Goals and results of Chivas Femenil 3-2 Pumas Femenil in Liga MX Femenil 2022 | 09/05/2022

21: 24hace 16 hours

Goals and resumen

20: 57hace 17 hours

96 ‘

¡Se acabó! Chives are made of Pumas Femenil and qualified for the semifinal of this grade.

20: 56hace 17 horas

94 ‘

¡Portera! Letzamo let Santamaría and the porter lo ale with a puñetazo.

20: 54hace 17 horas

92 ‘

Disparo de Díaz, pero el balón se esfuma por la línea final

20: 47hace 17 hours

86 ‘

Iv Goal, goal, goal of Chivas! Alicia Cervantes disparate from once and passes the third for the local.

20: 46hace 17 horas

85 ‘

¡Penalty for Chivas! Delgado’s work on Montoya, and the silbante señala on the maxima pen.

20: 41hace 17 hours

80 ‘

Pumas Exchange. Sale Dinorah Garza by Santamaría.

20: 39hace 17 horas

78 ‘

Chibas Exchange. Salen Anette Vázquez and Rodríguez by Castillo and Valenzuela

20: 38hace 17 hours

77 ‘

Chaverin’s service’s, but the defenders avoid dispersing the arc.

20: 35hace 17 hours

74 ‘

Pumas Exchange. Sale Bibiana Quintos by Akemi Yokoyama.

20: 34hace 17 hours

73 ‘

Center of Puma, per the spherical term abandoning the playing field.

20: 31hace 17 horas

70 ‘

Cumbios de Pumas. Ingresan Paola Chavero and Lucía Rodríguez by Liliana Rodríguez and Rebeca Zavaleta.

20: 22hace 17 horas

61 ‘

Center for terming Cagigas and Villeda is what the sphere is.

20: 18hace 17 horas

57 ‘

Chibas Exchange. Ingresan Guzmán and Karol Bernal by Damaris and Michelle González

20: 15hace 17 hours

54 ‘

Iv Goal, goal, goal of Chivas! Carolina Jaramillo remake of the arc head and the term empatando el incuentro.

20: 11hace 17 horas

50 ‘

Buen defensive intervention of the locals, avoiding Camp control in the area.

20: 09hace 17 horas

46 ‘

Arranca el complemento en el Akron.

20: 08hace 17 horas

45 ‘

Chibas Exchange. Ingresa Acevedo by Susan Bejarano

19: 47hace 18 hours

45 + 1 ‘

Looking forward to the first part, Pumas came momentarily to Chivas in Akron.

19: 43hace 18 hours

41 ‘

Iv Goal, goal, goal by Chivas Femenil! Travel from Villeda, González to get started and get started.

19: 41hace 18 horas

40 ‘

¡Portera! Extremely achievable de Villeda, the arch avoids that Montoya, traces a record, mandar the ball in the background of the strings

19: 34hace 18 hours

34 ‘

¡Goal, goal, goal of Pumas! Aerial Chavarin apparatus of the dentate gyrus, mandible a Felix arc and aeration.

19: 31hace 18 horas

30 ‘

Display of Jaramillo, pero the spherical after rozando el palo.

19: 25hace 18 hours

24 ‘

¡Palo! Alicia Cervantes has been dispatched for a long time, but the ball’s terminology is shot in the mail.

19: 24hace 18 hours

22 ‘

Mount on the Villeda arch, but the arch is attached to the ball.

19: 18hace 18 horas

17 ‘

Pota disparpo de Campa, pero el balón se va ligeremente devviado del arco.

19: 17hace 18 horas

12 ‘

Chivas domina el incuentro, sin embargo no logra llegar arko de Villeda.

19: 07hare 18 horas

6 ‘

¡Goal, goal, goal of Pumas! Zurdazo de Liliana Rodríguez al ángulo del arco de Félix, la portera no logra alcanzar el esferico.

19: 02hace 19 horas

0 ‘

Arrancan the shares in Guadalajara.

19: 00hace 19 horas

XI Pumas

M. Villeda; D. Delgado, D. Cagigas, R. Zavaleta, B. Quintos, M. Díaz; D. García, A. Chavarin; D. Garza, L. Rodríguez, M. Campa.

19: 00hace 19 horas

XI Chivas

18: 52hace 19 horas

É What a beauty!

18: 47hace 19 horas

¡A la cancha!

As squads are located in the field of play realizing the prevailing calendars in the arrangement of this duel that defines the series.

18: 42hace 19 horas


Tanto Chivas as Pumas Femenil hacen their team at the Akron stadium, as teams are all searching to qualify for the semifinals of this Clausura 2022.

18: 37hace 19 horas

¡What numbers!

Chivas accumulated 26 goals in his favor and only played against him, not counting what he tried to generate in the Puma arc and increase his goals.

18: 32hace 19 horas

Ojo con esta jugadora

Alicia Cervantes is the goal scorer of the east, the search engine generated by me in the arc adjusted by Melany Villeda and adding her team to place in the semifinals.

18: 27hace 19 horas

History of duels

Pumas and Chivas Femenil have been impressed by their positions, with the balance inclined in favor of Guadalajara, adding three victories to one of Pumas and empaths.

18: 22hace 19 horas

To present

The affair is almost like a puma that can be found in the Akron stadium and its environments, it’s night bus to allow your team to search the semifinals.

18: 17hace 19 horas

Ojo con esta jugadora

Chivas has to offer special attention to Aerial Chavarin, the university delantera fue who anotó the goals that the dieron ventures to the university and screws in it cierre of the final quarters.

18: 12hace 19 horas


You are about to fly from minute to minute between Chivas and Puma Femenil. We share the most relevant information from squadron ambassadors, as well as confirmed connections.

18:07 pm 19pm

Do not despair of following Chivas Femenil vs Pumas Femenil in vivo

At one point we shared the initial connections of Chivas Femenil vs Pumas Femenil in vivo, given the most recent information provided by Akron Stadium. No details of match by minute to minute and online directly from VAVEL.

18: 02hace 20 horas

Where to find Chivas Femenil vs Pumas Femenil online and live

17: 57hace 20 hours

Pumas Declarations

Karina Baez también habló, destacando el character que tuvieron sus jugadoras en este incuentro: “Hay que destacar el charácter. The group is compromised, it is fortified. All the team can be found in an anemic moment of solidarity and confusion. We want to have an adept pass and we have to work hard to get the result ”.

17: 52hace 20 hours

Declarations Chivas Femenil

17: 47hace 20 horas

Last Pumas Femenil alignment

Melany Villeda; Dirce Delgado, Rebeca Zavaleta, Deneva Cagigas, Bibiana Quintos, Marylin Díaz; Daniela García, Aerial Chavarin; Dinorah Garza, Liliana Rodríguez, Marlyn Campa.

17: 42hace 20 hours

Last destination Chivas Femenil

Blanca Félix; Diana Rodríguez, Damaris Godínez, Michelle González, Angélica Torres, Casandra Montero, Carolina Jaramillo, Rubí Soto, Susan Bejarano; Joseline Montoya, Alicia Cervantes.

17: 37hace 20 hours

How about Puma Femenil?

17: 32hace 20 hours

How about Chivas Femenil?

17: 27hace 20 horas

¡Todo o nada!

This is the definitive inclination to qualify for the 2022 MX Femenil League semifinals, in the incida incense at the Olympic University, the culmination of the two goals scored.

17: 22hace 20 horas

The match is played at the Akron Stadium

The Chivas Femenil vs Pumas Femenil match is located at Akron Stadium located in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The property has a capacity of 46,232 people.

17: 17hace 20 horas

¡Good luck to all VAVEL lecturers!

Welcome to the live broadcast of Chivas Femenil vs Pumas Femenil in vivo, corresponding to the 2022 Final Quarters of the Vuelta del Clausura 2022 of the MX Femenil League. The bus stop is at Akron Stadium, at 19:00.


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