From Iran, Nicolás Maduro to Alberto Fernández’s promotion by discourse in Cumbre de la Americas

Nicolás Maduro refuses Alberto Fernández’s statements to the American Cumber

The president Alberto Fernández recite a strong apoe of water by venezolane, Nicolás Maduroafter his speech at the XI Cumbre of the Americans in Los Angeles, when the Argentine mandate questioned the exclusion of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua of the regional forum.

Alberto Fernández has a discourse firm, clear, valid and well everywhere“, Defines Maduro, referring to the intervention that hijacked the Argentine goblin in the caliphate of presidents at the time of the Commonwealth of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac).

From the visit to Iran, the Venezuelan dictator subray that Alberto Fernández “despises protesters and rejects the blockade of (the president of the United States, Joe) Biden”, said that “we have CELAC and it invites you to participate exclusively”. “Le puso la guinda a la torta“, Said the head of the State of Venezuela, during an interview with the Iranian propaganda channel HispanTV, during his visit to Tehran.

Iran is the main suspect in the assassination attempt on the AMIA headquarters in Argentina in 1994. The bombing, which took place on May 30, el juez federal Daniel Rafecas was awarded the Interpol extension until 2027 of daily alerts that are currently weighing on Iranian citizens imputed at the cause. El objetivo is capturar a Mohsen REZAI (Commander of the Guard of the Revolutionary Guard -1993 / 1994-), Ahmad VAHIDI (Commander of the Quds Force pertenecienté al Cuerpo de los Guardianes de la Revolucón al año 1993/1994), ALI FALLAHIJAN (Minister of Intelligence and Security of Iran between 1989 and 1997), Ahmad Reza ASGHARI (Third Secretariat of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Republic of Argentina from July 11, 1991 until July 23, 1994) y Mohsen RABBANI (Cultural Concert of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Buenos Aires from March 3, 1994 until May 19, 1998).

The assassination attempt on AMIA took place in 1994
The assassination attempt on AMIA took place in 1994

Segment the hypothesis that is analyzed at the cause, he was assassinated by Hezbollah. From Iran, for example, they are plotting against each other, criticizing the Argentine investigation and refusing to cooperate with the local tribunals.

In opportunistic situations, Iranians from Argentina travel through the world without being detonated. The last episode you want to start with when Nicaragua Governorate has recaptured Iranian terrorists Mohsen Razai at the mark of Daniel Ortega’s presidential office, in which party the event with the Argentine ambassador Daniel Capitanich.

During your visit to Tehran, Maduro reassured that Iran and Venezuela had “lucrative computers” with the objective of hacking against “imperialism”.

“We choose relations in all strategic ways,” the dictator said.

Nicolás Maduro in Iran
Nicolás Maduro in Iran

Alberto Fernández in the Cumbre of the Americas

The President pronounces a discourse to refer to the exclusivity of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaraguacountries that do not invade the decline of denunciations due to the violation of human rights.

“Definitely a joke about the American Cumberland”, Expressed in its exposition in the multilateral forum created by Casa Blanca in 1994, which as a mission to unify the regional agenda along the wall of the Berlin Wall and the implication of the Soviet Union. “Do not open the capacity to impose an administrative degree”, Aggregate, the decision not to invade the caribbean goblins.

In this article, Fern invndez invites the president of the United States, Joe Bidenand in the vicinity of Celac, in order to organize the production of food and advertisements “restructure ” the Organization of American States (OEA) “removing the needle from the conductor”, With reference to the general secretariat of the organism essay, Luis Almagro.

Alberto Fernandez participates in the novel Cumbre de las Américas, en Malibu, en las cercanías a Los Angeles (REUTERS / Daniel Becerril)
Alberto Fernandez participates in the novel Cumbre de las Américas, en Malibu, en las cercanías a Los Angeles (REUTERS / Daniel Becerril)

Además, the soloist of Joe Biden a reformulation of the policy of his Latin American hacienda and questioned the apology of his opponent Donald Trump and the guest of Mauricio Macri. Advertise an ad in the Banco Intearericano de Desarrollo (BID) for that “have more demos flying on your route to latin america and the caribbean”. It is an institution, he says, “historically standing in Latin American manuscripts”, meaning that the presidency of this organism is currently the cargo of the esteemed Mauricio Claver-Carone.

Alberto Fernández travels to Los Angeles with an integrated switch by Prime Minister Fabiola Yañez, Sergio Massa (title of the Chamber of Diputados), Santiago Cafiero (canciller), Gabriela Cerruti (presidential candidate), Carla Vizzotti (Salud), Vilma Ibarra (Legal and Technical secretariat), Cecilia Nicolini (Secretariat of the Climatic Exchange), Julio Vitobello (General Secretariat of the Presidency), Gustavo Belize (Secretariat of Strategic Assets), Eduardo Valdés (president of the Commission on External Relations of Diputados) y Juan Manuel Olmos (Jefe de Gabinete de asesores de la Casa Rosada.

The visit of the United States to the United States produced a series of diplomatic negotiations involving Joseph Biden, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and Nicolás Maduro. The exclusion of these three factors motivates the presence of Lopez Obrador and the two Fernández propellers, who have been asked to confirm their presence in the incubator. The President resisted, to make an appointment with all the parties to guarantee your assistance and to “la voz” of the exclusive parts.

A week ago, Nicolás Maduro’s prophecy was expressed in these terms to reflect Alberto Fernández’s decision to participate in the meeting. “I wish I had sailed from Latin America and the Caribbean to the Americas (…) we want to be represented in the train of President Alberto Fern ”ndez ”señaló entonces el conductor chavista.


Nicolás Maduro: “Alberto Fernández heads the train from Venezuela to Cumbre de la Americas”
Alberto Fernández on his way to the Columbus of America with an encarge of Nicolás Maduro and López Obrador
Alberto Fernández in the American Chamber of Commerce:

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