if the propaganda is improbable, the ghost of COVID will ring the alarms

China’s Health Authority informs that it detects the first case of human transmission of the H3N8 virus in one of four ways that you can contact with a wide range of cautiously. It does not appear to be as simple as the other words, which are not detailed and, naturally, the lightning strikes the similarity with the boat that as of December 2019 has been leaked to the news from China, for its obscure role in the most deadly pandemic.

Having the virus sequence, now we have the H3N8 variant todavía no tiene capacidad para ser transmitida entre humanosin the form that an impromptu light bulb is used by Chinese authorities.

Recommendation by now is limited that people avoid contact with nurses, alive or dead; and in particular that pongan attentions to the hygiene of food.

With all the improbability of the H3N8 sea the engine of a new pandemic, in reality the alerts now turn off. The pandemic investigation project of the European Union has revealed that the current pandemic was caused by a new coronavirus, which is based on COVID-19, or, of a new influenza virusas well as what happened between 2009 and 2010 with H1N1 being first detected in Mexico and provoked by a group that is rapidly being classified as pandemic by part of the World Health Organization.

As a matter of fact, the tendency to be insufficiently rapid and most likely to be due to the first sequence is evident that the virus can be transmitted to humans.

The flu virus has been found to “salt” the human way of life. Solo in October 2021 the CDC in the United States notices new human infections due to the influenza virus that spreads in children and not in people. The case with the H3N8 variant was detected in Henan and the transmission was intercepted between boats, cabs and hasta, pero nunca entre humanos.

Brotes that are inevitable

The World Health Organization counts 1,483 epidemic events in 172 countries from 2011 to 2018, from which cases declared an international emergence of health. SARS and influenza virus are the most common, but also common references to MERS, Ebola, Zika and many more. History tells us that zoonotic breeds (numbers that retrieve products produced by pathogens that initially decubitus into animals) do not exist continuously, but only in frequency.

China Report The First Human Case Of Avian H3n8 Su Propagation Is Improbable Pero The Phantom Of The Covid Dejo Encendidas Las Alarms

The valves for inserting the resulting wave are, fortunately, very common: the deforestation of large portions of erosion lands the natural barrier between superhuman human specimens. The same effect applies to processes such as urbanization, global commerce and the inclusion of certain types of tourism, which are highly risky with irregular ridges operating under unsuitable conditions.

It’s all right that specialists and public figures on pandemic condensation like Bill Gates, assured that it is the only cure for the disease before the near pandemic. It is intended that the planet be more prepared than it is for COVID-19. The dependent variable depending on where it is present, according to the Global Health Security Index of 2021, provides information on sanitary security that evaluates the capacity of the country against epidemics and pandemics, detailed in 2021 that the world can “recently prepared“for the next brote.

Among the reasons, according to the report, is that more than 90% of the planes do not have planes for the distribution of vaccines or medicines in emergencies, that 70% of the 195 evaluated places do not have adequate hospital capacity, and that each of which has a wide range of men and women in sanitary policies.

China Report The First Human Case Of Avian H3n8 Su Propagation Is Improbable Pero The Phantom Of The Covid Dejo Encendidas Las Alarms

The evaluations are translated into points of 0 100, where the 195 points are obtained, in a turnover of 38.9 points, since the turnover of 2019, the prevalence of the pandemic. Cuando menos, in 2021 Mexico consiguió 57 pointsnotable for commodity loss, but in reality only after 80.

SARS-CoV-2 is not as good as most zoonotic breeds. Periodically follow notifications about new human contingents of transmissions that transmit anthems limited to animals. The alerts are quadratic and are therefore not a good news, but the following is what the pathogen of the path through the sea is sufficiently efficient to activate all the control and mitigation protocols needed to produce the product millions of dead as the COVID-19 is.

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