“If I was hubieran dicho que para ser maestra en EE.UU. se requiere estar armada, no me habría converted into maestra”

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Rosa Morales Cruz.

Fountain of the image, Gentileza Rosa Morales Cruz.

The massive mass in the primary school of Robb, in Uvalde, Texas, which lasts as long as 19 years and the maestras die in the last 24 minutes revives the debate about which media to record to curb violence.

The Ohio State Congress quickly reacted and approved on June 1 a controversy that to allow masters and otro personal escolar portar armas en la escuela.

The annulment rate is a decision of the stately Supreme Court of 2021 which requires that the masters recreate a training with weapons equivalent to that recruiting the police agents.

If the governor continues to lie down, the masters who voluntarily carry weapons in their schools will be equipped with a 24-hour solo capacity.

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