Honor en su día. Dr. Héctor Ortiz, an illustration representing pediatrics

El Dr. Héctor Luis Ortiz Martínez is a solemn professional in the medical profession of Yauco, Puerto Rico. In his excellent pediatrics, Dr. when it is the first medical in your family.

Dr. Héctor Luis Ortíz, pediatrician.

El Dr. Héctor Luis Ortiz Martínez is a solemn professional in the medical field of Yauco, Puerto Rico. Excellent cam hacia la pediatrics, el Dr. when it is the first medico and his family.

“I do not have an algebraic reference that motivates me to study medicine, as, in general, all my vocations are salvad vidas and mejorar la calidity of life of patients. Ese pensamiento romántico todavía me mueve”,

dijo el doctor in an interview with Revista Medicina y Salud Pública.

Doctor Ortiz does not have access to the screens and heats that he receives from the School of Medicine only at the intention of being a gynecologist, but in his clinical rotations he is reflecting on what the gynecologist did not look like. Of course, posteriorly rotated by the ophthalmologist’s head, at the convenience.

For the opposite, when rotating por pediatrics me sorprendió bastante, ya que no esperaba que me gustara tanto. I do not know all the contents of what iba to wear to their children, of what iba to bregar with my mother, of what iba to memorize calidity of lifeetc”;

manifest with emotion galeno.

Posteriorly, in its entirety, it rotates slightly to accommodate what it is that is actually moving, and as a result. “Entonces con esa me quedé ”dijo.

Yo me levantaba todos días pensando ‘esto que lo quiero hacer el resto de mi vida’. Bregar con los niños era lo que más me llenaba. Así is like an expiring term pediatrics”,


Héctor Ortiz made the reference to the fact that, when he made his appointment, he would not be able to do it without a subspecialty, but now he thinks that Dios sabbaths because he goes to the pediatrician in general.

“When you are with the patient, it is up to you to find out who is happy to leave the plaza. y eso fue lo que me pasó”,

denotó el galeno.

It all depends a lot on the vocabulary and the shape of the room they are in, but it does not depend on nada and declare with a fringe that you want to be a pediatrician, or not a professor.

The other thing that the series is not burning medico o pediatra, sería ser maestro. Poder enceñrle a otros lo poco pero valiouso que tú sabes. It’s a lot of me that llena a lot. But as much as I can, I can share as much or as little as I can. Además, no todo is medicine, no todo is saber, no todo is theory. También is the human part, esa no la debemos olvidar”.

Professional trajectory

When I graduated from high school pediatrics at the Caguas Regional Hospital, located in Mayagüez in 1986 (28 years old), and resides now. Primers are treated with other unaccompanied pediatrician in Mayagüez, and subsequently stable in my private practice”; express the pediatrician.

Agrega el doctor que, además, estuvo trabajando en el Hospital Bellavista hasta el ago 2000 y en el Hospital Perea, aparte su practica private. Luego, at the same time as commenting on the Puerto Rican Health Reform program and integrating, working and working at Mayagüez San Antonio Inc. hospital.

Currently safe with the practice of private office and tenure of cortical privilege at Perea Hospital. Además, is the Director medico of the Department of Pediatrics of San Antonio Hospital since 2012”,


In June 2019, Ortiz started workshops as a hospital in the Center medico de Mayagüez, ajn ejerciendo su practica privada. He is a professor Ad honorem of third-year students at the Ponce School of Medicine, as well as intermediate students of Guadalajara, Mexico. From the misma manera, haxa aproximadamento ocho años se despepeña as professor Ad honorem del Recinto de Ciencias Medicas de Río Piedra.

However, there is a constant activity that is much higher than the activity of both patients and patients, which is enveloped in the educational part.”, Said the MSP.

Cooperation in AMPRO

Hector Ortiz joined the Society of Pediatricians of Ríos in 1986. He was president of the 90s. Subsequently, it has continued as well medicodirective and president of the Scientific Committee.

Currently, in the knowledge committee or the person qualified by the directive that encompasses the human resource of conferences for their annual arrangements, among other responsibilities. From all over the course of training pediatrician education al día”;


¿How to return?

“I do not want to see any veggies, but I like it because I like it and secondarily, but I do not like it anymore. Quizás sí trabajar menos o dedicarme alguna vez a la enseñanza en vez de ir al hospital, pero fecha de retiro aún poudo decir. Mientras esté saludable y alerta de todo, no. Mientras tenga salud physical and mental, mi meta es seguir”, Insure the pediatrician.

Your projects are basically continuous with what is happening, being attached, academically as humanely, as well as being fortified spiritually.

Do not expect to be prevented in preventive medicine, especially vaccination. Además, among my priorities is to educate you about the myths that provide for dissemination in the vaccination bowl, taking care of the health and life of the most vulnerable, children and immunocompromised patients.”, Said the MSP.


Under Huracán Maria’s hare dos aos, el Dr. Ortiz lo memora as an aprendizaje muy grande. When you need a good experience, you can have a hospitalized patient for 28 days taking the rent. “If the patient only goes to the hospital as a minimum of only a few, per, to weigh the difference, he’s debugging the situation but establishing the island and still the patients, then demasiado. Approved that the technology is not all that can be found in the base”.

Now, when it comes to the theme of the Templars, the opportunity to go to the summits of the assembly of the Semitic people and to see the need of the demons, which because of this human factor must always be present.

Having completed missions in Haiti, I have one of the most gratifying experiences of my life”.

Because it is recommended to all medical students that they are given the opportunity to go to non-cancerous places, vaya, because they go and change the screw.

Experience Haiti cambium with a 180 ° screw”, Mantuvo. It is said that the exchange rate has the perspective that it does not need to be valued at much or less. Without embargo, you can fly as far as this type of experience, sea in Haiti or anywhere, and that sea at a time not allowed.

Message from Dr. Ortiz

The message that Ortiz gives to his colleagues and medical students is that, first of all, the most important thing is the vocation. Whatever the case may be, if you do not have the vocation to do so, please do not hesitate. “But my favorite word in the screw is the vocation ”says.

Second, that in medicine as in other similar professions, the type of technology is beyond the reach of the patient. Nunca pensar que lo sabes todo, saber reconocer tus limitaciones y cuando llegues a ellas buscar ayuda para benefici del patients.

Message to the fathers is confusing to your pediatrician, who haggled all the preconceived notions that hacker, configured in one or the other, accustom the pediatrician first to assist in an emergency room.

Which makes me tense at the opposite end of the spectrum which is a type of relation that is very valuable because it is designed to protect and educate the patient”.

As far as preventive medicine is concerned, the pediatrician considers that the education of the patient is primary, “a grandfather and an educated mother, as a result of a patient saludable”; finalize.