Goals and resumes of Pumas 0-3 Monterrey in Amistoso 2022 | 22/06/2022

22: 03hace 11 o’clock

Goals and resumen

21:56 a.m. 11 p.m.

90 ‘

Looking at the incubator, Rayados categorically belongs to Pumas.

21: 55hace 11 o’clock

16 ‘

The United States is trying to stop the flow in the launcher, but the León defense will be paraded.

21: 52hace 11 horas

87 ‘

¡Gol, gol .. ANULADO! Dinetno descontaba para los universitarios trasa unena jugada tejida, pero el silbante señala fuera de juego

21: 51hace 11 horas

84 ‘

¡Portero! Thrallazo de Rayados, pero Alcalá se lanza de buena forma ev evita el quartart.

21: 48hace 11 o’clock

82 ‘

Take a defensive cross from Diogo, avoiding that Montes disperses the arc.

21: 40hace 11 o’clock

75 ‘

¡Goal, goal, goal of Rayados! Rodrigo Aguirre offered the third in favor of the regions.

21: 37hace 11 o’clock

67 ‘

Huerta’s pilgrimage, pero la defensa termina cortando el pase.

21: 26hace 11 o’clock

60 ‘

Cumbios de Pumas. Ingresan Diogo de Oliveira y Gil Alcalá por Favio Álvarez y Julio González.
Cambodia de Rayados. Salen Medina, Funes Mori y González por Montes, Aguirre y Gallardo.

21: 23hace 11 o’clock

56 ‘

¡Goal, goal, goal of Rayados! Luis Romo remata dentro del área y aumenta la ventaja para Rayados.

21: 18hace 11 o’clock

53 ‘

Del Prete unplugged medium boiler, by the spherical term in the jewelry manos

21: 16hace 11 o’clock

51 ‘

Disparo de Pizarro, pero el balón se va por encima del arco.

21: 09hace 11 o’clock

46 ‘

Sean the actions for the complement.

21: 09hace 11 o’clock

45 ‘

Monterrey Exchange. Sale Hector Moreno and Sebastián Vegas toma su puesto.
Pumas Exchange. Sale Ricardo Galindo by Araujo.

20: 52hace 12 horas

45 + 1 ‘

Se acaba la primera parte, Monterrey vence por la mínima a Pumas.

20: 50hace 12 o’clock

43 ‘

Buy Aldrete, avoiding Rayados scattering the ark.

20: 47hace 12 o’clock

37 ‘

Pumas no logra genera peligro, Monterrey ataca con todo.

20: 38hace 12 horas

31 ‘

¡Goal, goal, goal of Rayados! Alfonso González dispersing first intention and beyond the marker.

20: 34hace 12 horas

27 ‘

The party has not been leaked to its highest level, the sphere has not passed, but the initiative has not been completed.

20: 26hace 12 horas

19 ‘

While far away, searching for Huerta, pero el balón termina siendo rechazado por la defensa.

20: 18hace 12 horas

12 ‘

Remote peligroso de Moreno, pero el esferiko se termina yendo por encima del arco.

20: 15hace 12 hours

8 ‘

Incuentre ida y vuelta, ambos buscan genera peligro, pero no terminan las jugadas.

20: 06hace 12 horas

0 ‘

Arrancan the actions between Pumas and Rayados.

20: 01hace 13 horas

XI Pumas

J. González; R. Galindo, N. Freire, J. Rivas, A. Aldrete, L. López, S. Trigos, F. vlvarez, C. Huerta, J. Dinenno, G. Del Prete.

19: 57hace 13 horas

XI Monterrey

E. Andrada; H. Moreno, S. Medina, E. Aguirre, E. Gutiérrez, L. Romo, C. Ortíz, A. González, R. Pizarro, M. Meza, R. Funes Mori.

19: 51hace 13 horas

A la cancha

As squads are concentrated in the field of play, lists for real-time goals prevailing in the arrangement of this important area.

19: 48hace 13 horas

Se hacen presente

After the squadron is inside the property, searching for its preparation with a victoria.

19: 47hace 13 horas

All lists

The team of ambassadors is listed to be recruited by team ambassadors, even if they are searching for a free incubator.

19: 39hace 13 horas


19: 34hace 13 horas

Arran De arranque!

The double of Prete, Dinenno initiated in the aftermath of the conjunctiva, vaya duel that is expected.

19: 29hace 13 horas


Pumas si podrá contar en el incuentro con Gustavo del Prete, el delantero logra arreglar sus papeles y pudo sumarase a la pretemporada.

19: 24hace 13 horas

For another victory

Monterrey, with Vucetich al mando, searching for a new victory at this Rumbo premiere at Apertura 2022.

19: 19hace 13 horas


Juan Ignacio Dinenno continued a good run with the auriazul squad, the delante renovated with Pumas until 2024.

19: 14hace 13 horas


You are about to fly from minute to minute between Pumas and Rayados. We share the most relevant information from squadron ambassadors, as well as confirmed connections.

19:09 13 horas

Do not despair of following Pumas vs Monterrey in vivo

At one point we shared the initial connections of Pumas vs Monterrey in vivo, providing the most up-to-date information from the HEB Park Stadium. No details of match by minute to minute and online directly from VAVEL.

19: 04hace 14 hours

D ynde y cómo ver Pumas vs Monterrey online y en vivo

18: 59hace 14 hours

Qu What time is the Pumas vs Monterrey match duel corresponding to the ambitoso rumbo duel at Apertura 2022?

18: 54hace 14 horas

Pumas Declarations

18: 49hace 14 hours

How about Pumas?

18: 44hace 14 hours

How about Monterrey?

18: 39hace 14 hours

Playing at HEB Park Stadium

The Pumas vs Monterrey match is located at the HEB Park Stadium located in Edinburgh, Texas. The property has a capacity of 9,735 people.

18: 34hace 14 hours

¡Good luck to all VAVEL lecturers!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the game Pumas vs Monterrey live, corresponding to the duo Amistoso rumbo al Apertura 2022. Find the place to stay in HEB Park Stadium, at 20:00 hrs.


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