Health and well-being at the same time as protagonism in public awareness strategies of public companies

Bienestar Empresarial

  • The Compensation and RSE Action Group in Public Companies – led by Foretica and composted by more than 30 public entities, encapsulated by the Institute of Official Credit and Information D & B – contributed by Objective of Desarroldo innovative initiatives in sound, bienstar and digital disconnection of the implements
  • It is also recommended in the latest study published in the group of the Action Group, that the analysis of the compromise of public expressions with the new brands regulating the validity of the European Union, the social aspects, among those that are included health and safety in the workplace, you have a major attraction due to part regulators and inverses
  • Salud y bienestar is one of the new business transformation routes included in the route ‘Vision 2050’ presented recently in the brand of the Spanish Business Council for Desarrollo Sostenible

al Subsidiarity and RSE Action Group in Public Companies -learned by Foretica and composted by more than 30 public entities, encapsulated by the Institute of Official Credit and Information D & B-, aborting the social contribution of public companies on the Objective of Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) 3, in material salutation, bienestar and digital disconnection of the implants.

To find out more about the latest study published by Foretica in the Action Group brand, click on the title ‘Compatibility in public companies from the triple perspective ESG. Compromising with the new constituency-building regulators of the European Union ‘, the social aspects, among which the incumbents are safe and sound at work, are likely to be the main protagonist in the most difficult of all factors, from a major attenuation of these interest groups – especially regulators and inverses – and the socioeconomic impact of the pandemic provoked by COVID-19, which is in any case an accelerator of many of these global issues.

Ana Gómez, Manager of the Affiliate and RSE Action Group at Public Companies, support: “Salud is one of the greats of the Agenda 2030 of Desarrollo Sostenible, not only because it has a proprietary lens (the ODS 3 of Salud y Bienestar), but health is one of the most pervasive indicators of well-being and sustainability in society. The United Nations segregation sector, people and industries are the basis of their economies of scale, but it is also impressively prioritized that it can be challenged and imported into the transversal manner. Given the great power of action and the strong impact that organizations exert on people, they must strive for inclusive, respectful, and ambitious articulations that favor health and well-being, one of the new ways of transforming society ” Vision 2050 ‘presented recently in the name of the Spanish Empresarial Council for Desarrollo Sostenible “.

Last but not least, it produced a lot of cases of depression, depression, depression or stress globally, and according to a recent study published in The Lancet, it is estimated that the pandemic provoked 53 million additional cases of depression. is the main cause of discrepancy in the world. Keep in mind the relationship between inverse and inverse conversion and productivity within organizations: see the World Health Organization (WSO) data, but every dollar is inverted in the amplitude treatment of common mental disorders, has a return of $ 4 in the largest productivity.

Preventive Premios

The action of public companies in the matter of health and well-being

In words from María Ordovás, Responsible for the Compensation Action Group and RSE in Public Companies: “The new technologies of information and communication have always surpassed new forms of organization of work, tendency to make and accelerate with the lack of adaptation and digitalization of their ideas as a result of COVID-19 in all. The acceleration of digitalization, the fold of digital disconnection, the aislaming of major operators as a consequence of teleworking or the new tendency al ‘always on’, you have a negative impact on the mental health of the implants. In this line, we find each other more retouching in relation to delimitation between working time and descent and digital disconnection, which can be used on a psychosocial’s notion for the health of a traitor. The companies have the obligation to sail due to the limitation and correct gesture ”.

The business conference organized by Foretica in the brand of the Action Group on this topic is subject to the participation of Jerónimo Maqueda, Director of the Department of Health Promotion and Laboratory Epidemiology National Institute of Security and Health in Trabajowhich is profitable in the work of the Red España Company of Saludables and in the importation of the adoption by part of the organizations of an advanced model of saludables in the work.

Además, three public companies that form part of the Action Group have shared their plans and innovative initiatives in the matter of health and production: Informa D&Bwith the intervention of Patricia Manzano, HR Assistant; ENAIRE, with the participation of Maite Montoto, Head of the Department of Social Action, and Carmen Carretero, Head of the Department of Prevention of Laboratory Riesgos; y Navantiawith Manuel Delgado, Responsive for the Navantia Business Saludable Project ‘Embark in Salud’.

The Compensation and RSE Action Group in Public Companies, led by Foretica and encamped by the Institute of Official Credit and Information D&B, is computed by more than 30 member public members: Adif, Aena, Aquavall, CESCE, Aragón Public Enterprise Corporation, Emasesa, ENAIRE, Enresa, ENUSA, Extremadura Avante, Grupo Tragsa, ICEX, INECO, Metro de Madrid, Navantia, Paradores, Renfe, RTVE, SENASA. Participates in a group of observer groups in the following entities: COFIDES, Navarre Business Public Corporation (CPEN), Giahsa, Civil Guard, ISDEFE, General Directorate of Police, Red Law, Red National and Sanitary Mercantil Estatal de Gestión Immobiliaria de Patrimonio (SEGIPSA).

The Action Group is now publishing its 2022 edition analyzing the action of public companies in the hacia transition of all net broadcasts. El Grupo has been awarded over the years in terms of constituency as a result of the compromise of public companies with the new constituency regulators of the European Union, contributing to the Agenda 2030 (focusing on circular and voluntary corporate), the risk of non-financial risks or responsible public contracting, among others.


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