Fundación Jiménez Díaz: advances enfermedad renal crónica

Alberto Ortiz Arduan, Head of the Nephrology and Hypertension Service Jimenez Díaz.

El Hospital Universitario Fundación Jiménez Díaz has organized a webinar about it renal chronicle enfermedad with the objective of updating the specialists in Family and Community Medicine in the new advances in the diagnosis and treatment of this pathology. The importation of radic acid prevails over what the renal chiropractor believes in sexta causa de fallecimiento in Spain in 2040 and then, Algeria, in 2100; you do not have to worry about having people who are struggling or who are teenagers or teenagers.

“The renal chronicle nurse is one affection of the regions which lasts for more than three months and which causes premature rupture or failure to form a renal mediating function of dialysis and transplantation, having the highest frequency of these delays “, said Serfeo Alberto Ortiz Nef and Hypertension of the Fundation Jiménez Díaz.

Revert to this situation by using redoblar en precise prevention and detection. This is the ultimate ultimate specialist in diagnosing all the fundamental hermeneutics: the analysis of blood with the creatinine medium, which “calculates the glomerular filtration rate to measure renal function”; al analysis of orina with albumen medium, that “ability to detect the antecedent that the renal function is affected by, but not by, intervening more temporarily”; y la renal ecographywhich “facilitates the diagnosis of diarrhea as renal polycystic ovaries, antiseptic or albumin apparatus or renal function”.

Factors to prevent renal enfermedad

Dados los “alarming incidence dates”, la prevention is the other key element to work “from now on” to mitigate the impact of chronic kidney disease, insists Ortiz. By the way, I recommend knowing the renal health of your family, high voltage problemselevated creatinine or record of albumin or blood in the orina pesto that, in the presence of family antecedents, is consistent with the realization of a glomerular filtration and examination to evaluate the values ​​of arterial tension and to disclose the presence of albumin.

Other notions of prevention that cover nephrology consist of limit the ingestion of salto maintain adequate weight “for diabetes and blood pressure being the best controls that can and should not be supplied”, hacer regular exercise and “as a matter of course, not as super-marketed; it is decided to buy raw products, as well as additives that are added to the processed foods -specially salt and phosphates- and cooked in the house”.

Renal problems are caused by other types of pathology such as diabetes and glomerular diseases. Además, el Dr. Ortiz explicitly states that “there are two cases in which hypertension is the cause or consequence of renal involvement, or ambassadors”, but subraya that, “in any case, the hypertension control mejora el pronóstico renal “.

At the Jimenez Díaz Nephrology and Hypertension Service, renal pathology is the most common cause of diabetes, which, because it is responsible, has the following characteristic: “But this is fundamental temprana detection in all diabetic patients “, asegura.

Treatments for palpation of renal affections

Existen the different stages of the renal chronicle and the forearm from the toes to constitute the global function of the regions. Yes, the specialist indicates that “at this stage, the output must support the regions for no necesitar diálisis and, most importantly, protect the body from collapsing or having irreversible premature secretions. en urine, preserving the renal anti-inflammatory protein Klotho, retrasan el deterioro of renal function and protein to corazón “, apunta.

The second stage of comingza when it is necessary constitute the global function of the regions. There are three options in this panorama: Hemodialysis, peritoneal or transplant dialysis, which can be used in sequential form. Assimilation, by Ortiz, at any stage can be unnecessarily set up the partial functions that the strings go through little by little, “as combat anemia with erythropoietin, mantener la salud de los huesos con calcitriol y fabricar bicarbonato -dando bicarbonato oral- or mantener los normal levels de phosphatos o potasio con quelantas de estos electrolitos “.

Latest ultimatums in renal pathology

The seminar is open an important novelty in the diagnosis of chronic renal pathology: the European Society of Cardiology, in most cases about the prevention of cardiovascular disease, it is clear that “it is not possible to prevent cardiovascular disease correctly or if it is not done study the presence of albumin, the albumen sheet “. At the same time, it is estimated that the last conjugate is shared: one family of inhibitor drugs de SGLT2 que “disminuyen la necesidad de dialisis y la muerte prematura in a 20-30 per cent, both in people with diabetes as in people without diabetes “.

Además to provide formations to keep personalized sanitary, the Jimenez D Fundaz Foundation offers to people with disabilities the way of treating the possibility of participate in clinical trials with the end of the tree with a new efficient strategy.

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