From Ukraine to Catalonia to save their lives in exchange for studying medicine

Alexander Martinenko և Marina Martinenko.

It: University of Barcelona welcomes Alexander Martinenko և Marina MartinenkoStarting Ukrainian medical professors. The presentation of new teachers took place this Tuesday: Kharkov Universitywho will soon join the university և who have been able to come to Spain thanks to their connection Xavier Pastor:, Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UB, Head of Medical Informatics, Hospital Clinic. He will work School of Medicine և he in Economy:The sections they visited, where they were able to get acquainted with the training and research programs that they will be part of in the coming months.

Alexander is a professor of medicine մասնագետ Advanced biomedical data analysis specialist, meanwhile Marina is a doctorProfessor of Economics և Re-engineering expert. Alexander and the Shepherd met in the late 1990s, as coincidence forced them both to specialize Medical Informatics. “We have worked together on a European cooperation project, in the framework of which we have developed an Internet resource, which consists of Medical textbook“Something innovative, because it was the first time such a resource was created,” Pastor explains. Medical record.

The two medical informatics specialists have been in touch ever since They met again in Brussels in 2010when Pastor was coordinator A. Digital Health Meeting in Europe Taking advantage of the fact that Spain was chairing the Council of the European Union, it was able to invite Alexander.

How was the arrival of Martinenko thought?

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, the Martinenko couple stayed at their home in Kharkov with their daughter Anastasia. They stayed at home until March 8 Together with Marina’s parents (Victor և Nadia Lisicia), who moved because their apartment on the 15th floor was considered more vulnerable than their daughter on the 3rd floor. Before that, the pastor says that The family “did not believe that war could break outThey had been living a normal life until the day before, and suddenly woke up at dawn to the sound of bombs. ”

Alexander’s in-laws tried to return to their apartment to get more clothes, as they had enough for a few days, but Their journey was interrupted when the bombing resumed. “I got in touch with Alexander just when I learned that the Russian army had attacked Kharkov, where he lived. I voiced that version to him. UB Solidarity Foundation“This initiative consists of: to host research and teaching staff that he should leave the Ukrainian universities to take refuge from the consequences of the Russian invasion.

The Martinenkos began an odyssey to cross the country, entering Poland via Krakow, to reach Krakow, where they took a direct flight that allowed them to reach Barcelona last Saturday. First of all, that journey It would not have been possible for Alexander if he had not been 61 years old, because men under the age of 60 are not allowed to leave the country. The pastor has taken the necessary steps to help his friends leave Ukraine so that they can continue their research work at UB together with Vice-Rector Ernest Abadal.

“I saw that resume Alexander corresponded to my section և Their work is completely in line with what we have done. Later I asked him to send me his wife’s CV, և his profile also fits a Unit of the Faculty of EconomicsOn the way to Krakow airport, the Martinenkos had to sleep on the floor of the corridor, had problems with control, passed. Wait six hours below zero for 10 hours at night and even a small car accident because of the snow.

Alexander joins Department of Surgery և Medical-Surgical Specialties Clinic Campus և Fleet Economics, Statistics և Department of Applied Economics in medical processes. Despite the happy ending of this story, the pastor notes that the Martinenko “they made a tough decision “Because it’s very difficult to get out of the house, not to know when you will return and what you will find.”

Dr. Martinenko became the first two teacher-researchers to benefit from the UB Foundation Solidarity Program, which offers an employment contract until December 31, which may be revised depending on the evolution of the situation in Ukraine. The pastor mentions that: both speak English և Frenchamong other languages, so they will have no problem adapting.

UB Rector, Joan Guardia“We are very happy because we will soon be able to rely on two researchers from Ukraine,” he said. We will welcome you with open arms and full of peace.UB manages the procedures for involving these three researchers from Ukraine և he և cooperates in the task. redirect the inquiries he has receivedwhich do not fit into your center but may fit into the programs of other universities.

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