Goals and Trinidad and Tobago goals 0-5 Mexico in Premundial Sub-20 CONCACAF 2022 | 21/06/2022

23: 38hace 2 minutes


23: 20hace 20 minutes

Thank you very much for this game

Thanks for sharing in the Trinidad & Tobago 0-5 Mexico game, we also offer VAVEL for more transmissions.

23: 18hace 22 minutes

Final of the Game

The referee’s silba the final of the game, Mexico gana the match.

23: 17hace 23 minutes

90 ‘

Aggregate 2 minutes of compensation.

23: 12hace 28 minutes

85 ‘

Mexico retains the balloon in order to advance.

23: 09hace 32 minutes

Quinto Gol

23: 06hace 34 minutes

79 ‘

¡Gooooool de Mexico!

23: 03hace 37 minutes

77 ‘

Mexico accumulates 6 shovels and 8 shovels per gate.

22: 57hace 43 minutes

70 ‘

Trinidad and Tobago is located far away from Mexico, which has a wide range of landmarks.

22: 50hace una hora

64 ‘

Mexico mantle pressure on all cans in the bush of a defensive error.

22: 50hace una hora

Quarto Gol

22: 49hace una hora

Tercer Gol

22: 43hare una hora

53 ‘

¡Gooooool de Mexico!

22: 35hare una hora

48 ‘

¡Gooooool de Mexico!

22: 34hare una hora

47 ‘

The Orbitro criminal penalty for Mexico.

22: 33hace una hora

Segundo Gol

22: 32hace una hora

46 ‘

Empieza el segundo tim.

22: 17hace una hora

Medium Time

The teams from the desk and the scorer set Trinidad and Tobago 0-2 Mexico.

22: 16hace una hora

45 + 1 ‘

¡Gooooool de Mexico!

22: 15hace una hora

45 ‘

Aggregate 1 minute of compensation.

22: 12hare una hora

41 ‘

Mexico with the largest possession of the balloon (68%) and 3 shots per gate.

22:06 2 p.m.

36 ‘

Mexico busca meter sugundo gol and pressure toda la cancha.

22: 02hace 2 hours

Primer Gol

21: 58hace 2 hours

27 ‘

¡Gooooool de Mexico!

21: 54hace 2 hours

23 ‘

Travel from Trinidad and Tobago to Real Gill on foot and in the backyard.

21: 48hace 2 hours

16 ‘

Mexico can be found near the goal line, one of the tires goes in the crossbar.

21: 39hace 2 hours

9 ‘

Played in the middle of the field, both teams are looking for the first goal opportunities.

21: 33hace 2 hours

3 ‘

First shot of the game map for Mexico.

21:31 2 p.m.

0 ‘

Working out, both teams searching for victory.

21: 14hace 2 hours


21: 12hace 2 hours

Trinidad and Tobago Railway

Jahiem Wickham, Christian Bailey, Jaron Anthony Pascall, Jaheim Joseph, Marvin Keith Waldrop, Andrew De Gannes, Tyrik Trotman, Noah Joefield Roka, Nathaniel James, Real Gill and Molik Jesse Khan.

21: 11hace 2 hours

Mexican Settlement

Emiliano Pérez Espinoza, Rafael Palma Loera, Jesús Alberto Alcantar Rodríguez, Tony Leone, Emilio Martínez González, Bryan González, Salvador Mariscal Murra, Fidel Ambríz, Jonathan Alexánder Pérez, Esteban Lozano and Christian.

21: 04hace 3 o’clock


The arbitrary design for the game here is as follows:
Referee: Ricardo MONTERO (Costa Rica)
Assistant referee 1: Juan Carlos MORA (Costa Rica)
Assistant Referee 2: Roney SALINAS (Honduras)
Official Quarter: Tristley BASSUE (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
VAR: David GANTAR (Canada)
Assistant VAR: Daneon PARCHMENT (Jamaica)

20: 57hace 3 hours

Last Trinidad and Tobago!

20:53 hace 3 hours

¡Last éfrentamiento Mexico!

20: 38hace 3 hours

History between teams

Trinidad and Tobago Sub-20 and Mexico Sub-20 are available in a variety of options. Pero serra la primera vez que estos jugadores se enfrenten y se spera que el partito lleno de folds, tarjetas amarillas, tiros de esquina y muchos goles.

20: 34hace 3 hours

Mexican League

20: 31hace 3 hours


We are less than an hour before the match between Trinidad and Tobago vs Mexico will take place at the Francisco Morazán Stadium. Both teams welded in the victoria bus. I Quién lo logrará esta noche? Follow our cobertura in VAVEL.

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At one point we shared the initial connections of Trinidad and Tobago vs Mexico, giving you the most up-to-date information that comes from the Francisco Morazán Stadium. No details of match with minute by minute and online direct by VAVEL.

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Where else to play?

The episode was broadcast live on TUDN or streamed on Blim TV. If you want to view the match live on the internet, VAVEL is your best option.

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Latest lineup from Mexico

The destination of the last part of Mexico:
José Engel Eulogio Téllez, Emilio Martínez González, Tony Leone, Jes Alberts Alberto Alcantar Rodríguez, Isaías Violante, Jonathan Alexánder Pérez, Fidel Ambríz, Salvador Mariscal Murra, Bryan González, Karel Campos y.

0: 07hace un día

Last destination of Trinidad and Tobago

The last departure from Trinidad and Tobago:
Jahiem Wickham, Marvin Keith Waldrop, Jaheim Joseph, Jaron Anthony Pascall, Christian Bailey, Nathaniel James, Luke Phillip, Kassidy Davidson, Kaihim Thomas Torell, Molik Jesse Khan and Micah Cain.

0:02 a day ago

Players in Mexico

There are three players who support the team and are responsible for the offensive in Mexico. We played with Salvador Mariscal Murra (# 8), playing in the Santos Laguna Club and in the match against Suriname after three goals. The mediocampista is very important to the team and is very likely to score a goal. The next player is Esteban Lozano (# 19), who plays the game at Club America and logs out of the last game. Finally, Bryan González (# 11) scored an incremental goal with the Pachuca Football Club, scoring 2 goals in 21 games. The 19-year-old midfielder is responsive in distributing the balloon across the can and it is very likely that he will score a goal.

23: 57hace a day

Ó How about Mexico?

23: 52hace un día

Players in Trinidad and Tobago

The three adjacent southbound lanes consider the offensive and defensive sides of Trinidad and Tobago. First Nathaniel James (# 11) played in the position of mediocampista and it is very probable that he scored a goal in the game, against Haiti anotó dos goals. Next up is Kaihim Thomas Torell (# 7), playing as a mediocampista and heading to the middle camp to form a ridge and exercise control of the balloon. Last but not least, Real Gill (# 9) played as an attacker, scoring a goal in the first group stage of the group stage and taking the next step in the third stage of the match.

23:47 a day ago

How about Trinidad and Tobago?

23: 42hace un día

Concacaf Sub-20 Championship

Before the concomitant era as the Premundial Sub-20 CONCACAF, is an official international championship that is available among the national selections sub-20 of the North, Central America and the Caribbean. It is organized by CONCACAF and realized by each of them. The last camp in the United States, on November 21, 2018 will be against Mexico and the selection of the term will be 2 to 0. The Concacaf Sub-20 Championship opens 4 places for the World Sub-20.

23:37 a day ago

The Estadio

23: 32hace un día



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