“Habría sido mejor ver a mi hijo muerto, despedirme”: la venezolana que busca romper el tabi del “duelo fetal”

  • Alicia Hernández @por_puesto
  • BBC News Mundo

Ileana García Mora sent to the beach in the name of her shadow, Matías

Fountain of the image, Cortesía Ileana García Mora

Photo pie,

Ileana creí que iba a ser mama normal pero perdió a su primer hijo, Matías, en la semana 38.

“I do not care if I was a normal mom. I was a vacant mommy.”

Ileana García Mora corrected: “All of us are normal. Life and death are natural processes, but one is more painful than the other.”

Define how an activist of the perinatal duo, visually impaired, and haberdashery who casts a shadow: ““It’s important to keep in mind that your mom has a lot of options and all sorts of little things to do with the duel.”

Because I have a tempo in which I make decisions without saber, in the form of pain. You want to hear things like “best ass, that skin deserves what it does not serve”.

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