Galilea Montijo reacts to Diego Boneta and surprises all

Galilea Montijo no disimuló su reacción al ver a Diego Boneta apparel in the mat, with great enthusiasm growing in its rostro, the “tapatía“, evocó bonitos recuerdos que partarti with the actor Luis Miguel in the Netflix bioserie.

La presentadora mexicana, Galilea Montijo and their collaborators running the hot tub auspicious to Diego Boneta who, as inviting to the Las Estrellas program, the 49-year-old famous, show up all over their computers and include a bromeó junto of Renata Notni’s novelty.

No Ya no te puedo ver como tía !, manifest Martha Galilea Montijo Torres al histrión su su llegada a la emisón.

The animator of programs like “Vida Tv“,” Little Giants “,” The Hour of the Pope “, among many others, record nostalgia for Boneta’s initials on the television while the famous apenas start their career.

“I see you are only 12 years old, and you are a baby!”, Exclaimed Galilee, who is one of the most emotional.

“It’s all that’s all echoing a man and making all sorts of excitement out of his 31 years, the legend”conductor of Hoy“, born in 1973, commented that he felt like a” you “, even though he could not go through the process of transformation, even with broms refracting to the shell that is light.

Pero ahora ya crciste ya no te puedo ver como la tia … bueno com la laia libidinosa “, señaló con bromas y soltó una carcajada.

On the other hand, the 31-year-old Mexican singer also expressed his desire to reconsider the televised lounges, considering what happened next.

It’s happy, I’m waiting for you and I’ve seen all of them, Televisa is in my house, I’m going to do it all with Código Fama, with Alebrijes and rebujos, and I’m in a hurry and I’m happy because I’m in a hurry.

In the middle of charla, the “empresaria“49 years ago on June 5, no opportunity to immortal1zar has expired There is currently a photo shared by his Instagram account when he was sent to interpret the song Luis Miguel in the bioserie authorized by Sol Mexico the animator of “Vida Tv“and other programs.

I have no idea the taste that you can give me !!! @diego siempre talentoso, guapo, Lord y tan sencillo #yadije besos a su familia, se aprecia en el text that acompaña la instantinea de “La Montijo”.

The talented actor responded to the post with caritas emojis launching besos on “model of H men“, following reactions other than the 9.7 million followers of Montijo Torres dedicating corazones and colmaron to caries.

Asimismo, también despertírja alguna que otra envidia de part of the club of admirers of the actor of Mission SOS, and many other productions which destacó lo “afortunado y agradecido que se sentia” de regresar a lo que habrían sido los’s car

Además to share his experience al trabajar with Gloria Estefan, Andy García, among other figures in the new project of “El Padre de la Novia”, a completely different facet of the character of “LuisMi” who interprets with an excited tone.

Luego de esto, la también “member of Netas Divinas“, asked about their relationship with the actress, Renata Notni and the support, which in an instance did not start with the imaginary juntas:

Te digo algo, no los imaginaba juntos y el día que los ví juntos, dije dios mío, haces las cosas perfectas, guapísimos los dos y nos da mucho gusto verte.

El “mexicano” dibujó una sonrisa en su rostro y replyó breve sobre com lo hacía sentir esta stada en su vida: “Estoy feliz”, apuntó.

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