I Quiénes son las jugadoras mamás de la Liga MX Femenil?

With a motive of May 10, ESPN is the platform with the youngest mothers in the MX Femenil League.

Dentro of the Mexican balloon, which young footballers play and diarrhea, the most important part of their life of the canvas, the ser’s mother. Chivas, Xolas Tijuana, FC Juárez, Pachuca y Pueblathe teams that play with midfielders through their plants.

El Rebaño Sagrado tiene entre sus filas a Damaris GodínezXolas a Renae Cuéllar y Esmeralda VerdugoFC Juárez a Dayana Navarretein Pachuca están Mónica Ocampo y Sumiko Gutiérrezmientras que Puebla tiene entre sus filas a Mirelle Arciniega y Andrea Ortega. ESPN presents the history of algunas of the southeast Liga MX Womenque este 10 de mayo festejan su día.

Chivas | Damaris Godínez

The jugadora of Chivas is the mother of the little Thiago, who was born on her own Liga MX Women in 2017. When the defense of defense is entered from the creation of the professional league, your sentiments are found or established. Damaris Godínez think that the mother of ser’s mother is in the second plan, without embargo, following the birth of her shadow, assisting the visions of the eastern conjugation. Things like with Rebaño, synthó’s mean that the directive rechazara por su naciente maternidad, aunque sus qualities pesaron more than su vida personal.

“It does not mean that there is only a shadow but a sense that the wind is different, apart from the red wind that is too late for me, even if it is only visors, or even if you want to, a little bit to express the directive, my computers , because I think that the best I do not have to accept, but conforms to the time, or the hope that counts that only my baby, that the mother and the world that all are waiting for, all the quizier conocer to Thiago. “Creo que el ser mamá y el ser futbolista no te quita nada, sino al contrario, te motiva, te hace sentir un mejor persona y una mejor mama y una mejor futbolista”.

FC Juárez | Dayana Navarrete

You are 21 years old, Dayana Navarrete calibrate your shadow Katherine as “the best regal that screws the wood”, as far as the south FC Juárez complete mom’s and dad’s paper from their four-year-old niece, the family’s mother’s not the violet as an impediment to staying in the Primera Division, as if clinging to the gaps between your grayscale and an important piece like mamá.

“I’m afraid that I’ll still be different, and all of you can add to my footballer’s,’s and my mom’s suits, which are always awkward. cargo de ella, pero si yo no tuviera a mi mama, yo creo que no cumpliría mi sueño. Liga MX Womena professor who loves visorias, ahí quedé, deprived of many filters and since he initiated Bravas “.

Xolas Tijuana | Renae Cuéllar

The Mexican-American jugadora, which belongs to Liga MX Women at the Apertura 2019 with las Xolas de Tijuana, have their first names as moms on this continent. Renae enters the team of Rome three years before the fight against Mexican football. However, in principle, your interest is due to the fact that the team’s debt is due to maternity leave, in Iceland and Israel these are dispersed, or that your south is all the facilitation for which the family permanently joins the ella. When Xolas shows his primary interests in the south, Renae Cuéllar pidió how conditioning is near your family to get the retro with La Jauría.

“Before I was sent, I felt sorry for the sacrifice that only made me want to go to my shadow. For example, I just went to Rome and only went to Rome, with my own body. porque yo quería ser jugadora, pero también me dolía mucho porque ponía a Romeo en segundo lugar ya mí en primero, era muy difícil para mí. Creo que eso y también el machismo. “Hi, I’m with my family and I’m not establishing the correct decision of the footballer and following him, which dejaba much to my expo también”.

Xolas Tijuana | Esmeralda Verdugo

The south of Xolas is entered as esperaba and its peacock Ximena crossed the pre-Olympic with the Mexican selection as shown in the Tokyo 2020 hack ticket. Liga MX Womense convirtió in a remodeling for the national football player in Tijuana and who now goraz de ver crecer a su shadow, gracias a su stancija con La Jauría.

“The most different part is the tightness that comes with my shadow, including the adjustment depending on the type of tensioner that is tight. I was born in Mexico and I have a shadow like that in Tijuana, but it’s very different from the windshield wiper for everything. , without traveling and saying: “Yo quiero viajar a verla” y ella dijo: “¿Pues quieres estar aquí?”. America fue m ques que nada ese motive, que yo necesitaba estar acá para estar con mi hija porque es muy difícil estar lejos “.

Pachuca | Mónica Ocampo

The author of the best goal in the history of the world, who’s supposed to be the mother of two teenage teenagers, who have their main engine to follow through the cans. before Mónica Ocampothe communication with the shadows and the relation that flows with others, the keys for which are formed as one of the integral parts in the society.

“Ha sido padrísimo. Obviamente el ser madre de estos dos niños que ahora son os adolescens, es divertido e la vez complicate en questión de nuestra carrera como footbalisten. Simper tienes que orientarlos, tienes que tratrat de seguirte ganando la “When I was a teenager, when I was a man and I had a lot of fun, I had to take care of myself, take care of the stars and have a lot of fun with them, because I’m very responsive.”


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