Hacking on the Gender Due to Your Nutrition, the Companion of a Colombian Medicine



Miami, 29 Apr (EFE) .- Colombian doctor Carlos Jaramillo, considering the Latin American introduction of “functional medicine” and with more than a million followers in the social networks, who want to send a message about su nutrici ”n ”, says Efe with the motivation of launching his new book.

“Como”, published by Planeta, is a box of 600 pages, more than 20 bibliographies, before the food is delivered in the best medicine of a person, because it is in contraband.

It is the third book of Jaramillo, which published the ante “El milagro metabolic” (2019) and “El milagro antiestres” (2020), of which it has been published up to now for more than 500,000 copies, and Efe is currently promoting of “Como” by United States.

Jaramillo says that his editorial excitement and impact on social networks does not suit all the world and the world that among those who “influencer” and “charlatan” are other medical colleagues, but assured that these insults do not hack into you crucifixion in favor of that reflection on food and health.


Many non-transferable drugs are caused in large part by a small amount of food, because it is a medicine of 36 years, which is formed in Colombia and prepared to be circulated when a “disillusionment” with the cirrhosis occurs.

We work in the United States in the domain of “functional medicine”, from which the introducer in Latin America is considered and the application to the patients that in his consultant in Bogotá three machines per week.

Most of them are criminals, but they are “landed” by the candidacy of people with “gastrointestinal trauma” who are consulted.

Functional medicine, explicitly stated in Efe, is intended to study the biochemical and immunological origins of a nurse and to correct dysfunction, but not consequences.

The concepts of “Como”, which left as the subtitle “the art of comer bien para estar bien”, valen “para cualquier persona, sin importar su edad, su gusto, si tiene omnívora o vegetal”, asegura Jaramillo.

This medicine invites all the world to change the way of feeding the food “a large grain” of your health.

The exchange is not necessary, however, because many of them are created as if they were abusive, but not special, especially because of the number of chemicals that are present in the food, including those that are “natural”, aggregate.

The chemicals, the preservatives, the colors, the textures, and the other, are the ones that make the difference between the supply of food now and the quality of the other time, because the whole world is at the time of the fire and they try to the planet.


It is necessary to decide on the commodity that “is not triturated, solid, cooker or in a package”, which does not pass through a process or only stays subject to a minimum process.

In reality, Jaramillo says he is only 20 to 25 years old when Humanidad is left as it is, which in terms of history is not nada and because it is a completely reversible process, says Jaramillo.

Advocated against such ideas as “the best is like all”.

For a good alimony, “all” can not be but, for example, the ultra-processed food and the important food that can be consumed as food, affirmation.

According to Efe, food is the main factor in the health of a person, Jaramillo says that he is one of the few factors and that the few food aliens are influential in that a person proclive to the nurses who are the main cause of death in the world.


Jaramillo points out that he recovers the rumors with the idea of ​​”democratizing the salutation”, sharing his concoctions and giving the patient detailed and hermeneutical explanations before applying the solutions in his life.

When it comes to labeling as an alternative medicine practitioner, affirmation that depends on what you are trying to do, even if you are not a pharmacist only, you are.

Además, the curious part that is considered in this category of traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic from India, which has more than 5,000 people claiming the health of millions of people.

In your own world, in the world of hoy and exclaiming your own pobres, you can not decide that you have a place in the world in the bottom of the world as you fall, as if you are in the middle of the menace of the sublime population obedience and obesity .

If you want to get countries with a historical culture of good food, it is not a matter of actually populating it as it does. The global supply of obesity and sobriety is 66%, according to the World Health Organization, Jaramillo said.

In Latin America, for example, in the middle of the media class, there is a gas leak in the middle of which is a sample of the things that fall from the well and the water, which is where the deberían tener, blade by its source, aggregate.

Ante the avalanche of advertisements of pharmacists and nutritionist diets, Jaramillo suele had a consultation with his patients: “Esten a la penaltima moda”. Simempre es m ses seguro, concluye.

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