Francisco: Universidad abre la mente a horizon de saber y de vida

The importation of the university into personal and human creativity, into consciousness, and into intercultural dialogue, fuels the topics covered by the Pope in his presence with the alumni and professors of the University of Macerata.

Alina Tufani Díaz – Ciudad del Vaticano

“The university is – or at least a sergeant – the place where the mind goes beyond the horizons of consciousness, the horizons of life, the world, history.” The Pope is reciting, is a method, in the Clementine Hall of the Apostolic Palace, with 150 alumni and professors from the University of Macerata, one of the most antiquated in Europe.

The friendship between the Occident and the Orient, the incentive between different cultures, the drama of the war, the phenomenon of migration and the past, the themes that are full by the rector in the salutation and presentation of the university, fucking the themes that inspire Santo Padre in its reflection on the importation of the universe in the formation of the living, not only because of the aperture of the horizons of its own person, as part of the universe.

The universes of the universe

“En la universidad, por tanto, se incuentran dos universos: el del mundo, el del conocimiento, y el del hombre; not the man in general, who does not exist, whether he is a person, a young person, with his history and his personality, his people and his intellectual, moral and spiritual qualities … ” umbral de la universidad es, en sí mismo, un universo.

In this context, the Pontiff emphasizes that the retouch of the universe is the horizons, the world and the personal, before the dialogue, and that the dialogue is about the creation of humanity. Pero, además, el Santo Padre recalls the importation which in essay cremation alumno must grow not only solo or conjugation, capacity of weight and actuation, but also freedom and participation “creative and creative” in the social and civil life , with its own cultural and professional competence.

“Each individual person is a universe, which only Dios knows very well, with incomparable respect”, assured the Pontiff.

Inversion for the future

Francisco records San John Henry Newman’s reflections on the university, noting that in the university environment the young “form a mental habit that lasts all life, attributing its freedom, equity, style, moderation and patience “.

“It’s a human creation of people – like Santo Padre – they can only have a positive impact on society. For all, inverting in formation, in schools, in universities is the greatest inversion for the future of a country. We will, of course, repeat the menu, but we will always make consistent decisions ”.

In effect, the Pope questioned that this idea of ​​universality is far removed from that which surges in Illustration, more preoccupied with inclining consciences, “licking the cosmos …” forma de sentir ”, sino sólo su“ forma de pensar y de actuar ”.

“It is important to find a human harmony, not to mention in the university as a macrocephaly fabric that does not exist to hack with manos or corazón …”, critic Santo Padre.

Francisco invites adventurous universities to profuse in the culture of concentration and dialogue.

Francisco invites adventurous universities to profuse in the culture of concentration and dialogue.

Mateo Ricci: “Citizen of people”

The Pope retorted the theme of interculturalism to the rector of the University of Macerata to emphasize that the focus between different cultures is not an automatic one: “Do not bet on professors and students of different backgrounds. We want to cultivate a culture of concentration. “And the university is like a privileged place to spend.”

In conclusion, Francisco records that Macerata fired from the corner of a “camping” gran of this culture, the father Matteo Ricci: It is great, not solo but the world that has been written and written, is great because it is a man of fire, a man of the culture of incentive, a man who is more like an outsider, he is converted into a citizen of the world because he is a ‘citizen of the people’, because this is the culture of incentive ”.

All your exorcism from alumni and university professors is not only “preserving your memory and promoting studies about it, but also trying to actualize the example of intercultural dialogue:” decididamente este camino, el del dialogue !, concluyó el Papa.


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