How much does Checo Pérez’s car repair cost?

Red Bull must repaint the boxwood tea in the Mexican car trailed in Canada, although it is the most accurate estimate of lakes in Formula 1

El domingo Checo Pérez terminate at the end of the semaphore with its abandonment in the Grand Prix of Canada por una falla en la cambium tea shovel against the barriers of the circuit in Q2 from the bottom and not to break in order to keep the entrenched books free of rhythm.

Sin embargo, ahí no termin todo, al menos para Red Bullwhich must replicate the piece in the car Checo Pérezhow many four-legged camshafts are allowed to last all the time, but what is the cost of this repair?

De acuerdo a Motorsportthe approximate cost for one cambium tea es de $ 354,000 and their teams are allowed to carry out four repetitions while still temporarily, in the event that the car is penalized with a number of positions on the solid barrel at the rear switch.

Checo Pérez tuvo que cambiar su tea ante of the first carrera of the time in Baréin and previo al Gran Premio de Mónaco, trace your choice in the Q3 antes to enter the tunnel in the Principality.

Durante su cebado accident, Checo Pérez do not release the barrier barrier because of the pump RB18 Whenever the wind blows, the trumpet is completely destroyed and debugged, it has an estimated cost of $ 141,500.

In summary, the accident Checo Pérez en el Circle Gilles Villeneuve de Montreal you have an estimated cost for Red Bull de $ 495,500 between cambium tea y el alerón delantero.

This time the teams have a ball of gas of 140 million dollars, which is reduced respectively to 145 million by 2021 and is superior to the limit of 135 million before 2023, according to the FIA, although in reality it is no digit It is definite that the FIA ​​mission is for a time of 21 cars, which is about 22 Grand Prizes and in this case the increment of the limit is around 1.3 million dollars.


De acuerdo a la propia Motorsportteams must pay a registration fee of $ 577,278 more than the number of points earned per team at the prevailing time, even though there is a difference between the driver (or driver) and the rest .

As of this writing quote, Mercedes debits at $ 6,926 per one of the 613.5 points earned at the current time, deciding to debit at $ 4,826,379 to qualify for 2022.

For the rest of the teams the quota is $ 5,770 per consecutive point, but that Red Bull pay $ 3,955,613 for the 585.5 points accumulated in the current time.


Well, at the moment we are like one alerón delantero cuesta, approximately, $ 141,500 measures the estimated cost of one cambium tea ronda los $ 354,000now we can with the rest of the elements that semana a semana can suffice and can be republished:

Neumatics: In theory, they represent the most “cheap” pieces for a team, considering the number of gearboxes that make up the total figure significantly.

Each neumatic game has an estimated cost of $ 3,000without embargo, the teams are allowed to use 13 lance games for each cat (without importing the computer), four intermediates and three drips, it is decided, 20 pneumatic games in total, in order to use all (by auto) el asciende cost a $ 60,000.

Halo: One of the most recent additions to cars and one of the most controversial, for implementation, for example, avoids a grave lesion for Lewis Hamilton at the time when Max Verstappen’s car crashed into the windshield Monza, gracies alo el neumático trasero del car del Dutch e golpeó la cabeza del británico. The estimated cost is from $ 17,000.

Alerón trasero: At the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, we tested several extras thanks to the crossbar of Yuki Tsunoda, which is the only DRS model, which is “repaired” in the carriage by AlphaTauri mechanics using a pair of mantels, after the piece has not been replicated in a carpentry box which is exchanged and the estimated cost is from between $ 85,000 and $ 150,000.

Unit of potential: En CanadaCharles Leclerc arrangement in the last place of the banner as sanction for changing the engine, the quarter of three permits in the tempo.

Since the units of power unit are common in Formula 1, their cost is the highest of all, including 18.32 millones per pieceapproximately.


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