how Kim Jong-un loses control of his coronavirus strategy

For more than a year, North Korea logró evitar la llegada del Covid-19según sus registros.

I want to go to extremes in Islamization: from the energy of 2020 I do not want to enter the country – not even the Norwegians – and I refuse the circuses and the frontier positions, while the soldiers the order of disparities todo el que se acerque.

Diamond seals and disinfectants can be applied to all imported products from China to ensure that there is no shortage of virus.

The leader Kim Jong-Un join the point of completion of the population in October 2020 to avoid the proceeds of Gobi’s descent to a distance of 2 miles coronavirus.

By making vacancies and not accepting offers from other countries to immunize your population, Pyongyang has given its all to its “cero covid” policy.

Kim Jong-un on a Korean TV channel


But, more than a dozen of them, when part of the world or beyond the pandemic, in North Korea todo se demmoronado con la propagación de la variant icmicron.

Gobierno has reconnected a million yards of “fiber” cases and 56 deaths, before the real shortage of the epidemic is detected in one piece with the caretaker graves of medics, escalating detection capacity on the right, and then the gobierno absolute control of information.

The premise of the situation is that Kim announced after the “major convulsion from its foundation” in 1948, that massive currents were declining and that it was mobilized in the air to cover the cashew area.

Pero ¿cimo ha podido entrar el Covid-19 and propagate in what many consider the most hermetic part of the world?

From China, pero … And what?

The agrarian-to-endemic aggravating pandemic has been exacerbated in North Korea, within 25 million habitats of autoabasters due to limited resources for agricultural and industrial production.

“North Korea energizes the city of Sinuiju in the Yalu district of Yalu and helps to find materials and people from China, which Pyongyang has a lot to offer due to the grave situation economic tras dos años de cierre “, BBC World reports on Professor Nam Sung-wook from the University of Korea in Seoul.

It has a limited opening time, because it is an expert in intelligence and relationships between North Korea in China, news of the first entry of the virus into the country has been facilitated.

On the other hand, the correspondence of the EFE Agency in Seoul, Andrés Sánchez Braun, quotes in his analysis of other possibilities.

The first is that algae contraband fights the virus a North Koreacuya frontera de mil 416 km con China era muy Frequentada -hasta la pandemia- por commercials que cruzaban el río Yalu.

A cruise person in Yalu district

Getty Images

Some of the fronts between North Korea and China, as well as in Sinuiju, Yalu River are very small and crucial.

The other hypothesis is that the province of “asymptomatic gentleman who participates in the commercial routes allowed with China (ferrocarril and alta mar)” algae manure manages the exhaust disinfection processes.

The “perfect torment”

For Go Myong-hyun, an investigator at the Asan Institute of Political Studies, it is important to know how to get rid of the virus on the basis of its principles.

Aquello, asegura, solo fue la primra gota de lo que llama “a perfect torment”, gestada en los meses siguientes.

The authority “convocaron the great multitudes of people in Pyongyang to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung [fundador del país, el 15 de abril] in the 90’s North Korea [el 25 de abril]”.

Ambas celebrations “se convirtieron en events of mass propaganda” of Covid-19, sentence Go.

Y, in expert opinion, explains why Pyongyang is the epicenter of Covid-19 in the country.

The city of one 2.9 million habitats is the scenario of the first significant numbers reported by the passage through the authorities.

And, in order to disperse the cases, Kim Jong-un directs the capital of the country to the medical staff of the air to “establish the medicine cabinet”.

I Quién es responsable?

Norwegian leaders are also responsible for the cabinet as being accountable to the public health system “for unresponsive work activity and capacity of the organization and execution”, published on the KCNA state agency.

Kim criticizes the length of the distribution of medicines in the local pharmacies (with the justification of moving the air to establish the company) and the deficiencies in the pharmacist’s store.

These and other caregivers, following Norwegian authorities, have contributed to uncontrolled virus propagation.

According to BBC Mundo expert consultants, these are part of the habitual strategy of the North Korean government. search for “expiration chivo” in moments of crisis.

“This is a reflection of North Korea’s leadership ideology “The leader is now infallible and, by the way, he is the culprit of the fractions in politics,” said investigator Go Myong-hyun.

Assuming that the Norwegian leadership is responsible for the current situation, it’s “deviating from the shell of other persons, which is another indication that the policy is consistent with the regime and is not ideologically sound”.

“Habrá una purga”

“Differential anterior pandemics (SARS, influenza A, etc.) in which the population is prepared for a transition from current to mass vaccination. Pero se mantuvieron firmes en la politics’s covid covid, lo que da fe de su rigidez ideologica “, afirma Go.

Professor Nam, for his part, said that alguien acabará pagando las consequence.

“Inevitably we have a bureaucratic purgatory to apply the giraffe’s inheritance.”

And the mantle that “the culmination of this tragedy recovers completely in Kim Jong-un“.

Considering that, in the most recent months, the leader has contributed to the example of the relationship in the front environment to the covid-19 “assisting parades and visits to the camp without mascara, taking photos with a multitude of soldiers and traitors”.

Kim Jong-un and the military

Reuters / KCNA

Kim reunited with the tropes in the April finals, both of whom were paralyzed from the arm of the armor of the armed forces

Most importantly, the conductor recommended the ultimate decision of no acceptance -but unreasonable reasons that are currently the subject of debate among experts- China’s vacancy offers and the UN Covax distribution program are not solitary and other countries or products of autonomous form.

Así, practically nadie is vacating in North Korea.

That is to say, the precise conditions of the health centers, the medical and insomnia scrutiny (Norwegians have access to the BBC as well as administering to patients in cervical bottles and reutilizing laxatives to oxidative stress), among other factors, that hare tan peligrosa the propagation tardía and massif of covid-19 in the country.

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