How did their relationship start? Who is the future billionaire bride of the Beckhams?

Love of cinema, but not at first sight. Brooklyn Beckham և Nicola Peltz They met in 2016 Coachella Festival. A moment that may not have been the right time for love to arise, but which already made them see their faces, that attractiveness could be born between them. Almost six years have passed և everything has changed a lot – a marriage proposal, going into custody, and finally, through a wedding It will be held this Saturday, April 9..

The Beckhams’ eldest son has been through several relationships before. ” find the love of your life, something that can happen to you in your professional life. It: 23 years he started in the podium world at a very young age photographed for major magazines. beginning that led to the publication his own book Pictures about his career in 2017. In the world of fashion, this step can help Brooklyn find out that this is not her passion, now she is immersed in e.culinary universe.

Brooklyn Beckham has been spotted in numerous publications that show: his talent as a cook comes to create a program, call Cooking with Brooklynin which: share your progress և where you can see his girlfriend և the future wife who proudly supports her son.

Brooklyn կյանքը The life of the Beckhams is world famous for all David for his football career և Victoria: back on stage for his career Spice Girls: and later as a fashion designer. Parents who make their children recognized: կյանքը that their lives are the subject of all eyes, but who is the girl who won the heart of the couple’s first child?

Nicola Peltz – model, actress և billionaire

Unlike her future husband, 27 years unknown to many. Nicola Peltz does not have a last name, which, at least in Spain, we quickly recognize, as it happens with “Beckham”, that’s why we wanted to know. more details about the girl to Victoria Beckham gave his approval.

Nikola was born in 1995 4 years older than her fiancé. Age difference that was not a problem for them, because, as they say, Love has no age. What seems uncomfortable is also the wealth that accompanies the last name of a young woman who also: exceeds almost four the Beckhams that make up $ 498 million in the bank.

It: family Pelz one of the treasures of treasure multimillionaires the largest in the world making it clear that it is on the table prenuptial agreement to protect the legacy of the two young men if this love they now boast it is not eternal. This financial agreement promises to protect both legacies remarkable from Nicholas’s father, Nelson Pelzwhich is estimated to be achieved $ 1.7 billionmaking them for families The richest in the USA.

She is Nikola’s mother Claudia Hefner. A former model մայր mother of 5 other children, she has a very close relationship with Brooklyn Beckham’s fiancée, everyone is looking forward to when the two mothers meet, considering that “Claudia and Victoria have made a fortune”. their careers in the fashion world.

This: passion for trends Coming from all angles, Nikola makes it easy to understand that he has an inspiring style Picture of many brands. The young woman adopted a pose created by Victoria Beckham on the day her son proposed to her in 2020. yellow dress which makes us think about what white will be like tomorrow, Many say it will come Signed by Valentineall being careful about the choice of costume she will wear this big day.

Everything shows that it will be one of the most anticipated weddings of the year counting celebrities among the guests, but they will not be able to confirm that they were there until the celebration is over. There will be security at the Jewish wedding, նրանք all those who were present were informed about the bride և’s wish. disconnect from social networksdemanding the utmost discretion և to maintain everything from the doors to the insidenot knowing how things will turn out, but that’s what we can know how did love come about? which will be made official this weekend.

The beginning of their love story

As we commented, it was not love at first sight. The couple met in 2016, և only two years later they will meet again և this time: look at each other differently. During the celebration of Halloween in Hollywood և Leonardo DiCaprioThe spark jumped or appeared by January of the following year.

The picture is worth a thousand words, և Brooklyn said everything in the selfie she shared on Instagram. Both young men were photographed wrapped in towels կալ The arrest came soon. This forced arrest caught the young Nikolai քում in New York, forcing them both to spend that time not social life, but together.

what could he do? ended with a drama to be alone for so long, ended with a wedding. It was July 11, 2020, when the marriage proposal appeared, which confirmed it His love was stronger than ever և that it will last forever (or so they hope). A fact that will become official tomorrow when both of them say “yes, I do” celebrate love with all those who love them և want it to be forever.

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Photo of David Beckham’s mother և mother-in-law, Victoria Beckham’s mother, where it is amazing how similar they are.

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