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The risk of infertility due to cholera is zero for the general population. The case is given in a fin with no water.

The Ministry of Sanidad has failed que la joven que nfermó in Toledo the first case of autochthonous cholera in Spain. The Institute of Salud Carlos III in Madrid elaborated an exhaustive analysis to confirm the case and the conclusion that the girl, that baby water from a non-potable water source“Suffering in reality”gastroenteritis by vibrio“, which reveals the presence of cholera bacteria in the perch water with the release of the enzyme virus in the affected area.

The young sufrió short levers one hour deprived of baby water in a fin that además to be pinced at the waist, peru dada to be alto at the same time.

When it comes down to it the specialists are pressed to make sure in reality “The risk is zero for the general population. How to handle a variety of responsive public and investigative greetings catastrophic to cause contamination of the abasto water bars”, señala Jacob Lorenzo-Moralestitular professor of the Department of Parasitology and Director of the Institute of the University of Tropical Diseases and Health Canary Public of the University of La Laguna.

Which is the color

Cholera is an infection caused by bacteria Vibrio cholerae que se aloja en el intestine and you can provoke severe diarrhea and dehydration. In this case, the analysis has been able to identify the virus Vibrio Cholerae 01 non-toxicy parece que por ello no ha desarrolllado la enfermedad.

Contracts for the ingestion of feeds or contaminated water, but practically does not exist in the richest countries, despite the frequent low temperatures Africa, Haiti o el south asbestos.

According to the World Health Organization, every year there are between 1.3 and 4 million cases of calamities, and between 21,000 and 143,000 defunct by this cause.

Symptoms of cholera

Many people are infected with this bacterium no desarrollan s .ntomas with its levers, it can count on others because of eliminating traces of the currents during one or more weeks. Only a minority can suffer from severe diarrhea with severe dehydration, which can letal si no se trataseñala la OMS.

The surprising symptoms that provoke an infection due to cholera, according to the Mayo Clinic:

  • DIARRHEA: Repellent apparatus and power provoking a large curtain of liquids (up to 1 liter per hour).
  • Náuseas y vómitos: Produce the initiation of infertility and then wait.
  • Dehydration: It is the consequence of vomiting and diarrhea. Si se pierde un 10% del peso corporal es grave. Symptoms that are accompanied by dehydration have a buccal sequence, fatig, ojos hundidos, piel seca, poca orina, arterial pressure baja or latidos irregular.

Dehydration can provoke mineral depletion, which can be original calambres (by the curtain of solo, chloro, and potassium) and in some cases it is known as Choquet (in the city the volume of blood pressure and oxygen in the body) that can provoke death.

C semo se trata el cólera

The risk of cholera in the richest countries is low, although all over the world there are cases of cholera. If diarrhea sufferers intensely acutely follow the medicine because it should not be discharged as seaweed. La dehydration is one of the complications that can occur and be treated medical emergence.

Of all the mods, I’m not alarmed, because I’ve been to OMS, the the coil is a medium that is treated lightly.

  • “The majority of cases can be treated in a satisfactory manner through the administration of sales of oral rehydration (SRO). The SRO stand is dissolved in 1 liter of water. Adult patients can take a toilet up to 6 liters of SRO to undergo moderate dehydration in the first day. “apunta.
  • “The nurses con grave dehydration corren ries riesgo de sufrir choque and the need for rapid administration of intravenous fluids. These patients should be treated antibiotics to increase the duration of diarrhea, reduce the volume of unwanted rehydration fluids and reduce the magnitude and duration of fecal excretion of V. cholerae “añade.

Of all the mods, the OMS recounts that does not recommend mass administration of antibiotics but have no effect on the propagation of the disease and can contribute to the resistance of the antimicrobials “. As it should only recover from grease cases.

al zinc is a complementary treatment suitable for los minor children of 5 years, which reduces the duration of diarrhea and can prevent future episodes of other causes of acute diarrhea.

How can infect infected with cholera

Ya hemos dicho que la responsive bacteria of cholera is la Vibrio choleraewhich produces a Toxins in the small intestine that can be mortal. Infertility points for the most unusual cell, follow the Mayo Clinic:

  • Water pollution contaminants. The public poses with water in the treaty are the main cause of the boiler rooms.
  • Mariscos crudos or more coccyxes of contaminated sites.
  • Crude fruits and vegetables de lugares donde hay cólera.
  • Granos as the nut of the regions with cells of the cell.


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