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In the last three decades, Ara Mirzaian has built orthopedic appliances and all types of people: ten Paralympic athletes still have scoliosis. Pero Msituni era a patient as ningún otro: a giraffe recién nacida.

Born on February 1 at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido, north of San Diego, with its extremities flexed inwards. The theme of the theme park that powder should not be corrected by mediating the problem, which is supported by imperfect food and walking through the habitat.

Pero not only experience in the application of an orthopedic device in a giraffe.

The situation is especially different, which is a 178 centimeter height (5 feet, 10 pulses) that cracks every day.

As it recovers the experts in the orthosis of the Hanger Clinic, when Mirzaian targets his first animal patient.

“Fue muy surrealista cuando me enteré,” Mirzaian told The Associated Press during a visit to Msituni to discuss the issue. “For the most part, all you have to do is go online and study the giraffes for up to 24 hours a day to get here.”

This is the image of February 10, 2022, published by the Alliance for Vida Silvestre of the San Diego Zoological Museum, a house in Msituni, a giraffe that was born with an inusual scorpion whose horns are plucked in the opposite direction, in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido, north of San Diego. Msituni uses orthopedic molded orthopedic apparatus to mediate to correct the problem. (San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance via AP)

Prosthesis and orthosis

When it comes to frequency, zoologists seek out medical professionals who treat people to find solutions to animals that are nursing.

Collaboration results specially in the camp of prostheses and orthoses. This site is owned by ZooTampa, Florida, and associates with full-time experts to compute the pitch of a cancer-driven ball for a 3D print approach.

In 2006, a team from Hanger in Florida created a dolphin’s haberdashery that perched on its carriage tracks in the trunks of a crankcase. The story inspired the 2011 film “Dolphin Tale”.

But this is a definitive appendage for all, including Matt Kinney, a senior vet at the San Diego Zoo Alliance of Vida Silvestre on the Msituni case.

“Ponemos yesos y vendas y demás. “But it does not matter, as far as the proportion is concerned, it is algebra for the fact that we actually grow back to our fellow human beings (in medicine)”, says Kinney.

Hyperextension of carp in Msituni

Suffering from hyperextension of the carpus, the hues of the articulation of the muscle in the extremities of the giraffes, the paralysis of the braces.

To compensate for the excess, the second extremity delante comense and hyperextenderse también.

Suspended articulated joints are deranged, but adjusted pudding with special cascading extensions. Even though it weighs more than 55 kilos, the anomaly is caused by its joints and joints.

With the media being built into the media, Kinney comprises the first of a number of targeted postoperative procedures that cut short and flow through the spine. Después, Msituni utilizing a human-made caliper rod, modified for its long distances. Pero rompió una.

In order for orthopedic apparatus to function in the right direction, they need to have a range of motion for the patient, as Hanger does with the idea of ​​making orthopedic apparatus for hair.

Using giraffe path molds, tardaron ocho d enas to fabricate graffiti ad adherence attached to the animal cuff pattern for matches that coincide with the beach.

“Pusimos el dibujo de la jirafa silo para que fuera divertido”, said Mirzaian. “Hacemos is with the people all the time. You can choose superheroes or your favorite team and print them on the cameras. Why, why not spend it with a giraffe? ”

Finally, Msituni solo necesitó una órtesis. Otra pata se corrigió sola con la órtesis de medik medik.

After 10 days with media training, the problem is corrected.

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