Haas has restored the chassis from the Schumacher accident in Arabia

Mick Schumacher He was one of the unfortunate heroes Saudi Arabia Grand Prix from last week. In the second quarter, when he was improving his fastest lap, trying to hide in the Top 10, the German driver. There was a serious accident on 11 turns, losing control of the car after stepping on a high piano in that area. VF-22 crashed into a wall 33 g-forces For Michael Schumacher’s son, although, fortunately, there were no serious injuries.

Haas manages to save the chassis

Despite initial uncertainty, Mick Schumacher’s lack of pictures and words soon made him aware that he was conscious. Fans have already calmed down at the district medical center when they found out He did not have any significant injuries that he could even talk to his mother, Corinna Schumacher.

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The following pictures with the German were completely positive. Before entering the medical helicopter, which was to take him to the hospital, the Haas pilot was seen smiling on a stretcher, so it was Mick himself at night. establish your good status on your social networks. He could also be seen on Sunday, despite warnings to skip the race. In great shape, at the next parade of drivers.

So Mick Schumacher will be in Albert Park next weekend to attend the Australian Grand Prix … և he’s part of his car, strangely enough. Although the main team Haas, Gunther Steinerinsisted that the damage to the car was final, now the Italian has confirmed it yes they were able to save the chassis, with whom Mick is expected to compete in Melbourne. This will save them some of the cost of repairing the start of the week It is estimated at about one million euros.

Steiner explained it this way.The chassis is damaged, but they are not really big. The rest of the car is broken, but not the chassis. Absolutely (the chassis will be used again). Although the lateral strike structures need to be changed, they have done their job; they are destroyed when that happens. Otherwise, The chassis has a small cut that can be easily attached“, He commented.

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