Imag What image do you get for futures projects?

G Which ganó mós, or which result in paradox as a public image to refer to, in one of the most mediocre juices of the last years? El juez dictaminó a favor de Johnny Depp pero, ¿carrera queda intacta as antes de las denuncias de Amber Heard on the contrary, and in front of the stage?

The tendencies in the social networks are being massively inclined in favor of Depp, but many feminist organizations are arguing that this resolution is a retrograde movement #MeToo, that you have historically searched to kill and denounce aggressors.

The cultural result is a retrograde of what these moving objects are like, coinciding with the specialist in the public image Emi Charlesnoting that Amber Heard was a member of the Statutounidense Union of Civil Liberties (ACLU, for example in English), a fine organization that, among other things, represents the victims of domestic abuse.

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“Personally, the idea that a salutation sums up affects the flow of their teeth in cases of domestic abuse, given that Heard is now a mentor, but by association, many can think that other women who are abusively abusive I mean, I’m a big retrograde to the point that it is advanced at the moment “, the specialist said.

While in the United States, as in Mexico, the Violence Indices against women are alarming, in 2020 a list of glosses in the National Domestic Violence Line of the EU, which arrives on the date of arrival , 24 months suffers physical violence as part of its excursion or exhumation across the country, which corresponds approximately to 12 million women per year.

“We would like to see you then”

Actress Amber Heard exhibits aspects of her personality and screws that do not enhance her image, as an example of Depp presenting audibles while listening to her speech.

“Can you tell the guy who fired an aisle and see what you think of the game?” Diles Johnny, dile al mundo que sufistet violencia domestica y veremos cuntant te te voltean a ver “, se hekucha a Heard en los audios.

These statements, by Emi Charles, reinforce the perception that the public is only actors.

“The image that golpeada porke no silo us enteramos of negative cosas of a solo lado, sino that los ‘trapitos sucios’ fueron de ambas part and nos revelan aspectsos muy sórdidos de estos artistas”, se Emala Emi.

Since these constants, Depp’s image in social networks has been given a lot of time, but the permission to retrieve his carrera, the expert detail.

“The social media and the impression that Johnny Depp is being met with a lot of fanfare in the image by the huge number of fans who support the hashtag #justiceforjohnnydepp much more than the quality that Amber Heard approves of. It is possible that some cinematographic studios, but see popularity of Deppmove the contract in the future, thinking that it can be reversed “, affirms the investigator.

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Futuro menos prometedor

Among the experts, Amber Heard has a prometeros men futuro.

“Case is more complicated, in global terms it covers the juice, its base of followers and professional trayectoria “It’s a lot more than what is on display, but because the studios and brands are considered to be the only ones against the contract”, Emi explains.

“In the end it’s clear that there are no gendarmes here,” said Charles.

Además, the topic of genuine security, of agreement with the opinion of the expert, in the determination of the game and the jury.

“Todavía hoy the word of a woman is more than the name of a man. For this reason, in the case of probation, in general women do not obtain justice in cases of domestic violence, sexual abuse, trauma, other cases similar to those related to the genre. Además, be careful to note that the jury establishes compute for five men and women ”.

Only time, as Emi Charles accuses, reveals that the revelation of the actors in this case, with cultural implications, major term or paradox devoid of legal determinations.

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