I Who can prescribe teaser therapy in obese patients?

José Polo and Carlos Miranda.

La tirzepatidael fármaco para tratar la type 2 diabetespresented good results for combat la obesidad. Searched the results of the study in a phased manner on the porch by New York-Presbyterian / Weill Cornell Medical Center investigators, showing a weight reduction of 21 for patients in patients. These data are the dispensers and the form arrives at the light against the light obesidad. But, actually, ¿what patient se podrán beneficiar de la tirzepatida for battles with this pathology? The representatives of Atención Primariawhich son viven more than about pathologies, analysis for Medical Redaction which professionals are most suitable for prescribe the tirzepatida and for which patients are available. Of course, Primaria specialists make sure that the primer does not have to Ministry of Sanidad tiene que ser “la tirzepatida financing for obesity “.

It is sentient, José Polopresident of the Spanish Society of Physicians of Atención Primaria (Semergen)considering that “Primary Athenia can be described as an alginate problem, tirzepatida for these patients, or that the prescription of analogues of GLP-1which is how these drugs are used, Primaria the haze from ten haces “. Assimilation, the specialist says that” those persons who can benefit from this type of pharmacists have the knowledge that a Index of corporate mass superior to 30 y tienen un mal control of glucemia“It is said that glucose hemoglobin is not controlled.”

This is, “la tirzepatida can be described perfectly in patients with type 2 diabetes obesity y Primaria puede hacerlo, siempre y when the patient presents the following indications: Indices of corporeal mass superior to 30 y mal glycemia control “, recalca el president de Semergen. spanish public “no finance los analogues of GLP-1a los que pertenece la tirzepatidafor the treatment of obesity “.

This situation, which is detailed by Polo, provokes “a problem and that is what access is this type of medication in order to treat obesity it is limited, it is decided, to reduce the number of patients who have other religions and can be allowed “.

Carlos Miranda: “No matter what, now, the Ministry of Sanhedr approves the financing of the disease for the treatment of obesity”

A situation that is “tampered with by other pharmacists”, see detail Polo and pone the example of “los direct action anticoagulants, which is indicated in Spain for the prevention of venous thromboembolism in patients with auricular fibrillation. “The embargo on preventing pulmonary thromboembolism is not funded.”

However, Polo subraya que “otro problema que surge ahora con la tirzepatida para la obesidad is saber who passes with bariatric surgery. It is more likely that it is formally and financially that the public sanitation system is for this type of patient. “If you want to analyze how to finance thyroid disease before treating obesity, you need to avoid bariatric surgery.”

Financing the SNS teaspoon for obsession

This is the responsibility of the Society’s General Medical and Family Diabetes Study Group (SEMG), Carlos MirandaMedical Reduction assured that “for Primary prescribing tirzepatida in the treatment of obesity, the National Health System (SNS) I must authorize “.

The authorization of tirzepatida for el treatment of obesitysays Miranda, “now we do not count on the approval or financing of Ministry of Sanidad“. Aún así, Miranda aclara que” when having an indication of a medicine for a pathology, any professional who is qualified to be prescribed, among others Atención Primaria“, concluye.

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