Germany declares gas crisis to cut off Russia and southern Europe

Berlin / London (CNN Business) – The major European economy is officially under natural gas and is intensifying a crisis plan to keep the Sumerians away from invading Russia because of the griffins.

Germany is active in the second phase of its gas emergence program in three stages, highlighting a small part of the rationale of industrialists in the industry, as a result of which a great deal of money has been expended to produce the economy.

“From now on, gas will flow into Germany,” said Economy Minister Robert Habeck at a press conference in Berlin. “Aunque todavía no se note: We are in a gas crisis”.

The energy crisis of Europe is aggravated by the fact that Russia reduced its membership to Germany, Italy and other members of the European Union.

During the week, the Gazprom gas station reduced to 60% of the Nord Stream gas pipeline flow 1 haciend Germany, blowing the media out of the Occidente decay of retinal vibrating turbines due to sanctions. The Italian energy giant ENI says that Gazprom has established a record of 15%.

Some parts of the EU have been affected so far by the Russian gas smuggling courts, said by Fran Timmermans, head of the blockade policy.

“Russia has converted energy into a weapon, and in the last two days it has announced new gas cuts. This is part of Russia’s strategy to build our new unity,” Timmermans told EU lawmakers.
“As the risk of total gas interruption is now more real than now,” he said.

The war in Ukraine affected the gas supply in Europe 1:23

Economic confrontation with Russia

Habeck told the Germans that he was reducing his consumption as part of a national effort to prepare for “close-knit invasions”.

The Gobierno decision to raise the “alarm” level should be recorded in the Russian entries effected from June 14 and the increase in the exact height of the gas in the market, the report said.

The prices of natural gas futures in Europe are available up to 60% of the media outlet between me for turning on the lathe at 133 euros ($ 140) per megawatt hour (MWh), levels that run at the latest March, see data from the Intercontinental Exchange.

Habeck says that because all gas installations in Germany are less than 58% —but that they are almost gone — the target of 90% in December will not be able to reach as much as possible.

“We are in an economic confrontation with Russia,” said Habeck.

The recent reduction in gas flows by Gazprom has resulted in shortfalls between Poland, Bulgaria and Finland, or energy companies in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, but negatively offset the Kremlin’s lack of are paid in rubles.

Germany, Austria and other parts of the EU are recycling carbon and petroleum power plants in order to provide more gas or alumina gas for the capacity of the existing storage areas.

Europe has deliberately reduced its dependence on Russian natural gas since the invasion of Ukraine into the February finals. Germany has consequently reduced Moscow’s quota on its imports by 35% and 55% ahead of the beginning of the war.

However, the alternatives for finding alternatives will be affected by the passage of time under one of the main natural gas products licensed by the EU. communications that their installations in Texas run for up to 90 days along an incline. Freeport LNG is manufactured as part of a quota of EE.UU GNL exports. If so, follow the company Vortexa analysis.

Germany activates in March the first phase of the “screen alert” of its emergency energy program. The “alarm” phase declares that jueves iria follows a “emergence” as the situation deteriorates even more. In this state of maximum alert, the regulators can ration the gas to keep the summons away from the “protege clients”, as well as the lodges and the hospitals. Industrial users use primers in short cuts.

Anna Cooban, Sharon Braithwaite and James Frater contribute to this article.

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