“Hay que acercar la teknologija al patients”

“90% of Primary Care (AP) physicians require more technology to provide a patient-friendly resolution capacity,” said Antonio Fernández-Pro, president of the Spanish Society of General Practitioners and Family (SEM). the doctor Lorenzo Armenteros, Responsible for the Group of New Technologies of SEMG

In the presence of the specialist specialists, in the mark of the XXVIII National Congress of General Medicine and of the Family that is celebrated in Bilbao, there is stillhan destacado el papel de las new technologies in the futuristic AP.

“Hay intentionally seeks out the hospital all the technology that can be more around the patient; se trata, ha insistedo Fernández-Pro, de aproximar toos los media diagnosticos a las consulta de AP y que el hospital de dedike a los patients ás graves ”.

Fernández-Pro consists of more inverter need in AP technology

Antonio Fernández-Pro, pte. de la SEMG.

Modernize the AP

The pandemic has the effect of keeping track of the health care system. “It is at the moment of modernizing the consultations of the first assistant level that the latest technological advances are always being made at the point of the users of the system”, said the specialists.

“Además, lpatients are referred to as AP agilicon doctors for their diagnostic procedures; for this reason, politicians tend to invert more technology into AP. If you do not hack por ellos que lo hagan por sus patients “, ha recommends Fernández-Pro.

In this line, Dr. Lorenzo Armenteros demonstrated his deception with the Minister of Sanidad by announcing, at the same time, to the AP that “an inversion of more than 400 million for hospital technology”.

Armenteros refers to the decisive instance of SEMG by the use of algorithmic medicine that serves as a sanitary professional at the time of recording decisions in an e-mail and certification form.

Algorithmic medicine

That is, it is explicitly stated that it depends on the introduction into the system of use algorithms for clinical practice, which constitutes traditional papillary actuation protocols and, if the patient’s symptoms are heard, medical professional, performing operations with the patient: petition and analysis petition, treatment, hospital level management, etc.

“Algorithmic medicine has nothing to do with robotic medicine; do not treat medicine medically by a robotwith the advancement of technologies that are more safe for doctors and patients “, added Armenteros.

The specialists reconciled that when the level of consciousness is high, they say that they are agitated by their work and their diagnoses, “and I do not want the current escalation to be available to the patient’s patients”.

Algorithmic medicine indicates at any time what is hacking and what is not hacking, “through the medicine of Atención Primaria nunja deja de tener the control because of the prevailing clinical criterion.”.

Han querido dejar claro que “do not hack the machine, do not hack the professionals with the evidence that is available and varies the medical actions in function of the symptomatology and the degree of affectation ”.

Lorenzo Armenteros, of the SEMG Technology Group

Armenteros, of the Group of New Technologies of SEMG.


From SEMG take into account, as well as what Fernández-Pro and Armenteros have researched, which tends to be implemented in consultation with the use of mobile applications and other devices wearables which allow segregation of the distance from the clinical parameters of the nurses.

“In my consultation with the technology of obsolete technology and in the majority of the centers sued the mass; you are not involved because the AP specialists are the most decisive,” said the president of the SEMG.

New technologies are allowed, but only one, tener a major control by part of the sanitary facilities, but by another, a major self-control by part of the patient’s property. “Monitoring the remote form of levels in relation to tension, glycosylated hemoglobin, weight gain, pulse, etc. with continuous medications obtained by the media and not only recording point moments, allowing localization of peaks and risk situations, and act accordingly This is a major diagnostic and diagnostic value which is for the benefit of the patient ”, said Armenteros

With this highly argumentative approach, once an autophagy pathology pathologist logs in, the SEMG specialists find that the electronic clinical history is centered in the center of the AP.

“Patients do not have access to their data and, at the same time, they need to be able to provide new information in relation to the parameters to be measured,” recalled Armenteros.

Gender perspective

Specialists have incidences incurred in the absence of caminer hacia models of treatments more personalized tending to además the perspective of the genre.

“Individualized treatments, for example, in clinical cases where no differences are made between men and women, because in the majority of these clinical cases it includes both varicose veins in the sample ”, Armenteros explained.

Of course, some medications that are prescribed in the actual dose include doses that are “indicated for weight of 80kg. And these are the tendrils that suit the characteristics of the women ”.

Armenteros y Fernández-Pro en presa de prinsa sobre nuevas technologias

Lorenzo Armenteros and Fernandez-Pro at the wheel of the princess.

Metadata and Big data

In the opinion of specialists, that one of the consultants of the AP mediators advising access to metadata and Big data allow searching the profiles of patients similar to those whose doses of drugs are very effective, a very valuable information is available muy pocos servicios autonomóicos de salud.

From SEMG abused at the Bilbao Congress by the most highly traded model models “That we consult tener with major resolving capacity“.

In order to be able to use the most diagnostic tools, as well as the most participatory and comprehensive consultations, even with the hospital level as well as with the patient’s property, there are always safe connection mediums that save the user’s channels ”.

Porque, with an AP resolution resolving the sanitary and hacking system used. “If we do not have the most resources, in the first place we will not be automatically converted from hospitals. “The AP is a sanitary ware that is safe,” said Fernández-Pro.

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