Gallos have three serious aspirants to buy; ESPN has revealed to you

Assures ESPN points that there are three interested interests in buying Gallos Blancos and checking out Jorgealberto Hank Inzunza’s door to sample your interests

The nearest semicircle records the clear course of the immediate aftermath of the Gallos Blancos de Querétaro. Hasta el momento ESPN have been aware that in the middle there are three prophecies that change the destination of franchise that passable after the 5th of March live one of the peas currently in its stage of La Corregidora.

At present any negotiation is “detenida” when the technical body and the south are still “new”, without embargo, we are aware that all three buscan groups accept the queretanos, but they do not want to do so team that says that the topic has been listened to for sale at the expense of 70 million dollars, which for some aspiring aspirants is “a place”.

I have secured points around the interests that the following groups are targeting the port of Jorgealberto Hank Inzunzadue to federal laws and their dependent persons as the numbering is higher or less import or advance in the negotiation.

1. Francisco Orozco

2. Manuel Arroyo

3. Fastlicht family

These are the first options Gallos There are no possibilities of quadrats in the plaza queretana and in the ultimate quiz there is an option of mudarla, but it is not specified which city is evaluated including the possibilis tambieni of mantenerla in Querétaro. Se habla de Veracruzbut only as a speculation.

Comparable possibilities:


It is not new that apparatus the name of Francisco Orozcodueño de Noxfrom the name of the company, which offers internet services, or has expressed itself against the public opinion on the part of the Gallos sea of ​​your property and that the team is holding on to the city.

Orozco was the promotion promoted in the advertising space the name of the team created in the advertising space.

También is due to the team Dinos from the American Professional Football League of Mexico que juega en Saltillo. The franchise of the Algodoneros of the Union Lagoon of the Mexican Baseball League was secured.

If, in principle, the idea of ​​the era of the franchise a Coahuilawithout embargo, no dexartaría dejar al equipo en Querétaro.


Manuel Arroyo comment on the commercial impact of communications in 1993 ending the company Comtelsat. It is currently owned by the sports channel Fox Sports.

In 2012 he acquired the periodical The Financiero and is associated with the company Bloomberg. También compró la empresa LineUpintegrator of digital systems, provided information disseminated by diary El Universal.

“I know how to become an entrepreneur in 2014 and follow the magazine Líderes Mexicanos occupying one of the main places among the most influential people in the country,” he said.

From the inside of the interior version of the proposal is mounted on Querétaro, pero dicha version no se podido corroborar.


More than a decade ago the family Fastlich entró al mundo del futbol encabezados por Marcos Fastlichexplicitly ejecutivo de los Tiburones Rojos del Veracruz. Fastlich Sackler es suegro de Emilio Azcárraga Jeanpresident of del Grupo Televisa y su hijo, Adolfo, son passionate about football and negotiations.

The publishing industry, which is industrial, is a fundamental undertaking of art galleries as well as real estate and construction. He is a political activist who threatens the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The family Fastlich ya tuvo al Veracruz en el 2009.

Quizá sea is the only case in which franchise is in the game of permanence in Querétaro. Se sabe por los antecedentes y su participation previa en Veracruz I do not want to send a transliteration, but I do not have a certificate. Además, any person who can easily reclaim the franchise of los Tiburones Rojos deberá hacerse cargo de todos los adeudos de equipo cual an cantidad millonaria.

You do not want to be frustrated if you can get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. See if there is a possible league of them Fastlich hay una multipropiedad diffrazada, por la familiaridad con Azcárragasin embargo is a meror temor and nada that can be substantiated in the mediated future.


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