Goals y Resumen del Rayadas 2-1 Tijuana femenil en Liga MX Femenil 2022 | 09/05/2022

22: 58hace 9 o’clock

95 ‘

Term of the match. Rayadas 2-1 Tijuana Femenil.

22:54 9 p.m.

91 ‘Cambio

Rayadas: Sale of Mónica Flores and Andrea Sánchez.

22: 53hace 9 o’clock

90 ‘

Watch for about five minutes at a time.

22: 53hace 9 o’clock

89 ‘

Medical assistance within and out of Monica Flores.

22: 49hace 9 o’clock

85 ‘Cambio

Rayadas: Sale Daniela Solís and Barbara Klarissa Olivieri.

22: 43hace 9 o’clock

78 ‘Cambio

22: 41hace 9 o’clock

78 ‘

¡MONICA FLORES! Hix enter área al área while retrieving a goal pass, but Rayada’s defense blocks the shot and saves the empath.

22:37 9 p.m.

73 ‘

¡SE SALVA RAYADAS! The Hix filter that has been searched by Hernández, however, has been removed.

22:34 9 p.m.

Tijuana goal kick

22: 33hace 9 p.m.

70 ‘

Pause for hydration

22:31 9 p.m.

67 ‘Cambio

Rayadas: Sale Christina Burkenroad and Desiree Monsiváis.

22: 30hace 9 o’clock

66 ‘

Tarjeta amarilla for Monica Flores.

22: 28hace 10 o’clock

60 ‘Cambio

Tijuana: Sale Muñoez y entra Verdugo.

22: 24hace 10 o’clock

59 ‘GOAL

¡GOAL OF TIJUANA! Own goal scored by Valeria del Campo.

22: 15hace 10 o’clock

52 ‘

¡Rayadas sigue insistiendo! Shoot free to shoot at a checked post. Se salva Tijuana.

22:07 10 p.m.

46 ‘

Coming the second time.

21:51 10 p.m.

45 ‘+ 2 MT

Ina Termina el primer tiempo! Rayadas 2-0 Tijuana.

21:48 10 p.m.

45 ‘

The Arbitrator sets the minutes to the first time.

21:46 10 p.m.

43 ‘GOAL

¡GOAL IN RAYADAS! Anotado por Rebeca Bernal.

21: 44hace 10 o’clock

40 ‘

Final time of the first time. Daniela Solís levanta to make a remake of the headboard that has been around the door.

21:37 10 p.m.

33 ‘

AND GODÍNEZ! The Rayadas gate has an opportunity to trace a Hix split.

21:35 10 p.m.

Así fue el gol

21: 29hace 10 o’clock

25 ‘GOAL

¡GOAL IN RAYADAS! Anotado por Christina Burkenroad.

21: 25hace 11 o’clock

20 ‘

Last minutes of incuentro. Rayadas owns the position and profundity.

21: 16hace 11 o’clock

11 ‘

Otra vez Rayadas! Avail Ghana from falling into the Tijuana defense and throwing it in front of a meter to make a difference behind the post

21: 11hace 11 horas

8 ‘

¡Response Tijuana! Potent shot from the field of fire that passes through the trail of Rayadas.

21: 06hace 11 horas

2 ‘

¡CERCA EL GOL! Throw free cobrado by Rayadas donde Gutierrez reaction bien y se queda con el balón en dos ocasiones.

21:05 a.m. 11 p.m.

1 ‘

¡SE SALVA TIJUANA! First minute of the match with a wooden toothpick in the direction of the door, left the door of Xolos Femenil.

21: 03hace 11 o’clock

0 ‘

Cominza el partido

21: 00hace 11 o’clock

XI Xolos

A. Gutiérrez; A. Mejía, N. Martínez, Y. Toraya, G. Sánchez; P. Villamizar, J. de la Rosa; R. Cuéllar, S. Muñóez, D. Alvarado, A. Hix.

20: 59hace 11 o’clock

XI Rayadas

A. Godínez; R. Bernal, M. Flores, V. Del Campo; D. Evangelista, D. García, V. Valdéz; C. Burkenroad, L. Rodríguez, A. Aviléz, D. Solís.

20: 51hace 11 o’clock

¡All lists!

This can be the list, the current affidavit, all the list to be defined as the ultimate qualifier to the semifinal of this Clause 2022 of the MX Femenil League.

20: 46hace 11 o’clock

¡A la cancha!

Ambas squadr yas realize calentamientos previos al arranque de este incuentro, ambas squadras buscaran con ímpetu llegar al arco rival.

20: 41hace 11 o’clock

¡Por el bicampeonato!

Las Rayadas de Eva Espejo searching for the second bicame champions in the history of the MX Femenil League and the second team in the region. However, in order to secure the treasure, Eva Espejo’s second team champion in his car as a technical director.

20: 36hace 11 o’clock

Jugadora to follow Tijuana Femenil

20: 31hace 11 o’clock

Jugadora and follow Rayadas Monterrey

20: 26hace 12 horas

The league

20: 21hace 12 horas


20: 16hace 12 o’clock

The stadium

20: 11hace 12 horas


We are less than one hour before the match between Rayada and Tijuana Femenil, corresponding to the final stages of the flight, starting at the BBVA Stadium. Rayadas and in the championship race, Tijuana seeks to surprise and eliminate the leaders of the competition. ¿Podrán lograrlo en cancha ajena? Follow our cover in VAVEL Mexico

20: 06hace 12 horas

Do not despair of following Rayadas vs Tijuana Femenil live

At one point we share the initial lineage Rayadas vs Tijuana Femenil live, the most recent information provided by the BBVA Stadium. No details of match by minute to minute and online directly from VAVEL.

20: 01hace 12 o’clock

Where to find Rayadas Femenil vs Tijuana Femenil online and live

19: 56hace 12 o’clock

Last allotment Rayadas

12 Alejandría Godínez, 4 Rebeca Bernal, 14 Alejandra Calderón, 23 Valeria del Campo, 8 Diana Evangelista, 22 Diana García, 26 Valeria Valdez, 2 Christina Burkenroad, 11 Lizette Rodríguez, 18 Aylin Aviléz, 20 Daniela Solís.

19: 51hace 12 horas

Last destination Tijuana Femenil

1 Alejandra Gutiérrez, 3 Nathaly Martínez, 5 Yadira Toraya, 6 Leyla Zapata, 17 Guadalupe Sánchez, 7 Paola Villamizar, 14 Joselyn de la Rosa, 18 Esmeralda Verdugo, 10 Renae Cuéllar, 11 Sanjuana Muñoz, 25 Angelina Hix.

19: 46hace 12 o’clock

The arbitrary quartet

The Central Orbiter is here Rayadas vs Tijuana Femenil the head of Diana Stephania Perez; Yudilia Carolina Briones primera línea; Mauricio Ortega, second line; Ricardo Joseph Zárate, assistant quarterback.

19: 41hace 12 horas

Tijuana Femenil: A dar la sorpresa

19: 36hace 12 o’clock

Rayadas: Amplify the vent

19: 31hace 12 o’clock

The match is played at the BBVA Stadium

The party Rayadas – Tijuana Femenil are located at the BBVA Stadium in Nuevo León, Mexico. The start is scheduled for 9:00 pm (CDMX).

19: 26hace 13 horas

Final quarters

19: 21hace 13 horas

¡Good luck to all VAVEL lecturers!

Welcome to the retransmission of Rayadas vs Tijuana Femenil in vivo, corresponding to the final quarters of the MX Femenil League. The bus stop is at the BBVA Stadium, at 21:00.


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