerrarse, ir a hace .

“This marks the beginning of a new policy of transformation action. In the next 30 to 40 years we have to take more State, not less State. Ó How to balance this with the market? Nadie lo sabe bien.

“The pandemic is a total planetary level and its effects are totally impossible. One of them is that the free book does not protect people; necesita a los estados tener estados para crecer y expandirse. Pas Which market does the State use for protection?

“It’s a moment in which all the planetary creations of the other classes, the media and the elites, the intellectuals and the politicians, respecting the horizon of the expectation that a tenacious deer, is being crushed. The pandemic has arrived at a time of perplexity, stupor and inertia. This is the characteristic of this time. You want to see several comedies to dilute, sample order, enter declive. And no new news. Gram Gramsci did not say, ‘lo viejo no acaba de morir y lo nuevo no acaba de nacer’. No, lo viejo no acaba de morir, va a tardar mucho y no hay nada nuevo. Nadie sabe quosa cosa es lo nuevo. It is a paradigm shift.

“It simply came to our notice then. Gente tiene que, tarde o temprano, aferrarse a algo. A lo que sea, a lo que aparezca. Irse hacia un lado o para el otro. Necesita certidumbre and the moment when launching a compass is the moment after which a new creations occurs. Y ahí se va a definir el futuro: sea por lado de la justicia social, del progresismo, de las izquierdas, la la igualdad; o por el lado del authoritarismo, de la violencia, del racismo.

Mintras tanto, vivimos este tempo sin futuro, un pasad que is in declive and a carencia imaginare futuro. Por eso es un tiempo liminal.


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