Hoy, Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo live with great sobriety

One of the great mysteries of the screw is its concordance paranormalthat there are people who create that there are other forces converging on our bodies, so that now they can enter better the conductors of the Hoy program.

In this program, the machine runs in the “unlock and unlock” section, the conductors which establishes a frame while experiencing a paranormal moment, causing the dudas and the medium to mediate.

Cabe records that, to a great extent, the Hoy program provides a moment in history with the collapse of its Magda Rodríguez product, which, at the age of 57, collapses due to a hypovolemic shock caused by a digestive tract problem. Galilea Montijorelating the success to its ex-product.

Program Hoy, Galilea and Andrea have a paranormal system in vivo

Hoy, Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo live with great sobriety. Photo: Twitter.

How all the conductors, conductors are aimed at the public with this section and all the wind as the other program. Galilea Montijo, Andrea Legarreta, Raúl Araiza and the periodical Ricardo Escobar were present at the moment of unspecified success.

All marmalade in the heat and with the good environments that are among them, as always seen in the pants, even if, as expected, the success in the scenography succeeds as it breaks the routine of all the days.

Fue in one of the palettes that are in the scenography in a different direction inverted, that of the nada and with its apparent motive, the palette is scattered and stands at a point, that provokes Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta to assist.

At the time of the incident, Galilea Montijo, who evidently knew that the palette could have exploded anyway, including inclining to try to correct the imperfection that caused the paranormal event.

Galilea Montijo, whose relationship is paranormal with the possible presence of its product, Magda Rodríguez in the foro 16, which is bankrupt, it is surprisingly fast and it does not take long to be pending in your work, the quality of your sister’s hands, the actual product Andrea Rodríguez Doria.

However, there is a moment when the conductors are stretched and that is not expected to live in front of the cameras and in vivo, but because there is a second notary who prepares a little by the successor, or who is a force that all the two utilizan, y el cual tiene an escenografia se se mantiene d traa tras día para las grabaciones que realizan.

The relation that hizo Galilea Montijo with this success, I have the connection that I wonder about the program and the struggles of people who create what they believe to be algebraic because they have to wait for it in the world of their lives.

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