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The German Germans probably imagine that with all their might in Upper Germany they decided to increase the price of carbon to secure the energy sum. Pero la realpolitik Robert Habeck, the Minister of Economy and Climate, has been shocked by the fact that electricity and gas are being leaked to industry and households. However, it was announced that the German Ejecutivo tended to reactivate its carbon fiber plants, a fuel that had been abandoned until 2030, in anticipation of the collapse of the energy summit due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

El Gobierno, a tripartite encamped by Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, advertises a series of media to reduce the gas field that is used to generate electricity and to abstain in industry. The priority is now to accelerate the flow of gas tanks in order to reach the car at 100% capacity. The decision, that Habeck wants to cover the dongo in a communiqué, does not produce any doubt that Russia will reduce the amount of gas flow sent to Germany by raising technical problems. A statement that Habeck called it a “policy” and attributed it to Moscow’s will to increase the price of hydrocarbons as a means of pressure.

“I do not want to worry about this: it’s a tense situation, grave,” Habeck said in a televised interview. Currently, gas-fired gas installations in Germany account for 57.6% of their capacity, since the dates are up and running on the Federal Agency for Redes. Gobierno has shown that deposits are up to 80% by October 1 and by 90% by November 1. With these levels of the country the power supply is superior between the two and a half months of a normal invasion as the Russian sumoader is completely short.

The Minister is aware that the significance for your party and for your voters is to save the use of more carbon to generate electricity: “It’s algo amargo, pero necesario”, asegura. Habeck is currently the largest valued minister in the coalition, although he has contributed to this form of communication. Only videos that are streamed on social networks that are directed directly at citizens to explain their policies. It is not the first time that I have been informed that as a result I record decisions that are against the protection of the climate.

“To reduce gas consumption, gas must be used to generate electricity. In place, it tends to use more carbon power plants, ”he said. The objective of the decarbonisation of Germany should be considered in the second plan in order to prevent the current conjuncture, in which the risk of a Russian gas smelter’s cada is a major issue. Have a look at the Habeck department announcing that Iba to buy carbon central variations in stand-by, en reserve, por si fuera necesario ponerlas en marcha de nuevo. It is safe to say that, in the case of carbon sequestration, there is a point-by-point treatment that does not take into account the compromises of reducing country emissions.

The Greens are pushing for a new coalition of Social Democrats and Liberals to join a new campaign to abandon carbon in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel is stepping up to 2038, but environmentalists are pushing for 2030. The war in Ukraine has pushed these planes and now Berlin’s objective priority to accelerate the reduction of its current energy dependence. The situation is such that algunas vocas proponen retrograde the current of the ultimate nuclear reactors. The AfD ultra-index party is proposing to be the last semester in a federal congress to build new headquarters and be one of the tripartite societies, the FDP liberals, to suggest news that the aborigines will run at the close of 31 minutes plan designed by Chancellor Angela Merkel to accelerate with nuclear energy in 2022.

The Russian gas company Gazprom announced on June 15 that it was reducing its supply to the Nord Stream 1 pipeline by technical reasoning, retaliating in the repair of its compressor turbines by part of the German Energy Company. Berlin does not expect the excuse and assurance that the Kremlin’s objective is not to oblige the European countries to buy more gas in the mercenary diarrhea to seek out the precise artificial forms.

The country is just right to replenish its medium-sized objectives because it comes with more carbon than it should have. On the other hand, in anticipation of the energy crisis, Germany produces about 28% of its electricity from carbon. Buena is partly imported, but all mineral is mined and mined in German territory. It is made of lignite, the most common type of carbon sucio that hay, the most contaminating. Habeck told the operators of the carbon-fired power plants that “they are now being prepared for all to be possible”.

The Coalition Government has taken initiatives to reduce the private consumption of energy, as well as to reduce the temperature limits to which the owners are obliged to keep the ratings in the basins. The Liberals of the Federal Republic of Germany (FDP) are advised to revise the actual production of existing gas extraction in Germany with the technical conversion of fracking. “How to study the scientific studios, el fracking no environmental cause relevant to the modern security standards “, assured the leader of the liberal parliamentary group, Torsten Herbst, on the diary World on Sunday.

Habeck planted a gas-substrate model for the greenhouse that would take its incandescent industrial gas consumers. Industrial clients that can skip the hydrocarbon and reduce incentive recycling consumption that is financed and traded through the market. The gas that will not be used is destined for the diamond.

The industry or the Habeck planes. “We need to reduce our gas consumption as much as possible, every kilowatt hour at the moment,” said industry president Siegfried Russwurm of the German Press Agency. adjacent invisible ”, added. The RWE energy assures that all the exhausts to compensate for the sum of the Russian summits, as long as the gas and electricity prices are high in the near future. “It’s time to create new capacities and other openings that can add additional energy,” said executive director Markus Krebber. Süddeutsche Zeitung.

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