Hoyo in the circle or how he educated the Mexican elite in his new generations

El hoyo en la cerca, since it’s June 9, showcasing the varones of the Mexican elite. Minors travel through an exclusive camp in one whose emotions flow from a body deprived of some cause of moral and religious authority.

Mexico City, June 7 (SinEmbargo). And the protagonists? Students of Columbus Columbus, a private and exclusive school for men in the City of Mexico.

In the robbery, hecha with the motive of your graduation, se sample one casting of women who are evaluated by these students having a leopard. The models contracted for the bailaban, seduction and persecution of the juveniles with the tal de ser las elegidas. Things that are being persecuted, except for the screws that make up for the shadows of the Mexican elite.

The material, which is a tradition in every college graduation, causes molestia about all to show as the highest class of the country and the student.

The director of cine Joaquin del Paso (Machinery Panamericana, 2016) se vio atraído por todo lo que figuró en ese video. The intrigue of the mystery that you live in Juveniles and Hacerlo without great consistency and motivation due to curiosity and propriety experience as a student of one of these private schools, pens in hacer El hoyo en la cerca, a movie that criticizes these very mechanisms.

“I see these chaos because Iban created and the form in which Iban accompanies, one of the legions hasta hagger crushed crumbs or actions actually degradable, and the place transforms into leaders and in the politics of the new one “I know that I do not like a film about the origin of the essay, the origin of the contraction of the essay that eventually falls out, either secretively or hermetically, about the elite group and the national idea”, the idea the director interviewed con SinEmbargo.

El hoyo en la cercathat is in the room is June 9, showcasing the varones of the Mexican elite. Minors travel through an exclusive camp in one whose emotions flow from a body deprived of some cause of moral and religious authority.

They fly in a microcosm when they re-create the most solid layer, when each of the minor cree can be on the “rey” because as many as some of them are empty. All terminals by volverse one of those who want to dig a hole in the neck that the rodea and the quality to comment and inquire.

“I do not know how to be a person, but I know how to say that I am a person, I agarrée this type of person before I take care of my person, and I just transmit it because I do not like the fact that I really like people”, explica Valeria Lammacting like she lives with one of the college teens.

Valeria, who personifies one of the students who counts more bullying against their computers accompanied by racist and classy comments, reflecting on the film:

“As a society, as a teenager and as the future of our country, we only want to exchange money so that people can feel more inclusive, inclusive and inclusive, having this country, their home.”

The current operates for the first time at this time. Photo: Cine Caníbal
Valeria Lamm. Photo: Cine Caníbal

The relationships between the alumni and the authority figures in this camp are intensifying and deteriorating at the same time. Adolescents who do not want to follow Jordan and then try to ask questions about what they are doing and how to record their friends while they are still trying to find one.

“There are solutions like group, tribe, which are generated in these schools, in schools of purebred women and in pure men. “Durante investigation has always been done with women as well as with men who have been in schools of this type and have many patrons who repeat themselves, including physical, psychological violence,” Del Paso said.

Another aspect that the director finds in your investigation is the structural violence that exists in these colleges, it is the way in which some students with a degree of conversion into professionals who are with the legacy of their families, even if it is significant sobre muchas cosas.

“One of the most impressive things is that when the gentleman does not have the capacity to express his feelings, he keeps trying to get things done as he goes through the school. The other important things that note are that in traumatic situations, the human being, basically mandates that recuperate hacia but deeper than the brain and in many cases, is very different from the guy who lives in the moment of pressure, bullying “Of course, I do not record all of these videos, and I find it very interesting that I was on top of the investigation.”

Religion is as much a resource as educating the youth. Photo: Cine Caníbal

Y reflexiona…

“Before they tend to be a professional, a correct person ‘, who’s scorned by the individual, of the person who’s a bully, last? This concept does not exist. In Mexico, in any social stratum, the interior is open, the human body suffers from the type of psychological pressure that only makes people feel that at the moment they are just flattening, rolling, scattering ”.

El hoyo en la cerca Your international outing in 2021 at the Venice Film Festival will take home the Bisato d’Or and Best Photography for Alfonso Herrera at the 2021 Cinema Biennale.

Now buy the independent and commercial circuit of 30 cities of the Republic of Mexico.

El hoyo en la cerca it is a movie that does not seem to the spectator of the principle of fin, that the left but because of the emotions are constantly evoked and created that do not appear indifferent “, culmina Del Paso.

Official poster. Photo: Cine Caníbal

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