Ilse de Flans desvaneció en pleno concierto

Ilse Olivo suffers a “calf of heat” in full presentation with Flans

The public that he has been living since June 17th Foro GNP Secure de Merida, Yucat .npudo disfrutar el concierto del Inesperado Tourdonde se conjugan los taleles de Flans and Pandorathe female pop groups more sobresalientes of the decade of los 80 in spanish.

All order or bands present classic themes of their discographies as Bazar y Like a mariposarunning the case by completing the presentation, one of the integrals of Flans, Ilse Olivo, set the alarms on their fans present in the place, can comment and see incommoda, según comments in social network.

The interpretation of 56 years preoccupied with their followers when complementary “Separation” of the concertsending only songs to terminate with the presentation of the spectacle.

Flans y Pandora se unieron en
Flans and Pandora join in “Inesperado Tour” (Photo: Twitter @WestWoodEntt)

And being a prime moment, many people in the public eye announce the presence of Ilse over the scenario in which the hajia dejado completes the alignment. But it does not matter if it is done by finishing the concert personal del staff explicitly present that the television conductor tampering with the affected stage is sounddue to the consequent de-energetic energy, suffers from a “calorie burn”.

Hours left after the final el showsurf in the social networks a video in which you see that the sale of the scenario and tray bambalins practically when in their hand their compressors are smuggled in and out Ó Cómo te va, mi amor? During the robbery, Ilse is one of the cost of the scenario and in the same way, when permanence varies a few seconds as soon as it can be auxiliary by your team.

Debid on the influence of the nation in Caracas, Venezuela, which establish auxiliary powder elements, their comparators Mimí, Isabel, Fernanda y Mayte tuvieron que concluir solas el spectacular.

Do not print or write more about the script, causing your public to disconnect (Photo: Instagram)
Do not print or write more about the script, causing your public to disconnect (Photo: Instagram)

Singing themes like No controls y Tímido is characterized by its vitality in the concerts of the band y of ello hizo gala in el Inesperado Tour, donde desarrolla dynamic choreographies and algunas ocasiones see the script for interacting around with the public.

Aunque fame has not been pronounced about the situation, all indicating that ya se incuentra en buenas condicionescan be published by posts of its station in the Yucatán, posterior to its incident.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya quit. Hace dos semanas fue Mayte la que se nufermó, ahora Ilse. “Even if they are in a house to have fun in their diner and to take care of their family”, “At night’s goal?”

Flans is currently conformed to only Ilse and Mimi, along with Ivonne's (Capture: @ ilsemariaolivo / Instagram)
Flans is currently conformed to only Ilse and Mimi, along with Ivonne’s (Capture: @ ilsemariaolivo / Instagram)

It is not the first vez that the ex juez de The academy suffrage through a median of a presentation with Flans, which opens after passing through the march, Ilse María Olivo Schweinfurth found caminando entre las butacas del Auditorio Nacional mientras interpretaba A cada paso and interact with the public, especially with the rodeaban in order to follow the advance, which is part of a show de Inesperado Tour.

Así recorrió gran part las primras filas del Coloso de Reforma y, kuwandu su interackan con sus fan parecía haber sido todo un excitement, la cantante sejó caer hacia enfrente, justo lo hacen los artistas de rock, justo cuando terminja de pronunciar “Cada día pienso esta vez será la tltima”, frace de la cancón.

Ilse de Flans apparatus caída durante concierto. The company advertises its fans by dejarla caer.

Assistants who set up their place reaccionaron con gritos y trataron de ayudarla a levantarse. Rapidly, I want to be able to walk continuously and sing as if I did not have a good hobby, I want to pull the counter fat, salió de las filas caminando entre las shellas y regresó al esenario.


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