¿How many hours have you spent in the media and in the country?

(CNN) – The city’s hours of supeño óptimas do not last long, but only in the median age and in the vejez.

A new investigation has found that around the clock the current time is the ideal nocturnal descent, or that an insufficient or excessive time is associated with a reduced capacity to increase attraction, record and create new problems, solve problems.

It should be noted that many times a day you are in a relationship with a mentally healthy person, or those who experience a lot of symptoms of depression and depression and a general illness inform you that you are at a distance or at short distances.

“If we can not decide what to do next, we will continue to do so because of cognitive problems. author of the study published in the journal Nature Aging.

“Pero las razones por las que la majors persons duermen menos parecen ser kplejas, y are influenced by a combination of our genetic composition and structure of cerebral nostrils”.

Investigators from China and the United Kingdom are analyzing the data of some 500,000 adults aged 38 to 73 who formed part of the United Kingdom Biobanco, a large, well-stocked studio. Ask your participants about their patrons, mental health and well-being, and participate in a series of cognitive tests. The brain images and genetic data of all 40,000 participants in the study are recorded.

Other investigations have found that major adults have a significant difference in conciliation and that nocturnal frequented experiments have a high risk of dementia or get prematurely due to any reason why they want to continue. cardiovascular enfermedades.

One of the razor blades of the valve between the core and the lower cognitive body is exposed to the deep interruption of the core, which is where the brain repairs the damaged skin of the body and consolidates the recuperators. Dormir can be associated with amyloid accumulation, a key protein that can cause inflammation in the brain that is associated with dementia. The studio is designed to be able to sleep more often than is fragmented and calibrated.

El Dr. Raj Dasgupta, vocalist at the Academia Estadounidense de Medica del Sueño and assistant professor of clinical medicine at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Sur, California, knows that the longest duration of the study is associated with cognitive problems, but of all clear on which.

“This is a stable brand for futures investigations and the search for a treat,” said Dasgupta, who did not participate in the investigation. “Sweden is essentially a medium that we love, and we do not need to be like most young people, but it is very different.”

Your study has many limitations: it only evaluates when the time it takes to complete the participants in total and at the same time as the temperature of the tube, as well as during the night. Además, the participants inform their candidacy that they only want, but that they do not objectively. In the embargo, the authors argue that the large number of persons involved in the study means that their conclusions are likely to be valid.

The authors note that their halaggos suggest that the wind is as important as the sun, ideally from the time of siete horas, constant fire.

Algunos consejos para ayudarte a dormir mejor 6:50

The study shows a relationship between dementia and drowsiness and cognitive problems, not between cause and effect, advises Russell Foster, professor at Oxford University and director of the Circadiana Institute of Neurocience and Sweden Sir Jules Thorn, who the investigation. I know that the studio does not have to worry about the health status of their people and that they can sleep a little or much faster on an indication of subconscious health conditions with cognitive problems.

It is safe to say that the record of the hourly rate as the ideal candidate country “ignores the fact that there is an individual consideration variable in the duration and quality of the country”. Meno or most hours of life can be perfectly acceptable to many people, dijo.

“Normally we do not say that the ‘ideal’ night’s sucked in the swollen ankles on the inside of the sucked hour. This creation is incorrect in many sentiments. cause confusion and disunity in many “, says Foster, author of the book” Life Time: The New Science of the Body Clock, and How It Can Revolutionize Your Sleep and Health “.

“We sleep at times, our favorite times and times we only wait until the night varies enormously between individuals or as long as we live. “.

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