“Geopolitics changed the term of the Russian invasion”

Henry Kissingerex State secretariat and national security asset of United States, policy with Financial Times during the FTWeekend Festival, held May 7 in Washington.

Principles of this we record the 50th anniversary of Nixon’s visit to China. The mastermind of this essay, a exchange in Guerra Fría: separated from China to Russia. Em Want a new Fría War with China?

At the moment we do not know a China, Russia era el principal enemigo, pero nuestras relaciones con China eran tan malas as podían serlo. Our point of view on the abrirnos is that it does not flow when it is prudent, when it comes to enemigos, igual treatments.

It produces apertures that generate voltages that dissipate in an autonomous form between Russia y China. (The former head of the State of the Soviet Union Leonid) Brezhnev could not argue that China and the EU puddled together, but Mao, and all of them ideologically hostile, made available and negotiated.

In principle, the alliance (sinorosa) establishes against the interests of credos, now that it is stable, but does not provide me with a permanent intrinsic relation.

Á Is it in the geopolitical interest of the EU to distance Russia and China?

The world geopolitical situation can lead to significant changes in terms of invasion Ukraine. It is not natural that China and Russia have identical interests in all the problems that can be solved. I do not think that we can generate possible discharges, but that the constructions are the same. Following the offensive, Russia tended to revisit its relationship with Europe and its general activity towards the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (OTAN). Creo that does not prudently adopt a position contrary to the adversaries of the form that acerce, and an egg that asumamos is the principle in our relations with Europe, creo that history offers opportunities in those who podrice apply the different info.

This does not mean that it does not follow the Occidental intimate friendship, only that in specific questions we want to have the option of having a different info. At the same time, we have not been able to grow in Russia and China as an integral part.

The Biden administration embarked on a geopolitical challenge such as democracy versus autocracy. ¿Is there an implication of being an equivalent brand?

We owe it to ourselves to be aware of the differences in ideology and interpretation that hay. We have to apply this concordance in the first place to analyze the importation of these questions in order to find out what is the main purpose of the confrontation, since there are places available to change the exchange rate of the main objective. Given the evolution of technology and the enormous destructive capacity of weapons that only (search the regimen exchange) impose the hostility of others, we must avoid generating with our own levels of activity.

Ú Where is the nuclear language site based on the amenase and what we find?

Now we have technologies and technologies in which the speed of intercams and the utilization of inventions can produce unimaginable catastrophic levels. Weapons are multiplied by both ammunition and sophistication each year. However, there is no discussion on the international scale about what weapons are used and used. My petition, sea cual sea the band to which pertenezes, is that comprandes that we live in a new era, and that we hemos solid with our decoupage without this aspect. Given that technology is external, diplomacy and warfare need a different content and this is a network.

Do you think there is a limit to what Putin can do to use nuclear weapons?

Me he reunido con Putin, as a study of international waves, about one egg per year for 15 years to treat academic waves. Creo that your basic convictions are a speculation of mysticism in Russian history and that it feels offended, in essence, but not that we are particularly hacked in principle, but that there is an enormous breach that is being passed on to Europe and Este. It is synthesized offensive and amnestied because it has an amnesty for Russia by absorption by part of OTAN de toda esta zona.

How to calculate the situation from the international scale and calculate the capacity of Russia in order to build an enterprise of envergadura — and when the moment of alcanzar a todos to be tener is in the current, that we do not want to anterior relation sino to a position for Russia that differs differently from esto— and not only because we are excited, but also because it produces.

Putin Cree that Putin is seeking information and for which other errors of calculus should we prepare?

In all these crises one must enter which the inner limits are for the opposite; the current time is continuous escalating and the current margin is high for a mayor. What is the limit of your capacity and what you decide at the moment of the escalation of the war and tend to your society has a point that limits its aptitude to direct the international policy as a potential in the future?

It can not be evaluated when reading this essay. When to aim, to intensify by passing to a category of weapons that in 70 years of existence now used? If you cross the line, make a significant adjustment. However, we did not analyze all the serial lines of the divisor lines. In my opinion, a hair that we can not get is more than acceptable.

¿What lectures did China take from here?

Sospecho that any Chinese leader is reflecting on how to avoid the situation where it is met Putin and how to be in a position where, in any crisis, there is no significant part of the world in its opposite.


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