Guerra Russia Ukraine. ¿Ataúdes móviles? The design error that is “wrong” with the Russian tanks

A plot of design is convincing the Russian tanks in the world-leading four-wheeled pedestrians, which are regularly arranged in pedestals across Ukraine.

Accompanied by the British Secretariat of Defense, Ben Wallace, from the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, on February 24, at least 530 Russian tanks were either destroyed or captured. The Ukrainian air force has destroyed 970 Russian tanks.

The “tea effect” oil treatment, an error related to the form in which many Russian tanks, including the T-72, one of the most complete assemblies used in the current war Ukraineguard and load the ammunition.

The difference between the tanks of the western parts, the Russian diamonds up to 40 cartridges in a carriage at the base of the tower. They turn vehicles into a time bomb.
Ukraine calls it “aberrant, anti-Semitic,” a Russian affirmation of Hitler that only “sangre judia”
Experts warn that including a direct impact can trigger a chain reaction, provoking the ammunition level of the egg, “decapitating” the tanks.

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“Before a Russian trip, if the ammunition storage unit is connected, all the world is dead,” said Robert E. Hamilton, a professor at the Guerra de Euercito School of the United States, in a statement to The Washington Post. Explain that the force of the explosion can “vaporize instantly” and the tripularization. “All of these cartridges – up to 40, depending on whether you carry a full cargo or not – are a piece of cake and all of them are dead.”

The tripods and conductor are normally the teeth of the tanks, and their “white faces” before the catastrophic explosions, said Nicholas Drummond, a defense and ex-officio defense analyst at the British Air Force, quoted by the Daily Mail. “If you do not sell in the first place, it is free”, acotó.

Do not treat a new defect. Attention from the Gulf Warriors of 1991 and 2003, led by Russian-made T-72 tanks from Iraq, is used in similar forms.

The design has several ventilators, to allow extra space in the interior and to give the tanks a very low profile, which makes them more difficult to attack.

But when it comes to detecting fallen, posterior models, such as the T-90 and T-80, it does not allow vulnerabilities to flow into the cargo shipping system.

Photo: Special

The Daily Mail reports that in Chechnya, the Russians are reducing the number of tanks in their cartridges, which means that ammunition and propulsion are being used in automatic loaders.

However, the Kremlin forces are licking their tanks with all the ammunition available and so are the most vulnerable.

In the case of western vehicles, algunos, like the Stryker of the United States, have towers that are apart from the tripod compartment, as well as including the stair tower, the tripod abajion se mantiene and salvo.

Other tanks do not have carousels, such as the M1 Abrams having a quarter tripod to retrieve the projectiles from an antenna transfer unit manually. In this way, even if it does not hit an impact, it will project a projectile as high as in the tower.

The Ukrainians are aware of this fallacy. “What we are presenting now is that Ukrainians approve of the collapse of the tanks,” said Post Samuel Bendett, an assistant at the Center for Analytical Navales, an institute of fine finance funded by the federal government. The western alliances of Ukraine are proportional to the Ukrainian soldiers a large volume of anti-tank weapons.

Ukraine has been using variants of Russian-made T-72s, which are very problematic. Due to the Russian invasion, the escalation of the tanks escalated, and Ukraine was able to defend itself better than the Esperanto.

Potential, the Russian priority

According to Hamilton, I agree with the fact that the Russians have not been eliminated if they fall into the tanks, but with their current design, coupled with automatic mechanical loaders, which must be tripled by a team of three people.

Además, the priority is the shooting capacity, the firing potential, the bayonet profile, the velocity and the maneuverability in front of the general supervising capacity. The Russian tanks, detailed in the Post, tie a series of more ligaments and sensors, and have a finer armor and advanced menus than the western ones. The vulnerability of the design is probably “more cheap and cheaper”, added.



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