Iglesia warns of Greek profundation: “Have a context that is direct to dialogue and affects monologue”

Monseñor Oscar Ojea
Monseñor Oscar Ojea

Durante la 12ª Assembly Plenaria de la Conference Episcopal ArgentinaIglesia advirtió por crecimiento de la grieta, al affirmar que “There is a context that deals with dialogue and affects monologue”. Así lo express Monseñor Oscar OjeaObispo de San Isidro and President of the Conference Episcopal Argentina, in his Homilía de la Misa de Apertura.

“In his first Enciclica, Ecclesiam Suam, San Pablo VI planted the relation of Dios to humanity as a dialogue, which communicates with the dialogue of creation. More adelante en la misma carta pone quatro characteristic necesarias para el dialogo: este debe ser claro, confiado, sencillo y prudente. Without embargo, only dialogue is possible or it is impossible to speak adelante. “Dios’s parable in the liturgy of the hoy nos of a dialogue that is not constructive”, contextualized comment Ojea.

In the same way, allusions to the conflicts in the political arena: “We found it in a national context and possibly retaliating against dialogue and affecting monologue. At the national stage all is controversial. The primacy of emotions and passions divide families and friends. In this climate, we can think and act differently ”.

“We are riddles and we are allied with others. However, the silence is quieter in our concentrated and preferential but temporarily opposed, evoked by trivial themes, although it is difficult to find common ground in those who do not have controversy “, complete with respect to grieta.

Posteriorly, the President of the Argentine Episcopal Conference was hinco hincapié in the accompaniments given to the fire of Argentina: “How to fund in the international plan only the reality of the war and all the humanitarian consequences that can and do blind us for successes we tremble like the diarrhea of ​​tantrums, especially the death of children, the desecration of the rejected. “It’s united by the rapid economic growth of the lizards that feed on the warriors and the arms dealer.”

“Acercarse, expresarse, escucharse, mirarse, conocerse, tratar de comprenderse, buscar punta de contacto, todo eso se resume en el vergo dialogar, para encontrarnos dhe ayudarnut mututament necesitamos dialogar. No matter what the purpose of the conversation is, I’m not sure what to do with it. The persistent and coercive dialogue is not news as the centers and the conflicts, however, are discreetly averted in the world and much better, much more than what we can say at the moment.”, Aggregate Monseñor Ojea.

Recently, Ojea advertised
Recently, Ojea advertised “do not disturb the position of the future and the future”, in a reference with electoral notations

To conclude Homilia, the Obispo of San Isidro affirmed: It is a responsibility, but all of it is a grace for the one who has to dispose of it, but only because of the natural nature and that Señor does not avasallar liberties ”.

“Le pedimos a Virgen de Lujan, the patron saint of the Argentine puebla, who enlightens us in these days for enriched with the diversity of our experiences and miracles and joys after being recently renovated in the grace of the Commonwealth,” he said.

Recently, the president of the Argentina Episcopal Conference shared a reflection on the celebration of Domingo de Pascua, in which he did not escalate advertisements in conjunction with the political leadership and Gobierno, among those who advertised “Do not disturb in future positions the future”in a reference with electoral connotations.

“We live in very different moments at night, assisting in the decomposition of the vocal cords between social actors, deep in the deep confusion, that we use an aggressive language, only to be mistreated. “All this is done in a sense and goes beyond the fundamental problem: because it’s not necessary for the most part, especially the most urgent need,” he said.


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