How do you know if the social network is affecting you and how to limit it?

Lots of our latest posts and appointments are now available on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or TikTok. The most used social platform on the world, Facebook, registers a record number of approximately 2,930 million active users in the first quarter of 2022, averages that TikTok is superior to the brand of millions of used users in September 2021.

As a matter of principle, a new study identified some of the contributors who could form a “TikTok add-on”. The analysis was performed by experts from the University of Trinidad and Tobago, analyzing the data of 354 university students (173 TikTok users and 313 Facebook users) and declaring that TikTok could account for the compulsive behavior and application dependency.

Find out how platform users use a questionnaire to evaluate their criteria. This includes obsessive-compulsive thoughts about TikTok or Facebook and how much they need to use the platform.

It is also recommended that participants use social networks to solve personal problems and intentionally reduce the time they spend on the platform and block it.

Además, if your questions are asked when you can not use the platforms and how to use the platforms have a negative impact on the school or work.

Aquellos that get the highest score in all categories using TikTok the most intense way. Please note that the majority of persons (68.2 per cent) do not have a TikTok addition risk, 25.4 per cent have only one risk and 6.4 per cent.

If the social network is an ideal form of management in contact with family and friends, and as a result particularly useful during the pandemic, experts have expressed their preoccupation with what can negatively affect the mental well-being of people.

The mental health benefit organization Mind advertises that it is “constantly bombarded” with people who share news of new jobs, relationships or vacations that can lead to a lack of self-sufficiency compared to demos.

UKAT (UK Addiction Treatment Group), a private addiction treatment company, claims to have a “real effect on the level of societal dependence on the Internet”.

“Because we are treating people who are addicted to the social networks of the Internet, and we are already looking for a way out of the candidacy of people we are treating since 2020”, says Nuno Albuquerque, senior treatment consultant at UKAT.

When people fall into the trap of having time in social networks when they have negative effects on the egg, they try to find a more serious addition to the social network that has a lasting impact on the living room.

Seals that can be unlocked while traveling online

Do not reflect on how you relate to social networks and consider how you feel.

“If you feel agitated or you feel the need to follow your profile, you will see a message that you are taking time offline,” says Albuquerque.

A seal seal is as if a person being offline is not in line, Albuquerque aggregate. “¿Eston de mal humor por la ausencia de las redes social? Á Are you experiencing physical symptoms of abstinence such as headache and insomnia? ”.

“Comprehend how you feel when you are not in these social networking sites is an excellent way of determining how well people relate to each other, which is reasonably prudent and potentially inclusive when converted to a dependency.”

Signs of addition to the social network

Experts believe that an extension tray in social networks can be used as a means of consuming substances. You can not only affect your personal life, but also have an impact on your relationships with friends and family.

Some short stories on account include feeling frustrated or annoyed when the social networking platforms do not work or the Internet connection is connected.

Risks of attachment can be used to get the most out of time in social networks, have a deficient degree in the school or workplace, and show interest in their relationships.

Strategies to lead with ello

The Independent have a variety of experts on strategies that people who create by adding them to social networks can use them to explore the problem.

Be aware of your time

Jess D’Cruz, guided by Mind’s Information Content, recommends booking all the time for hager algo offline.

This is easy to do with just a book, physical exercise, free air in nature or try a relaxation technique.

Various studios in the latest months have the benefits of having free time for mental health. In October 2021, an investigation by the University of York uncovered that free air generated a greater level of animation, more positive emotions and more people.

Some people are tempted to find a way to create specific weather speeds while allowing them to use social networks.

This can be adjusted to limit the tempo of the time it takes and then more seamlessly than when applying. Some smart phones are easy to use. For example, Apple allows you to use limited settings for specific applications, which can be traced back to the configuration of our phone.

As if abused by the number of notifications it receives from social networking applications, Apple also has an “inactivity time” feature that silences notifications from telephone labels and select applications.

Toma nota de tus sentimientos

Experts aim at all users of social networks and are aware of their sentiments. If the social networks can have a negative impact on your emotions, complete a note of the notes or descriptions you can use to identify the descending factors.

“Poetry at any stage’s only deprived of the news of passing a time on the social network. It must be said that this is the way that the use of social networks is not an autochthonous action “, says the Priory addiction therapist, Dee Johnson.

“Intent to sell, walk, take a seat at your own level and probably see that a small amount is needed. Classify your state on a scale of 1 to 10 for which you can compare the effect of different activities ”.

“Manten a register of all the stages of enimo of this way, but to record you have a solid evidence of the impact that has the use of social networks in you.”

Time with friends and family in person, or start a new time or ability

Adding to social networks can provoke feelings of aisle, disunity, greed, depression, depression and self-doubt, says Johnson.

Experts recommend prioritizing time with the top queries and constructing line-of-line relationships. It can add to the anticipation of self-indulgent sentiments that reassure a person that they are being compared online.

Además, it is physically that the focus of the attenuation of the social networks and in proportion to a sensation of satisfaction coming from the Internet.

Experts have shown that the importation of desarrollers is confusing in one go. Recommend trying a new pass or creating a new one that is not related to the technology. This can cause feelings of satisfaction, detract from self-esteem and serve as a distraction from social networks.

I am able to control my mind, my professional search engine and my needs

“Besides, people avoid having problems with us and using social networks as a distraction, but in the end they feel like it,” says Johnson.

“Do not use a negative internal dialogue. I lost my mind. I always remember that it is not solo with this ”.

For those who try to implement reasonable strategies to connect with this problem, experts say that it is best to search for a professional with whom you can talk about your problems.

“Search professionally for news about your problems, because they are more likely to avoid, more likely to fly at the same time,” said Johnson.

Any people affected by this article can contact you with the Mind Information Line on 0300 123 3393.

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