Horoscopes: discover where you store the astros is May 16th

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Aries: Serán días para que sobresalga cada cosa que hagas, cada palabra que digas, así que ve con tranquilidad esta semana, sientente temporarily sure, secura lo lo hagas. It is important that you conclude several high school diplomas, approving the good transitions but not the ones that attract you, do not go for other things or that can complicate everything. On the other hand, it does not have many points and it follows the pass.

Taurus: Tendrás mucha quietud, aproéchala y descansa, fortalece tu cuerpo y tu alma, reconecta con la divinidad. There are no permits that do not interfere with what is going on in the room, whether you are incommodent in the algae place or with algae persons, at least at a distance from the medium before your appointment as an ampere: with air and space inside. It’s an ideal moment to reconnect with the naturalness of being trampled by the áurico body.

Gemini: The first two of these semantics focus on the need for reflection in the one that has the ultimate purpose, as if it does not have the power of reflection, it is the mind and the alma, the ear and the inner self. There are many ways to deal with family situations that have left you miserable and have no interest in seeking out your family unit, but only those who are provoked by the fact that they are molested and that the exterior of the sea is the best way to go. aclara ya esa inconveniencia.

Cancer: Initiating the seminar with saturation work in the workplace, much that resolves and does not go unnoticed, has the task of loading the manual and has no limits, as these are resumed, but it is a moment of tener policies with jeffers before hacerles in case of needlessness, an assistant or a major debauchery department. Solo así podrás dejar de sentir la pressure in lo laboratory. Homemade, stamped, different types of skins originally derived from laboratory and household cargo.

Leo: Large tracts and towels stand on your doorstep, screw, date and time before you pong the carts over the table and the windows and new projects that will satisfy your professional as well as economic needs. Sigues criticanda persons of your family, no lo hagas más, cada uno as com’s and van van cambiar solamente porque a ti no te gusta su manera de ser, de actuar. Whatever you look for, you can say that at the moment it is boring, even though a check does not fit.

Virgo: Traveling, hiking, hiking, or other places, is something that can not be expected more than once. To get to a new reality, you tend to work all the time, you study all the time, and now you have to dedicate yourself to finding a balance between all these things, to find the balance that has been tightened.

Book: It’s not the moment to presume your triumphs, it’s best to reserve this card for more adept, but this is the moment you’re looking for work, looking for accumulated logs and trying to get your fame in the office. It is a seminar related to new people, making new friends and having fun with other things, need new things in your life, to give a change, to be monotonous.

Scorpio: Deberás tener calma esta semana, las circunstancias serán de muchas demoras, por más empeño que pongas en desatorarlas no podrás y solo sentirás gran frustracón, así calma y paciencia estos días. Retoma the mandate of your screw, no matter who you are and it is important that the pongs of the mind, the body, your energy in order. It’s one thing to browse the opportunity of hacking through the patience that has accumulated away from the screw and given your account, you have time to ponerles remedio.

Sagittarius: Hacer todo a tu manera no te lleva a nada, solo a que te vean como una tirana, un tirano, son días para bajarle dos rayitas a tu control y dejar que los demás también puedan opinar y entender que sus opinions pueden ser tan buenas o mejores que las tuyas. This is a very important topic for you.

Capricornio: It is completely convenient, convenience that does not take into account the prophecy that hiccups in several passages, from a deconstructed principle and this is the cozonada to give all the secret, to the aggravation and the journey to the flight or the flight. You tend to search for new options for the creation of your negotiation, as well as to open a door-to-door session. You are not obsessed with travel, your planning has to happen inconveniently, as long as you want to accommodate everyone at the moment.

Aquarium: See that you can read a lot, that you can quote the attitudes and the different ways of looking at the panorama, as you test the energy that bridges the universe, which is new and different, new comedy, but it does not want to be the same. Ten policies profound with the family, tienes dudas from muchas situational del pasad, acláralas, pero también no te hagas great expectativë de que toude pueda cambiar, por in principle ne será así.

Pisces: It is convincing in the essay that it is always right, the screw is all screwed into the plate strap, not the screws, it makes use of the arms that it has to make a perfectly smooth plan. On the other hand, they are more than happy and realized that the nuns, the planes in the pair ensure the flow of the corresponding manner, no permits that do not interfere in your amorous decisions, only to be taken lightly.


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