Hoy matches: Toluca vs Bayer Leverkusen, live in the friendly match between Diablos and Aspirinas; resulted directly

In vivo: Toluca 1-0 Bayer Leverkusen | Amidoso Party

Min 90 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | Se agregan 3 mins ms de juego.

Min 88 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | Leverkusen quiere el empate. Aranguiz cae en el rea, se pide penal, pero no hay nada.

Min 81 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | Palacios saca un disparo dede afuera del rei se se muy cerca del poste izquierdo mexiquense.

Min 80 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | Just play the last 10 minutes of this friendly game in Nemesio Dez. The song “Cielito Lindo” was sung.

Min 77 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | Ian Gonzlez exchange for por Toluca and see between abucheos. Ignacio Ambriz lo recibe en la banda y lo respalda.

Min 75 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | After the grave error, Ian Gonzlez’s abusive affidavit, which responds to the gentleman ponindose the hand in the clock, as saying “no los esccho”. This derivation in ms abucheos.

Min 71 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | Ian Gonzlez fall de maneera increble. The Toluca Spanish player who completely solo in the realm, from front to bottom, inexplicable way to go and the ball unfolding inexplicable way. Toluca deja ir el segundo tanto de la noche.

Min 66 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | Cambio del Toluca. Sale Jorge Rodrguez and Everardo Lpez.

Min 62 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | The Germans refreshed their team with three cambiums ms. Among the jugadores that ingresaron is the Equal Equatorial Palaces.

Min 58 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | Tarjeta amarilla para Koussounu del Bayer Leverkusen.

Min 56 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | Toluca por fin logra salir de su rea. Leo Fernndez is looking for three cans of water, he leaves the compact ones on the bands, but decides to try and order the ball at number 40.

Min 52 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | Bayer arrangement is the best time and method in Toluca in its media channel. The Germans want empathy.

Min 48 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | The game has some momentum but a cloud of hump that invades the playing field from the degree, just because of the goalkeeper of Luis Garca.

Min 46 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | The conjugate is made of some of the motions in its alineacin.

Min 46 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | Start with the second half. Los Diablos Rojos is winning the game with a goal by Pedro Canelo in Nemesio Dez.

Min 45 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | Finalize the first time. Toluca ya lo gana por la mnima.

Min 43 | Toluca 1-0 Bayer | GOOOOL !!! Pedro Alexis Canelo no perdona. Le gana la espalda a la defena alemana, recorta a ri rival y define cruzado y por abajo para abrir el marker.

Min 38 | Toluca 0-0 Bayer | Luis Garca saves the Diablos. Se sueesta hacia la izquierda para alejar el peligro.

Min 37 | Toluca 0-0 Bayer | Toluca tuvo el gol in a contragolpe por la derecha, desde donde lelegen centro a Leo Fernndez, quien apareci sin marca por la izquierda, pero no control bien la pelota y dej ir la gran opportunidad cuando tena el marco abierto.

Min 32 | Toluca 0-0 Bayer | Haret Ortega wanted to score an own goal. Load in the right direction to cut from the center of the door and the ball is scurried repeatedly to a sloping post.

Min 29 | Toluca 0-0 Bayer | Leverkusen se equivoca en la salida. Leo Fernndez aviva y estuvo muy cerca de ganarle la espalda a la defensa para hacer dao.

Min 25 | Toluca 0-0 Bayer | I try to make a difference by leaving the Huerta de peligrosa way, terminating the fleece in a drawstring for el Bayer.

Min 20 | Toluca 0-0 Bayer | Los Diablos flies to tocar la puerta. A little bit like this about converting into the first goal of the night, but Lennart Grill volvi salvar al Bayer.

Min 19 | Toluca 0-0 Bayer | Click to enlarge. The teams will load the porters.

Min 14 | Toluca 0-0 Bayer | Toluca’s respondent was instructed. Alexis Canelo Appears solo by the center of the river, remata, pero el portero Lennart Grill evita la anotacin.

Min 13 | Toluca 0-0 Bayer | The first team of the whole team. A sparrow of Sardar Azmoun amenazaba with colarse a las redes, pero Luis Garca envi a tiro de esquina.

Min 11 | Toluca 0-0 Bayer | El Bayer Leverkusen hopefully the Diablos will be paradoxically, with much order.

Min 8 | Toluca 0-0 Bayer | Los Diablos Rojos ya se hicieron de la posesin del baln. Search to create spaces to play with.

Min 5 | Toluca 0-0 Bayer | First intention of Leo Fernndez. The intentional escarpment with a slight scattering that shoots in an alemn defense.

Min 3 | Toluca 0-0 Bayer | The teams are studying, analyzing the paradoxes, with the firm intending to go to the front to find the goal.

Min 00 | Toluca 0-0 Bayer | Arranca el amistoso international party between Toluca and Bayer Leverkusen. El Nemesio Dez viste sus mejores galas para esta fiesta del ftbol.

Toluca anuncia la ligada de Jean Meneses al equipo

Minutes before arranging amistos with Bayer Leverkusen, Toluca announces the contract of the Chilean Jean Meneses the team proceeded from Len.

Alineacin confirmed by Toluca

This is the team that mandates Ignacio Ambriz a la cancha.

Alineacin confirmed by Bayer Leverkusen

This is the team you use Gerardo Seaone and the Bombonera.

El Leverkusen ya calienta

El Bayer Leverkusen ya est en el terreno de juego to realize calendaring motion.

Dresses and uniforms, lists

Toluca and Bayer Leverkusen tienen lists los uniformes con los que saltarn a la cancha.

Sell ​​the Bayer player

As part of the fiesta and international amistoso, the official Toluca tambin tent is located in the Bayer jersey for which I want to find the book.

Los Diablos le dan la bienvenida al equipo alemn

The Mexican team is welcome within the framework, with the idea that the sea is a party en la cancha.

Bayer is in Bombonera

Pavel Pardo, present as ambassador of the Bundesliga

The Mexican football player, Pavel Pardo, is present in Nemesio Dez as ambassador of the Bundesliga with the allegiance to Leverkusen in Mexico, appearing in Toluca.

Pavel south of Stuttgart, Germany with the four league camps in 2007, members of the UEFA Intertoto Copa con with Bayer.

El Nemesio Dez, with bootos agotados

The match between Diablos Rojos and Bayer Leverkusen has caused a great deal of expectation between the announcements and announcing bulletins published in Germany Dez.

Welcome !! Sean all ustedes a este amistoso part of international corte in which the Red Devils of Toluca the honors of the Bayer Leverkusen of Germany, which is concentrated in the past, as part of the celebration of 100 of the German pharmacy in Mexico.

Nadesio Stadium Dez ser la sede de dicho enfrentamiento, en el que los choriceros sern los amfitriones e uno los equip with traditional mayor del pas teutn.

Directed by Ignacio Ambriz if you are preparing and aiming for the Apertura 2022, traced to your intent to drill in the Clausura 2022, in which no classification qualifies as the repetition.

It ocasin, sostendrn an international duel to play against Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich campgrounds and suburbs Borussia Dortmund a la prxima UEFA Champions League.

As que te te despegues de MARCA Claro y the best minute to red minute, in which we love the part and every one of its details.


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