Identify a social network greater than bienestar, depression and affiliation

Dejar de navgar por lases social de durante solo un semr poda podría conduzir e mejoras significants en el bienestar, la depression’s depisad y, en el futuro, levodar recommended as a form of ayudar to las persons to control their mental health. The results of a new study carried out by a team of investigators from the University of Bath (United Kingdom). Have a look at the different Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tiktok results for free to all the participants in the studio.

‘Social media’ aims to revolutionize social communication, allowing users to interact with friends and family and engage other people in the function of shared interests. According to investigators in the United Kingdom, the number of adults who use it is 45% to 71% between 2011 and 2021 and between 90% and 97% of users between 16 and 44 years old. Además, 95% of adults use the Internet in their latest three months, since ‘rrss’ is the most frequent activity.


Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the three most popular platforms, with around 4,000 million users

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are among the most popular platforms, with around 4,000 million users, TikTok has tested an exponential 7.5 million user during the pandemic. This generalized adoption of social networks has led to a large number of investigations to ensure its impact on the physical and mental health of individuals.

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11 - 04 - 2022 / Vilassar de Mar / persons who prefer to have a mobile phone who only recycles and can make lozenges (and send SMS) to a smartphone as well as the one used by the mayor.  From this modo, según ellos, evitan la intromisión en su vida privata de laboreses laborales, entre otros factor.  Photo of Facund Fora, one of the interviewees / Photo: Llibert Teixidó - A photo taken with a fingerprint computer that uses a smartphone

The results of this new research, however, are still published in the peer-reviewed journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking. In the studio, 154 people between the ages of 18 and 72 participated, using their social networks all day. Investigators unilaterally associate one of these options: An intervention group, provided that they are used by all during a semester or control group, in which the case is maintained navigating normally.

Redes social

Redes social


Beneficio a corto plazo

The study company records the reference points for the ensemble, the depression and the bienestar. Participants are informed to watch an hour-by-hour promo per semana on social networks. A dichotomous week, participants or those who are the ones who record the most significant downfall in biennial, depression and association in comparison with those who continue to use social networks, suggesting a short-term benefit.

Participants who watch the recording of a seminar inform that they are using social networks for a period of 21 minutes in comparison with a period of one hour before the control group. Proportionate statistics of the use of the pants to verify that people are surprised by the descent.

The social reds are omnipresent

The social reds are omnipresent

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The chief investigator of the Salud de Bath Department, Jeff Lambert, explicitly states that “the expansions on social networks are now so obvious that many of us do not even think about it at the moment when we are still waiting to see what we are doing.” he says that “we must say that the use of social networks is enormous and that there are more preoccupations about its effects on mental health”.

Lambert adds that “many of the participating participants inform positive effects of being fired from their social networks with a greater level of activity and people in general. “I’m sure it’s going to be a bit of a waste of time.” In your opinion, social networks are part of the life and work of people, part of which is unheard of and interactive. “Even if you do not move at all times and you feel that it is affecting you negatively, you can lower the pen to reduce it so that it does not move.”

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The team of investigators who try to study the studio to record a break desk can adjust to different populations (young people or people with physical and mental health problems), as well as to ensure the safety of those people who can take more than one si los beneficios aumentan con el timempo. It seems that this quiz in the future is part of the combination of clinical options used to increase and control mental health.

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